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A luxury hotel in the true sense of the word, The Rocco Forte Collection's Balmoral, with its majestic clock tower, is a stylish five-star property in the very heart of Edinburgh. While many Edinburgh hotels claim to have Edinburgh's landmarks on their doorstep, few can say their doorstep is a landmark.

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1 Princes Street

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Brutal SPA Experience ruined my visit

Lovely hotel and nice staff, but... extremely cynical and manipulative management - beware!

I was injured by a therapist during a deep-tissue massage. Some local bruising is reasonable, but to have the skin broken in three places (which blistered, then broke as burns do) is unacceptable. The hotel rightly refunded the treatment fee, however I suffered 2 sleepless nights (which I was still charged full rate for - this is an expensive 5-star hotel) and almost a week later still have back pain and sleep issues.

I have tried to discuss the issue with the hotel management  in order to prevent this happening to any other guests, but they seem intent on implying I am somehow to blame for this injury. Having had deep-tissue treatment in many SPAs globally, I have never suffered such an injury, nor even heard of it.

If you do decide to stay here be aware of the downside if you have to tell the management something they do not want to hear.

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