Renaissance Hotel 57

From the hotel:

Renaissance New York Hotel 57: Where modern couture meets classic elegance. At the center of one of New York's most sophisticated neighborhoods, our Manhattan boutique hotel has unveiled a completed couture masterpiece by award-winning designer Jordan Mozer, creating the perfect complement to NYC's 57th Street & Lexington's prestigious galleries and fashionable shops. Discover 200 guest rooms that rival the finest of boutique hotels in Manhattan, New York, featuring a contemporary European design with warm birch wood paneling, flat-panel televisions, and spacious marble bathrooms.

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130 East 57th Street

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Hotel 57, a new generation of luxury accommodations in midtown Manhattan, welcomes its guests into a serene and sophisticated environment upon arrival. The hotel features 199 deluxe rooms and suites with custom designed furniture and state of the art amenities. Each room provides a comfortable and relaxing setting designed to suit both business travelers and families on vacation.

Room Features:
-customized bed pin point reading spot lights
-luxurious Egyptian 340 count cotton
-Lather and the White Company amenities
-built in working desk and desk chair
-24 Hour Room Service
-spacious closets
-voice mail
-data port
-dual phone lines
-hi-speed Internet access/laptop-compatible
-flat screen TV iHome/iPod docking station
-hair dryer


Rating: 4

Just sloppy and unorganized. Looked like an old beaten down version of what used to be a nice hotel. Bed was missing a headboard and pillows were propped up against a dirty wall. Broken curtain rod, no hand soap. Dustballs and dirt all throughout the hotel. Broken elevator. The lobby was empty at 3pm on a Sunday when we arrived to check in. No one greeted us at the door or the front desk. We just waited and waited there with another guest for some one to appear until we decided to walk upstairs to call someone down to check us in. The pro's were - friendly staff, soft bed and good location. But for the price, there are plenty of other hotels at this location.

posted by ilernerm on Sep 4, 2007

good fit

Rating: 8

great spot in midtown, close to the park, subway and shopping. nice rooms, internet, staff is committed to the hotels success. remodeled rooms with upscale amenities and design. very nice

posted by tagss4 on Aug 24, 2006

No substance

Rating: 2

Habitat hotel has a very trendy name but please do not let that fool you, this place is a constant source for good deals for anyone looking ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jul 28, 2005

yerk !!!

Rating: 2

- First of all, we slept the first night in the hotel, but the day after the rooms wasn't made. - During the second night, at 3:30AM, a vigil entered our rooms; giving as a pretext that the rooms were occupied by other people. Do the hotel offer more vacation than they have rooms ? Due to the stress of this intrusion, we weren't able to sleep anymore this night. Moreover, we had to drive to Québec the day after. - Last, the park associated with the hotel was announced $18/24h by a manager of the park, but was in fact $38/24h. If they can make the difference between a '3' and a '1' I imagine the troubles with the salaries. So, I find all these events unacceptable for a city like NY which is shown so beautiful on TV. I striclty not recommend you this hotel.

posted by kakik on Jul 25, 2004

horror hotel

Rating: 1

This hotel was over priced and the room was dingy and smelled bad. I would never go there again. save your money look for another hotel.

posted by 445566 on Jun 9, 2003

Great for Students

Rating: 7

Habitat is ideal for students, or those on a budget, who are more interested in exploring the city than spending time in their hotel. I admit that the shared shower was a bit scary (bring flip flops!), but being so close to the subways and to major shopping areas made it worth it. The only big problem I had was when the staff had trouble finding my reservations and with their reluctance to give me the student discount (which they eventually did). As for the room itself, I found the size okay, but I'm used to dormitory living. Overall, I'd probably go back to the Habitat. It's perfect for those who will be spending a minimal amount of time in their rooms and who have better things to spend their money on than overpriced hotel rooms.

posted by Melissa1979 on Feb 18, 2003

A big disappointment!!!

Rating: 1

Although this hotel was a value compared to other hotels in New York, I still paid way too much for the room. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. The room was tiny, it did not have a private bathroom, the bed was uncomfortable, the list is endless...very disappointing!!

posted by stephlough on Feb 18, 2003

Worst Hotel

Rating: 1

... it isn't convienient to have to go down the hall to take a shower and go to the bathroom. My boyfriend and I stayed here only for the weekend and thats about all anyone would be able to handle of this place. Staff for most part were nice except for one person in particular. If you don't plan on staying in your room that long stay at this place. Just don't forget to bring towels, shampoo, soap, maybe some slippers to walk down the hall with...

posted by alsmuffin on Jan 9, 2003

Double yuk!

