Sunset Marquis Hotel and Villas

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If you’re looking for a convention of shoe salesmen, come to the Sunset Marquis. We’ll give you directions to a big, boring hotel nearby.


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1200 Alta Loma Rd

Partner Reviews: Sunset Marquis Hotel and Villas

Top quality everytime

Rating: 10

This is where you want to be in West Hollywood. Cool staff, cool guests and great restaurants bars. But do not pay the overnight or valet parking charges here! Go to the garage nearby on Sunset and save money.

posted by weho333 on Mar 7, 2010

So cool and so hidden

Rating: 10

Hard to believe that this place is a step away from equinox and a block from the sunset strip, and its a) hidden b) an oasis. its basically chateau marmont but a bit more discreet and hidden, i've been there for lunch it was quiet and water fountains all around you, and a cool but understated crowd. just sending my guests from australia to go try it. worth checking it out in my view. oh yeah and food i had a salad, but everything looked pretty good and service was nice too.

posted by jay2002 on Aug 11, 2009

Little Hidden Paradise on Sunset

Rating: 10

My husband and I went to RESTAURANT and had a great time. They serve great cocktails, great appetizers and the view of the garden is gorgeous. It is very laidback, the staff is very nice. It is a bit hidden so you have to look for it. When you enter the Marquis, go though the Lobby, the pool will be on your right and you will make a left. Walk though a small corridor and then you will see a beautiful garden and the restaurant is on your right. Enjoy!

posted by Annouchka on May 18, 2009

Great Hidden Place!

Rating: 8

The restaurant has great food and great service. The garden area is a real surprise if you haven't been back there. The lounge is also very happening and pours a nice proper drink thatthis gal likes. Only gripe is an employee in the lounge named Nick who was rude to a number of the patrons there but was nice to me. Although, most men are...LOL!

posted by redlawgrrl on Jan 28, 2009


Rating: 10

Its a really cool hotel. nice art work. comfy beds. clean. smells good. they are all arounf good hotel and nice place yo stay

posted by comedyman21 on Jan 6, 2009

The best getaway in LA!

Rating: 10

Wow! Is all i have to say about the new villas. Do people even realize that the restarant is so amazing. The setiing, the staff, the privacy the ambiance is spectacular!. I love the food and wine selection and their superb staff.

posted by misscatharina on Dec 21, 2008

Way Too Expensive

Rating: 6

I'm used to paying a lot for a nice hotel, but this place is pushing $500 a night for the economy suite. Yes it's very nice and fancy but I...

posted by Citysearch User on Sep 5, 2008

Not as rock 'n' roll as you might think

Rating: 8

Bear in mind that I stayed here before the major remodeling, but our room was one of the updated ones and I have to say I was surprised that it was not as cool as I thought it would be. This place has a rock 'n' roll reputation and I guess I was expecting more of a Vegas Hard Rock aesthetic/scene. While it was clean and spacious (almost too spacious -- our suite could've used an extra chair or couch or .. something), it just didnt have any pizzaz. The real highlight of the place is the dark little bar (Keanu is a regular!) that has oversized black-and-white signed photos of rockers like Slash and i-forgot-who-else. The restuaurant is also pretty good -- I've had a number of meetings there. A lot quieter than I expected, but I guess when they're not on stage, this is the kind of thing rock stars are looking for. Am curious to see if it's any different now that the new villas have been built.

posted by marpop on Nov 21, 2007

love it

Rating: 8

great bar scene. cool staff. a hip young friendly vibe and though it's a little pricey it's well worth it. btw, love the little video now on the citysearch

posted by jo_se on May 30, 2007

Great Hotel, cool staff and I always enjoy the bar scene. After long night do bloody marys in the sauna & swim.

Rating: 10

I stay here quite a bit on business and love it. Great LA vibe and feel. Excellent Lobby bar and pool patio to entertain friends or meet new ones. Always a very smooth check-in. I stay in Villa 1 North and like the large layout and big jacuzzi tub. Room service is sometimes slow. I rarely ever eat at Hotel because the walk upto Sunset is so close to such great places to eat, all right there on Sunset Plaza Drive. Taxis are easy to get in front of hotel or like I said just walk. Friday & Saturday night Lobby bar is a mob scene. Leave your friends name at velvet rope bouncers list or they won't get in. Forget about quiet get away from the city oasis. Don't get me wrong it's a fantastic looking place but it's a rock and roll hotel. Live it up. Keep the kids at home.

posted by travelguy826 on Jan 5, 2007

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