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The Roosevelt (formerly the Fairmont) is a deluxe landmark hotel located only one block from the French Quarter at Baronne and University Place. Built in 1893, the New Orleans Fairmont is one of the nation's truly grand hotels and one of the city's most colorful historic treasures. In a city known for its gracious accommodations, The Fairmont sets the standard for elegance and impeccable service. The famous Sazerac Bar and Grill makes its home at the Fairmont. The hotel is convenient to the central business district and The Superdome, as well as the Earnest Morial Convention Center.
The Fairmont's distinctive guest rooms are clean, comfortable and well appointed in a classic style traditional to New Orleans. These newly renovated rooms provide the ultimate in conveniences and luxury, featuring elegant marble bathrooms, custom toiletries, the finest cotton sheets, separate dressing rooms, multiple line phones with modem link, and twice daily maid service. The Fairmont offers its guests 24 hour room service, a concierge, and a rooftop resort with heated swimming pool, fitness center and lighted tennis courts. The hotel is just steps away from gourmet dining, shopping, and extraordinary entertainment.  

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123 Baronne St

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Thank you very much

Rating: 10

We had a disastrous time in New Orleans so far, thanks to the Ritz. I won't go into any more detail since you could read my review for them on my recent reviews. The Roosevelt completely saved our trip though. Scrambling on the last minute for an alternate hotel, I remembered reading about the Roosevelt on Trip Advisor. I thought at the time that it was too bad I already paid for the Ritz, or I would have wanted to stay at the Roosevelt. Little did I know that I was about to get what I wished for. I checked Expedia, and the room rate for a suite was something like $199 or $249, something dirt cheap. Considerably cheaper than the Ritz, and the room was even a suite, compared to the bottom category at the Ritz. Our room had a separate living room, stocked fridge, 1-1/2 baths, and it was pretty much twice the size of a Ritz room. Even the suite at the Ritz is still considerably smaller than the one at the Roosevelt. I also read other reviews saying that the staff seemed thankful to be working there. I thought that it was a strange comment, until I experienced the service myself. Everyone were very accommodating! From the valets who would miraculously get our vehicle at lightning speed, greet us by name, and open the door for both of us (2 valet people per car), all with a genuine smile! We needed the last minute assistance of their Concierge getting directions to the local mall, and last minute arrangements for dinner at Commander's Palace. By the time we got downstairs, he had a map with our route clearly marked just in case the in-car GPS failed us somehow, and the dinner reservations went through without any troubles. In the last minute before leaving town, I called them because I remember I left some undergarments in one of the drawers and I told the lady at the front desk that it was really embarrassing, and she replied "that is perfectly alright, no problem." My husband went upstairs to our room and was able to retrieve my personal effects without a hitch. The rooms by the way were very clean. Agraria toiletries., new-ish everything since the hotel had a recent renovation, and bottom line, the hotel really came through for us. Thank you very much, The Roosevelt. Next time we're in town, we're definitely staying at your hotel again!

posted by lettyfromtarlac on Sep 14, 2009

Yes I got Chocolate Cakes

Rating: 6

I stayed at the Waldorf in New Orleans for two nights for class reunion trip last weekend. I thought the place was amazing and beautiful. One of the reasons why this particular hotel was chosen was because of the 24 hour room service. SO my first night, I had to take advantage of the room service. I ordered a burger, cheese plate, and a caesar salad. I was starving. I got the order in after a few rings and they always say " Now is 00:00 time and your order will arrive in 30 minutes." Awesome I thought. I think the meal arrived in less that 30 minutes on a nice roller cart with the extra mayo and mustard I requested. Meal for 1. So i started off with the cheese and berries which was absolutely scrumptous. Then had a bit of salad and a sip of my $6.00 bottle of water from the mini bar. Time for the main course.. the burger. I'm not picky at this hour in the day, everything looked great, I picked up the burger and opened my cute little mayo bottle,got the knife to spread on the condiments and what did i find when I picked the tomato and lettuce off the bun. Some hidden CURLY HAIRS.... ugh.... didn't lose my appetite. I set the plate aside and finished of the salad. On a normal day I probably would have gotten sick. I politely called the front desk and just told them " Hey, there was some curly hair in my burger, just wanted to let you know". I was quite too tired to explain or make the conversation longer, she apologized. Had breakfast the next morning, in room, no i did not learn my lesson, the egg omelet was boring but the frosted flakes and milk was awesome! The next day, a bit after noon, I received a card and some yummy chocolate baked bears, a bag of Non caffeinated coffee and a card saying that the condition was unacceptable and the charge was to be removed. Cool, at least they cared. So I went to the reunion on Saturday, got back about 4 AM the next night. I showered as soon as I got back. When I stepped out, i found small little ants crawling on my clothes. OMG, I'm allergic to ants. I thought maybe I had stepped on an ant pile and brought them in, nope, there was a trail of ants from the hallway to the bathroom. 4 AM!! I called to let them know, My options were to move to another rooms, PACK UP and move to another room or wait till 7 AM for someone to come vacumn up the ants. I just wanted them all sucked up. Sleep was very uncomfortable that night since i kept having images of little ants crawling all over me. Every little grain of anything that I rubbed on made me jump and turn on the lights. In the end, check out was Sunday. I got a sorry about that. The end. It's been a week, no follow up and no thank yous, not even a chocolate bear. I'd probably come back just not have room service or eat there and I'd probably check for Ants first. Not usually so picky. Just annoyed for their last nonchalant reaction.

posted by merchant739450 on Aug 27, 2009

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