Saharan Motor Hotel

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7212 Sunset Blvd

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Good Accommodation!

Rating: 8

The hotel was clean, staff were friendly and overall customer service was excellent.The room looked nice and clean to me, the bed was extremely comfy. The hotel is excellent value for money considering you'll pay for staying in Hollywood.The breakfast was good.Overall I was happy with my stay in this hotel.

posted by Wanderer99 on Jul 31, 2008

Pleasant Experience !

Rating: 8

Got a better treatment here.The accommodation was well appointed and nice.Good hospitality from the hotel staff.Check in was smooth and I enjoyed my stay here.The rating is fair based on comparison with other hotels in its class in the area.Pleasant.

posted by kubo57 on Apr 21, 2008

Me love you short time...

Rating: 6

I love the Saharan - it's good for a quick pop when I wanna sneak away for a tryst. Rock n Roll Ralph's right acorss the street to load up on goodies, low key, lots of sketchyness to add to the atmosphere. Pimps and hose all over the place just steps away; and Falcon across the street if you feel like high-browing it for a little while...oh, and rooms are pretty cheap...seedy, cheesey, yes indeedy....

posted by jo_se on May 15, 2007

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