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The Beverly Hills Lounge1912 looks like an empty where house

Rating: 2

We went there last week and there were no one there except few guys getting drunk at the bar, we sat down and order some appetizers and we did not get it until an hour later and it was a wrong order even though was no one there, the service was very bad and server was very moody, I do not recommend this place in the weekdays because it’s empty and not in the weekend because the music is too loud, I really recommend the Beverly Wilshire Hotel Bar or the bar at the fourteens hope the 1912 will go back to the old days when it was perfect place to go……….hope the management will understand that they will close soon if the keep taking the place to lower class…….

posted by Sambeverlyhills on Mar 25, 2010

A Classic Hotel Reminiscent of Yesteryear

Rating: 10

This is one of those hotels that makes you wish you lived decades ago. Every aspect of this hotel is perfection! The decor, the staff, the beauty, is impeccable. Without a doubt, it is one of my favorite hotels in the world--a list that I can count on one hand, and absolutely should not be missed. PS. They have a fabulous Sunday Jazz Brunch on the terrace.

posted by jungatheart on May 12, 2009

Great Hotel

Rating: 10

This is a landmark in Beverly Hills. This hotel will cater to your every need. They have beautiful rooms, a great pool and there is nothing like the famous Polo Lounge.

posted by OceanGirl on May 4, 2009

Best service in the world - wish I could give it ten stars

Rating: 10

Out of all the luxurious hotels I've stayed in, this is by far the best. The hotel staff are gracious, accommodating & not at ALL snobby. The rooms are impeccable, & while dining at the Polo Lounge I rubbed elbows with Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughan, back before the breakup, while they were still only a rumoured couple. I have also seen Danny Devito & Dan Akroyd having lunch together but of course would never approach them. Asking for an autograph, or sticking a camera in someone's face while they are trying to eat is beyond rude and thankfully the hotel would never tolerate that sort of behavior anyway. One thing I must mention is that during one of my stays at the BHH, I fell ill & had to go to the E.R., but my 4 year old was sleeping (it was midnight). Since the nanny service was closed, the manager sent her head of security to stay with him, at no extra cost, so that my little prince didn't have to be disturbed while I went to the E.R. I should say that I am extremely discriminating with whom I allow to babysit my child, but I have first hand knowledge of how well this hotel screens their employees, especially security. When I returned at 4 a.m. my child was still sleeping soundly & the television was turned off, the remote where I left it. The guard didn't turn on the t.v., or even a light, so as not to disturb him. I tried to tip him & the Manager but they both refused, saying that was not their way at he BHH to take advantage of a guests misfortune. Both were very kind & I certainly would never be extended this sort of kindness at a Holiday Inn or similar. I highly recommend this grand hotel to anyone hoping to experience old Hollywood style. The service is unparalleled, the decor stunning, & the food is . There isn't an amenity you can think of that they don't offer. Be sure not to miss the pool. Classical music plays softly when you dive under the water. Its not trendy (thank God) & reeks of old money. I prefer classy to trendy anyday.

posted by fairylights on Aug 9, 2008

Luxurious, but on the snobby side

Rating: 4

I dropped in for one night in LA and while staying at the hotel the staff wasn't very welcoming and they were a bit on the snobby side. The next morning I was planning on dining in the Polo Lounge with my husband and they recommended us NOT to go in there because we were wearing jeans, when after our breakfast downstairs in the coffee cafe we had seen 2 couples walking out of there dressed casual and in jeans. I wouldn't recommend you to stay while it's raining, the staff seems a bit more moody then than they usually do. : / well good luck with your choice, i recommend Four Seasons Beverly Hills (amazing & friendly concierge) and the new Raffles L'Ermitage Hotel.

posted by xoshelbylynnox on Feb 5, 2008

step back into time

Rating: 10

Everything about this place from the neighborhood, layout and rooms is perfect. My favorite thing is breakfast downstairs in the diner, the corn beef hash will jade you for any others. Watching them make steak tartare in the Polo Lounge is way cool. I often end up buying a half day extra just cause I don't want to leave the heavenly rooms. The pink palace forever!

posted by weiver on Jul 29, 2007


Rating: 10

Thanks to the Front Desk & Staff at Beverly Hills Hotel for making our stay F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! While in Beverly Hills on business I decided to treat myself to a 5 night stay at the Pink Palace. I enjoyed it tremendously. My suite was perfect (very relaxing). If you get a chance to stay at this hotel you won't be disappointed. The only word I can think of to discribe my experience is "paradise". Celebrity sightings were an awesome experience. I highly recommend this property. Everything was right at my fingertips, ie. great food, swimming pool, tennis, salon, spa, etc.

posted by gatlin on Nov 19, 2006


Rating: 10

Outstanding in every aspect. Everything during our stay, the staff, services, grounds, rooms, etc. exceeded every one of our high expections. A true treasure.

posted by shakermaker on Sep 11, 2006

The Best

Rating: 10

The Best in LA, nothing else needs to be said.

posted by smmarquez on Mar 3, 2006

Step back into BH history

Rating: 7

Everything about the property feels like you are hanging out in BH in the 1920s. Very glamorous and the decor is great.

posted by dragon176 on Nov 19, 2002

User Reviews: The Beverly Hills Hotel

The 1912 Bar became A low class Night Club

We have been going to the 1912 Bar since 2008 and it used to be a very classy and elegant bar but we went there few weeks ago to find out that the classy bar became a night club, loud D.J. and low class crowed, and nothing left from the classy place but the name 1912.............the polo lounge still nice and classy nothing like the Beverly hills famous 1912 Bar .............too bad that no more Celebrities or famous people go there any more.....

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