Sheraton Manhattan at Times Square

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790 7th Ave

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Start Spreading the News - Horrible - Do Not Stay at This Hotel

Rating: 2

I had the misfortune of staying at the Sheraton Manhattan at Times Square while on a September 2007 business trip to NYC. The place quite simply is an overpriced dump. Although they claim the property has undergone a recent multi-million dollar renovation not all rooms have been completed. Dirty linens, moldy bathroom, chipped paint, peeling wallpaper and a barely functional television is what greeted me after a long flight. Think look-and-feel of a discount side of the highway motel which hasn't been refurbished for 20+ years - which is fine if that is what you expect and are paying for... One upside is if you like to hear your neighbors conversations you are in luck! The walls are as paper thin as they are dirty... And trust me - unless you plan on taking on a second job trying to get the staff to do their jobs at a bare minimum save yourself the aggravation and headache. My laundry was lost for days. But for one individual the entire staff was down right rude, ineffective and inattentive. I was hung-up on more than once for simply inquring as to where my clothing was and when I could expect to receive it back! As part of the recompense for a horrible stay they offered a few minimal comps - one of which ended up being included as a charge on the final bill. Almost a week after check out I am still awaiting a revised bill and statement... Did I mention they have promised to send it along to me twice so far? Can it really be that difficult? Ughhh... I have contacted my corporate travel services department in an effort to insure that in future none of my colleagues are sent to this place.

posted by castleislandnyc on Sep 19, 2007

Nothing fancy but a great location

Rating: 8

This hotel is a bit faded but as a home base for a weekend of shows and shopping it fit the bill. Yep, rooms are small but everything you need is there. Some lights didn't work but a call to reception and it was fixed in no time. If you're looking to lounge around and relax I'm sure there are better hotels but if you're looking for something reasonably priced in the best part of the city go here.

posted by lochwinnoch on May 1, 2007

Gone Downhill

Rating: 2

The Sheraton NY, once my favorite place to stay in NYC (not Sheraton Manhattan that place is a mess) I am a preferred member there. I had not been there for a year and how it has changed. The appearance of the rooms are gross and the mini bars have been removed! The first room that I had been placed in had broken items, so I asked 4 a room change. I was then moved to a room that was even worse. The broken bath tub and heat factor of the room is something that I could have looked passed..Until 7am I was woken up to what sounded like hammering on my door and drilling through the walls. I was placed only 2 floors above renovations..... so I was forced to leave on barely any sleep. This place has really gone downhill and I will never be returning

posted by hail042 on Jan 5, 2005

Pleasant Visit!!

Rating: 10

After reading the reviews on this website, I thought I had made a mistake in booking a room here. But, after visiting Manhattan, I very much liked the hotel. Yes, it is a small Sheraton. The Sheraton Towers across the street is a much larger hotel. However, we found the lobby to be very nice and well kept. Our room was clean, the bell man very pleasant and helpful and the beds extremely comfortable. The room was small, but who spends that much time in their hotel in New York City. Overall for the price we received on the internet, it was very enjoyable and in a great location. We would stay here again!!

posted by melb333444 on Dec 1, 2003

Over-Priced Motel

Rating: 3

Ugly curtains, small rooms, individual AC/Heater unit in each room, thin walls that need to be sound-proofed. This is a motel with a fancy name and a good location. Not the most bang for your buck. One good amenity they have is the sweet sleeper bed.

posted by pikachu on Oct 16, 2003


Rating: 2

This hotel, eventhough it is near Times Square and Fifth Avenue Shopping Centers, is every customer's nightmare. Yes, some of the staff are really nice and helpful but most of them are very uninviting and uncourtesy. The only good part about my stay at this hotel was that it was near Fifth Avenue shopping and Times Square.

posted by gaylordplucker on Jan 12, 2003

Limey says

Rating: 5

I was here for my first stay in NY back in 2000 at the expense of my employer - a well known composer - and found the hotel an adequate base. Staff, on the whole, were ok but I found the snooty security at night a pain when rolling in (slightly squiffy) in the wee hours.

posted by drakesmith on Dec 29, 2002

Not too bad...

Rating: 6

The room was small by non-Manhattan standards, but had two double beds and a bathroom you could stand in and shut the door. I used my Starwood points to get a free night, but the Internet-only rates aren't too bad. The only problem I had was that there are supposed to be four elevators for a twenty-two story building, but only two of them were working. The service elevator was out too - the bellmen had to get on the elevator with the big luggage carts. A trip down the stairs put us through an emergency door out on the street, but we were going that way anyway. Close to Times Square and the Theater District.

posted by mapleleaves on Aug 5, 2002


Rating: 2

With SO MANY great hotels in new york including times square - why go to a VERY ugly, EXPENSIVE, TINY little hole in the wall, with mediocre service. NYC is brimming over the top with super clean, beautiful, large rooms, excellent friendly service for very decent prices. NO NEED TO GO HERE - never again.

posted by Adora on Jun 14, 2002

Decent, but old looking

Rating: 7

It was nice (got a good price) - its located right in times square, but I think staying at the newer towers would be the way to go.

posted by lorenkoss on May 28, 2002

Suburban style

Rating: 7

Across the street (west) from the Sheraton Towers. Pretty lobby, nice bellguys and desk staff. Though small, the rooms are surprisingly un-New York in decor--thick, ugly wood and green cloth--reminds me of a Residence Inn somewhere near the airport in some suburban city.

posted by JackShay_Citysearch on May 21, 2002

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