Ritz Carlton Kapalua

Big time golf resort in Hawaii, on Maui. The hotel and resort is just north of Hawaii's whaling town of Lahaina on the island of Maui.

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you don't even want to get me started with the INCOMPETENCE!

Rating: 2

We own a house in Maui in Wailea (South Side), so we only booked an evening at this hotel when my sister held her wedding reception at one of their ballrooms. Well, it was more of like a ballroom, then an outside lanai. They flew in photographers and a DJ crew (Spintronix, from Daly City?) from the mainland and everybody pretty much stayed at the hotel. A group of over 100 total. As for the hotel, no biggie. Stuffed shirt clientele, ugly, boring, uninspired hotel. Crappy customer service! OMG, you don't even want to get me started with the INCOMPETENCE!

posted by tracyhickerson on Jan 27, 2009


Rating: 10

I stayed at this hotel on my second trip to Maui, after seeing it the first time I was there. It is a very nice hotel, located on the outski...

posted by Citysearch User on Oct 13, 2008

Nice, but failing on the details

Rating: 8

The positives: This is a beautiful resort, with some of the most impressive views (from almost anywhere on the property) that I've seen in Maui. The photos on their official web site just don't do it justice. Take a look around the internet at some personal photo's that people have posted. The beach is awsome. Soft, clean sand, with very few rocks. It's open to the public (like all beaches on Maui), so it can get busy, especially on the weekends. But even when it's crowded, it's enjoyable. The waves break in such a way that you can surf in the heavy stuff, play rough in the medium stuff, and wade in the quiet spots. The pool is impressive, with plenty of seating. There are two large hot-tubs that were almost always empty (especially in the evening). The staff were all over the place, and were well trained, polite, and ready to help. The negatives: The staff that you don't (and aren't supposed to) see have some failings. They're just missing the details. A plunger stayed in the corner of the mens room at the pool all week. The showers at the spa didn't drain well. They cleaned up the pool around dinner, but that was it for the night. By 10pm there were dirty towels, and empty glasses all over the place. They stayed there until morning. There were muddy tire tracks through the beautiful lawn, and often mud on the walkways. The rooms are dated. They were furnished beautifully, but getting a little old. The carpet in my room was covered with spots/stains and should have been replaced years ago. The TV was very old (but in good working condition). There was no DVD player, or anything else "special" that you would expect in a resort of this calibre. Overall, I'd recommend the resort. We had a great time, and the beauty of the property made up for the minor flaws.

posted by brdave on Mar 13, 2007

Maui Ritz Carlton is disapointing

Rating: 4

I've stayed at some very nice Ritz Carlton properties such as the Chicago and Hong Kong locations but this Maui resort isnt one of them. We had two rooms and they were both worn. The furniture(especially the credenza) has not aged well. The TV was so old. Overall cleanliness should have been better, especially around the toilet paper holders...gross! At least the bed was comfortable. At most Hawaiian resorts, you are surrounded by fresh orchids in bathrooms, hallways, etc. There were very few at this property. The room service that we used several times did not even come with a flower...something that a Marriott in Kansas City can do...why not the Ritz in Maui? The staff was less than helpful. Not once did they ask if we needed directions when we picked our car up from the valet(we encountered this courtesy at every other resort we visited during the trip).

posted by vegaslocal on Jul 28, 2004


Rating: 8

I stayed there last year. This property certainly lives up to the Ritz Carlton standard of luxury and the location is unbelievably beautiful. Unfortunately, the branding of the interiors is so strong that, unless you look out your window, you could convince yourself that you were at any of the Ritz properties around the world. Too much chintz and polished brass and too many crystal chandeliers for my liking on a tropical getaway. I would recommend, instead, the Kapalua Bay Hotel which is a Starwood property that shares the golf courses. It's smaller and has the most amazing hotel lobby I have ever seen: high cieling, open air, picture-perfect views of the ocean. A great spot to hang out and have a drink. More relaxing atmosphere overall, but less over the top luxury than the Ritz if that's what you're looking for.

posted by Scotto on May 13, 2003

One Of The Best

Rating: 9

Definitely the best resort on the island next to the Grand Wailea. Great place to take your family and all the best snorkel spots are close to the hotel. Make sure you like frogs before you come here too because there's millions of them around here. Overall it was the best resort I've ever stayed at!

posted by brandonman22 on Mar 12, 2003

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