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811 7th Ave

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Great for the price

Rating: 8

We were a bit skeptical before checking into this hotel because of mixed reviews online. We ended up more than satisfied. It's not the fanciest hotel, but our room was clean and it had great views (from the 15th floor). It was easy to get around the city with so many subway stations around. Also, it was nice to be so close to great shopping, central park, and rockefeller center. Only a few blocks from Times Square, but it was nice to not be right in that me, it's a tourist trap! :) Would definitely stay there again. If you can find a deal, I suggest this for your stay.

posted by CosmicGirl303 on Nov 14, 2009

Nice location, but small rooms.

Rating: 6

I have stayed at this hotel many times. It is right in Times Square. I like the little hotdog vendor on the corner. Anyway, the hotel rooms are very small. This is not a 4 star hotel even though it says that it is a 4 star. I would say more like a 3-3.5 star at the most. The food is way expensive. I suggest ordering out and using delivery(dot)com There is a great bellman there who name is Eddie that goes out of his way to help anyway he can. He is a great asset to the hotel. I would say stay here if all your other options fail.

posted by littleblessings on Aug 26, 2009

Horrible place to stay

Rating: 2

This was the worst hotel stay I have ever had, and I am certainly disappointed given the standard of Sheraton hotels that I have come to expect as a frequent traveler. I arrived in mu room to be greeted by the smell of smoke in this "smoke free" hotel. After informing the front desk, I was told there was nothing that could be done, but they may be able to move me to another room in a couple of days. I visited the Duane Read store a block away and got some Febreeze and opened the window to air out the room. Upon my return, I attempted to adjust the temperature controls, which were broken. I was able to adjust the "fan" speed on the wall unit, but not the temperature itself. Two days later I was provided with a fan, and in the meantime was miserable. Even with the fan, it was still hot enough in the room that I had a great deal of trouble sleeping throughout the stay. Eventually, a call was placed to the manager, who assured me an engineer would be up to take a look at the AC unit promptly...I never saw him. Breakfast was ordered the night before and never received. The manager apologized profusely and informed me that he would clear the room service bill to date (not even the equivalent of one night's cost of a six night stay) and upon preparing to check out, found that this was not done either. Customer service was not in the vocabulary. Repeated commitments were made and never followed through with. There are much better hotels in the area at comparable prices. I ave stayed at the Hampton Inn, the Doubletree...and even the Ritz at Battery Park had comparable pricing, none of which I have ever had such issues with. Do yourself a favor and explore your options.

posted by DrewbiesGirl on Jul 1, 2009

Decent Stay

Rating: 8

I had a great night's rest in one of the best cities in the world. I always expect the best from a hotel and the Sheraton delivered just that. Thanks!

posted by Jeffk on May 28, 2009

Not the best I've stayed in but nice.

Rating: 6

Everything is top of the scale. I like em more modern and sleek. But this was really nice with good service and attention. I live in NY but sometimes stay in nice hotels.

posted by kellergirl on Jun 8, 2008

Highly Recommended when you're Staying in New York City!

Rating: 8

We've stayed at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers several times now, and each time we are more than happy with the service we receive. The first time, we read the mixed reviews and reserved a room with some trepidation. When we found our room on the 46th floor, we were pleasantly surprised. Yes, the room was a little small but most hotel rooms are in the city - that's normal. Service was fantastic, the room was clean, and we enjoyed a great stay. Most recently, we stayed on the club-level floor and not only enjoyed the same stellar service, we also enjoyed a complimentary breakfast each morning over a relaxing morning paper. What a terrific way to start each day! I would highly recommend this hotel anytime you need a room in the city.

posted by hubriis on May 19, 2008

Skip it!!!!

Rating: 2

Inept front desk. No concept of customer service. They turned down a FAMILY with reservations that were in line in front of me. They did this at 1am. They tried to stick me in a "living space" with a SOFA BED even though I had reservations for a real nonsmoking room with double beds. At 1am in the morning the best they could do was a sofa bed and their only excuse was "This is New York, m'am." I was livid. I am a preferred starwood member and promptly called the spg customer service. They managed to find me a decent room, although not what I had initially reserved, that same night, in the same hotel. The sheets were coarse and the pillows hard. No heavenly bed here. I would not bring my dog to this place, let alone ever come back.

