Six Senses Hideaway at Zighy Bay

From the hotel:

A secluded fishing village on the Sultanate’s northern Musandam Peninsula, the Evason Hideaway & Six Senses Spa at Zighy Bay sits within dramatic scenery: mountains to one side and long sandy beach to the other.

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Re: Target open in November 2007

The site of the Evason Hideaway at Zighy Bay, in the Sultanate of Oman, is a secluded fishing village on the Sultanate's northern Musandam Peninsula. It is designed with 82 pool villas and pool villa suites and with a private marina. The setting is quite dramatic, with mountains on one side and a 1.6 kilometer sandy beach at Zighy Bay, on the other.

Evason Hideaway at Zighy Bay truly reflects the brand's positioning of Innovative Style. The choice of dining alternatives include a modern brasserie showcasing a multitude of cuisine flavors, a seafood restaurant, a wine cellar holding over 400 wine bins, a very unconventional bar and a stunning dinner experience high atop the mountains overlooking Zighy Bay.

The design and material selection of this new Evason Hideaway is based on attention to detail and commitment to the environment, creating an uncompromising standard of luxury and Innovative Style.

Guests will have a choice of three arrival experiences: A scenic ten-minute speed boat trip, a drive down from the top of the hill overlooking the bay, or choose to travel as a companion passenger with the Hideaway's professional paraglider!

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