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The iconic Sahara Hotel and Casino has plans to turn into a swank SLS Hotel from Sam Nazarian but that can only happen if Sam rubs a lamp and a genie pops out to grant him three wishes. Until then, this place is a barely there reminder of old school Vegas, and also home to the Nascar Cafe.

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2535 Las Vegas Blvd S

Partner Reviews: SLS Las Vegas

Just an awful dump of a hotel.

Rating: 2

I have been in some bad rooms in Vegas, but this one makes a Motel 6 look like a Radisson. Let me first say that we did not have the problems with waiting in the check-in line like the other reviewers mentioned, and the staff seemed pretty friendly. Good first impression, but then we got to our room. Upon entering and beginning to unpack, we found a half-eaten jar of salsa in a drawer. After that, we found that there was a 'short hair' on the toilet seat, and the shower did not drain properly. The air conditioning was AWFUL. Turned up to full blast on 'cold', it barely was blowing any cold air whatsoever. The only comfortable spot in the room was directly next to the air duct...all other places in the room were uncomfortably warm, especially when coming from the Vegas heat. It was hard to get to sleep because of this. The television was also was literally about a 13" TV. It had cable, but there was only about 8 channels and all of the channels had reception problems. Why would cable ever have bad reception??? All in all, the stay at the Sahara was awful. We knew this before we got there, but the Sahara is a very far walk from the main part of the strip. It may be a lot cheaper, but you get what you pay for...and you'll end up paying the extra money in cab fees to get to the main part of the strip if that's what you want to do. And you may get 'leftovers' in the room from the last occupants. GROSS.

posted by ElScorcho76 on Jun 12, 2008

I am the Black American Dream

Rating: 10

The Sahara puts the simple back in simple. Are room was quaint and peaceful and filled with all the ammenities you would ever need. Location was ideal with a monorail stop located in the hotel and a stop for the Deuce located directly across the street, not to mention it was within walking distance of my favorite strip club. We experienced a small setback with air conditoner, but nothing uncommon that could'nt be fixed by sleeping directly next to the vent. The Pool area was breathtaking with cystal clear water and helpful staff. My only complaint was they removed the camel statue after the first night I was there. Overall our stay was filled with yummy goodness and I can't imagine you'll find more bangg for your buck on the strip.

posted by jkaw44 on Jun 12, 2008

Value hotel with easy access to the rest of the strip

Rating: 8

This was the first time I was at the Sahara. If you are spending the night make sure you ask for the Tangiers tower. Its newer than the other one, which had a scary elevator. The rooms are priced right and the casino is fun to play in. The hotel being a Monorail stop makes it easy to access to rest of the Strip. This is a great value way of being in Vegas and experiencing the rest of the city.

posted by foodtasters on Jun 11, 2007

Great Old Vegas feel

Rating: 6

This is one of the few remaining throwbacks from the R-t (rhymes with "cat", this is apparently a censored word on CitySearch)Pack/Sin City era of Las Vegas, from before the "family" crowd ruined most of the town and turned it into Disney-fied theme park. When you walk into the rooms, you really start to wonder how many knees were busted in there by the mob, or how many prostitutes had been patronized there. It really is that genuine. Even though it is a little far from the part of the strip that is currently the busiest, it does have a good casino and the hotel is a stop on the Las Vegas Monorail. The rooms are priced extremely reasonably and there is cool vintage feel, but the management does really need to play up the "Old Vegas" theme rather than pander to the Nascar fans and their ilk. The place would really take off.

posted by burnetdurnit on Jan 3, 2007

older but ok

Rating: 6

You gotta go on Speed the roller coaster ride. I hate roller coasters, but this one I enjoyed so much I did it twice. They had $1.00 black jack tables and I know it is one of the older ones, but it's not so bad. There's not much in the way of entertaining shows there, but it's ok to hang out in for an afternoon.

posted by muranodiva on Nov 18, 2006

Older but Comfortable

Rating: 8

The Sahara was my first spot to stay in Vegas. I will say that the first thing that impressed me right from the start was the friendliness of the front desk staff. I stayed there again a few months ago and they were still just as friendly. I would say they genuinely excel in customer service. They really make you feel like they appreciate the fact that you are there. The hotel is nice. Nothing glamourous about the rooms but they are very clean and very comfortable. I guess being from the Midwest they made meel feel rather 'at-home'. I spoke with another couple on the Monorail this last trip and they echoed the same sentiments about the rooms and the staff. Room service was very nice. I was ill one night and for the first time in my life ordered room service. I thought the menu for it was actually quite affordable compared to most of those I have read while at conventions, etc. The 24 hour cafe/restaurant had outstanding food & pleasant service during all stops. Very good coffee too!!! It is not the lap of luxury but a nice, clean, friendly destination. Although you are at the far end of the strip it has VERY easy access to the Monorail to take you down the strip.

posted by jgates8 on Oct 29, 2006

Sahara is what it is

Rating: 10

The Sahara is an older casino with odler rooms trying hard to compete with the others without all the bells and whistles. That said, I stayed there for the Maximum 10 days and loved the convenience of the Monorail, the price of the room , the friendly atmosphere, the pool. The pool in my opinion is better than a lot fo the higher priced places like Alladin. The buffet is great for the money for breakfeast other times leave much to be desired. But hey jump on the monorail and be anywhere you want within 10 - 15 so no complaints here. Overall if you are looking for a good place to sleep that is convenient and want to save your money for the buffets and shows this is the place for you. If spots of worn carpet or older style decor are going to upset you go somewhere else.

posted by jimk1000 on Mar 23, 2006

Good Value for the Money

Rating: 6

I have stayed @ the Sahara 3 times over the past several years. Everyone should upgrade to the newer tower ($10 per night). The rooms are satisfactoy and comparable to a Holiday Inn. Older room towers are dingy and in need of repair. Remember you get what you pay for. I found staff polite and courtious. Food at Paco's and Cafe are reasonably priced and tasty. Skip the buffet. The pool is great and very large. The monorail makes it easy to get to the other end of the strip. If you are looking for Treasure Island or Monte Carlo the Sahara is not for you. I have found it clean and satisfactory and it served the purpose.

posted by slvrfx on Feb 3, 2006

Uh no...

Rating: 2

Me and my friend stayed here September of 2005 thinking we'd save money. Never again will I stay at this dump. From the rooms to the halls, everything was trapped in the 70's. The check-in line was wrapped down the hall, some of the staff were rude and impatient. Someone from another room left food from room service out in the hall on a Thursday. That food ramained there until Sunday when we checked out. We laughed it off because it was unbelieveable, but this is not what I expected. Me and the same friend will be in Vegas in August, best believe we will be paying more to stay in a hotel just a little bit more better than this place.

posted by cutemama007 on May 7, 2005

not worth the cheap room

Rating: 3

very cheap room, we paid $29.00/night. however, line to check in was a 40 minute wait. staff not real courteous. room was not real good. i would definately pay a little more and get a better room. while the front of casino and casino have been remodeled the room towers are still vintage 1970's and not very well maintained and/or cleaned.

posted by partchie1 on Jul 31, 2003

Oldie but goodie

Rating: 8

The Sahara is an old-school casino, but it's still fun today. For the cheap gambler, there's more $1 minimum blackjack here than anywhere else I've found in Vegas. Best time to hit the buffet is in the morning on the weekend. Same price, but they offer more seafood at that time.

posted by DanFazio_Citysearch on May 21, 2002

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