posted by chocophilic on Dec 5, 2006

This hotel is cr@p - a real ripoff

Rating: 2

This hotel is garbage. You'd be better off staying in a really cheap hotel because the service would be comparable. Some of the finer points of Sheraton Towers: Small, dingy, dirty rooms; depressing views; no refrigerators in the rooms; attitude from staff who barely speak English; interminable wait for room service; bad food; everything--EVERYTHING--wayyyyy overpriced, even for NYC. For added fun, try hailing a cab. The doormen at the front don't help you - people cut in front of one another and get into fights and the dumb-@ss doorman stands there. He doesn't care because he's got his cush union job. If you choose to stay here you will be sorely disappointed. Keep looking. AVOID THIS HOTEL.

posted by mrx5000 on Oct 5, 2006

great location for a fun weekend in the city

Rating: 8

The location of the Sheraton is perfect right in the heart of Manhattan which made it easy to walk to most places. The rooms were very clean, and a bit small the king size bed we had took up most of the room. We were there during June 16 - 18, 2006 where the average high was about 91 and the A/C in the room was a little weak, it was comfortable but could have been a bit cooler. But overall for the price in comparison to other hotels in the area it was great. I would go back in another visit to NYC.

posted by daneswim on Jul 12, 2006

Hotel is Small, but clean and price was good as I used Sheraton points

Rating: 8

Rooms are small, Sweet Sleeper bed is great, noise level was fine, room was clean. Stayed with two children and one adult, elevator door closed while kids were in elevator by themselves on the 22nd floor, when reported to the front desk they said they were aware the door closes quickly. Was told there was a bag check for the day, upon our return to the hotel we were told the fee which was $4.00 per bag! This as improtant because I would have just brought my bags to the car in the garage rather than paid $16.

posted by thealey on Jul 12, 2006


Rating: 8

Even though this hotel isn't that far from the noisy Times stay here made me feel like I wasn't even in NY. The decor of my room was also very nice.

posted by jenndc on Nov 19, 2005

The best sleep ever

Rating: 10

I cannot overstate how amazing the sweet sleeper bed is. Rarely have I woken up so rested. The rest of the hotel is very nice as well. The lobby is beautiful, and the rooms, while not big, aver comfortable. The one minor unpleasant fact is that the pool is in a different building across the street, and thus a visit to the pool is somewhat laborious.

posted by mr_meursault on Aug 1, 2005

A Super Stay

Rating: 8

This Sheraton hotel is located in the heart of the city. It is quite near to Times Square. The price is super; I paid about $80 less than ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jul 7, 2005

Loved it!

Rating: 8

The location is oh so central. The beds are oh so perfectly right (great after a long day of hiking around the city). The hotel services ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jun 29, 2005

Can't be Beat

Rating: 8

Anyone who has stayed in a Sheraton lately knows the beds are amazing. This Sheraton is a little tight on room space, but the beds make all ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jun 24, 2005

Great Views and Beds

Rating: 8

We purchased our weekend getaway thru but this hotel is affordable if you go thru their website. The allowed us to change rooms...

posted by Citysearch User on Jun 21, 2005

Excellent Hotel

Rating: 9

My daughter and I stayed here 4/03. We were very pleased with the Sheraton Towers. The staff was more than helpful, the room was big and clean, the location is great. We would stay there again.

posted by kim9357 on May 25, 2003

I'll take Manhattan!

Rating: 9

Definately another hotel with great location! Rooms are a decent size and simple -- perfect for the business traveller. The staff was great, although I hardly ever saw them except at check-in. Rooms are reasonable for the price and location. I suggest another hotel for a more "romantic" stay though.

posted by Me12682 on Nov 29, 2002

Stay anywhere else

Rating: 2

My husband and I stayed here last December. It was a major disapointment. It began upon arrival when we were told their parking garage was full and it was up to us to find a place for our car!!!! The lobby was basic more like a business than a posh hotel. The room was old and crappy. All the furniture was scratched, the curtains were stained and dingy, and the bathroom was a joke. Nothing seemed to match and the sink was about the size of a soup bowl. only thing good was the location.

posted by Rudie0730 on Jul 1, 2002

A terrible hotel

Rating: 2

I stayed here a week on business, along with five co-workers. Everyone had something very wrong with their room--from outlets that had burn marks, filthy beds and chairs, and multiple flase charges for the mini-bar. The halls were dirty and the staff was completely unhelpful. Only the lounge employees were polite! For $250 a night, we deserved better than that.

posted by wildviolette on Jun 17, 2002

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