Rating: 2

We stayed at the Habitat in Jan 2002. It was a disaster - tiny, dirty rooms, horrible trundle bed that blocked the door when we pulled it out. Someone peed in the corridor and it wasn't cleaned up for three days. The people in the next room to us kept up a 24-hour party, for three days. No sleep for us and despite complaining numerous times, we weren't moved. No way would I go there again. The only good thing was that after I wrote and complained, I got my money back. Too late - my trip to NYC was ruined.

posted by grohlgal on Dec 15, 2002

good value

Rating: 7

You can't beat the price for this location. My friends and I crashed here after corporate party. Very comfy, not expensive at all. Our rooms were clean, cheap, small. Nice, friendly staff.

posted by jerseygirl72 on Nov 14, 2002

Not as bad as it sounds

Rating: 7

Last August, planning my trip, I discovered this place here on Citysearch and was reluctant to book it because of the bad reviews but did anyway because it was cheap and I knew what I was getting in to. If you are okay with the fact the the rooms are small (my dormroom was about 3 times as big) and there are communal bathrooms and showers and just need a place to lay your head at night then you will enjoy the Habitat. If you want king size beds, room service, adult pay-per-view movies and a concierge who can get you anything....stay at the Plaza. The service was okay, the staff was cool, the room was clean, the bathrooms and showers were clean and it's in a great location. I will difinitely be staying there again....for that price I can't afford not to.

posted by ConstantineLaRocca on Nov 9, 2002

there was only mistakes

Rating: 1

we booked 2 rooms in oktober 2001, we arrived in december, and get 2 rooms with 1 small bed, no privat bath, but we booked with privat bath. we chanced to "edison hotel", thats the best choice in times square distrikt, good price- clean rooms--!!

posted by smoke on Sep 6, 2002

Ask for the 3rd floor!

Rating: 6

Like a lot of people who've reviewed this hotel, we were deceived by the great write-ups and pictures we had seen...our first room was just big enough for a sink and twin bed (that pulled out trundle-style into a double). we complained immediately and the staff was extremely accomodating. they moved us to the newly renovated third floor which was absolutely beautiful! a real queen sized bed! brand new furnishings and decor! AND a spacious bathroom! of course our new room cost us 50 bucks more a night, but it was well worth the money! the habitat hotel can be a great spot--as long as you ask for the third floor!

posted by madison22 on Aug 29, 2002


Rating: 2

What a wonderful east side location! But, beware! You may have the privilege of sharing a bathroom with total strangers. For a few dollars more, you can have a much nicer hotel.

posted by Hollygolightly on Aug 29, 2002


Rating: 6

very very small room (the double room just allow to put the two beds to be inside), the rooms are clean but the very negative point is that many people are hanging out in the corridors because some people are living on some floor at this hotel, pretty strange people...

posted by xtremfx on Aug 15, 2002


Rating: 1

The internet pictures were very decieving, when my husband and I pulled up to the hotel they had doormen dressed in uniform and a very nice lobby, but.... when got that key and opened that room, words cannot express what we seen. My closet at home was bigger than this room the bed was by the door and when you extended it our it took up the room. Couldn't get a wash cloth for our so called private bath at least it was not in the hallway. A great place if you are a student an cheap!

posted by angie19 on Aug 15, 2002

I used to live here

Rating: 2

When I first arrived in New York, my school had bought rooms in the then "Allerton" hotel. They were small - 8x5, not that clean and to clean the bath tub, they would paint it. Then, we had to move out b/c the building was going to be condemmed. Then, I saw that they had cleaned up the lobby a little bit and heard they had remodeled and changed the name to Habitat Hotel. If you don't mind filth and cheap rates - this place is highly recommended.

posted by janegoose on Jun 19, 2002


Rating: 10

After staying at this hotel, I had to write to commend the owners and staff on such a fine job! A great location, excellent prices, and wonderful staff made this another highlight on a memorable vacation week! A classy place, and close to Manhattan Midtown area, so it is convenient, too. Thanks again to the staff for their great recommendations!

posted by BillDanley on Jun 3, 2002

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