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11011 W Charleston Blvd

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Not Impressed

Rating: 2

We've tried Cabo and Terra Rosa. Both restaurants left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Seemed impossible to get a second glass of water. Cabo: The staff seemed pissed at all life in general. The food was average. All the girls run around in hobo looking tanks and jeans- Very Cheesy. I didnt realize the hostess was actually working there until she grabbed a menu for us. The seating sucks. The tables are small. I felt as if we were sitting in a dimly lit hospital cafeteria. Won't go back. Terra Rosa: Wow. Where do I begin? First of all a dinner that cost 250 for 2 should at least be able to get some good service. Our waiter would forget drinks, couldn't explain the dishes on the menu in a coherent manner, and completely forget to bring us our bill. My husband had to find him chatting it up with the hostess. It took over a 30 minutes to get our bill and cash out. Completely ridiculous! Won't go back.

posted by MrsTRB on Mar 10, 2010

A Gem In the Desert

Rating: 10

While on vacation our families expectations are not so much dependent upon food (as you can go anywhere in Vegas for that) but tend to look for places that offer appropriate accommodations for both children & adults along with our number once concern: An array of table games and a good variety of slot machines. We are always pleased with the gambling there along with the excellent service of the professional hotel staff. One of the nicest & best places for us to stay during our vacation in Vegas! Would recommend this hotel all the time!

posted by Pomai on Nov 4, 2009

Red Rock Casino Resort Spa is Gorgeous!

Rating: 10

I give this place two thumbs up. They have everything! From plenty of table games, plenty of slot machines, arcades for the kids, movies, ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jul 5, 2009

Beautiful resort

Rating: 8

Red Rock Casino is another locals casino that also caters to people visiting Vegas that want more then just the glitz of the strip. The roo...

posted by Citysearch User on Dec 12, 2008

Off the strip!

Rating: 6

When we get sick of the strip we head to the red rock casino. This is a nice casino with good restaurants. The rooms are also nice and clean...

posted by Citysearch User on Dec 8, 2008


Rating: 8

Red Rock hotel is absolutely beautiful! The staff is very accommodating. The decor is very nice, the place is spotless. They have one of the...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 17, 2008

Three Letters: B A D

Rating: 2

If you are looking for bad food in a bad setting with bad service and at a not so cheap price this is your spot. You can get more personable service from a computer - they should go to kiosk ordering. The food is like most of the other restaurants there - average at best. It's too bad (no pun intended) because the building is so nice, but all the restaurants that opened when the property opened are nothing to write home about.... Finally they switched one of them out.

posted by sophie411 on Nov 2, 2008

Food isn't good and the crowd is real lame

Rating: 2

So, real quick... the food is very bad... How do you mess up Fajitas??? Well, you can ask them because they do it very well. And it seems like the room is filled with a bunch of people there eating for free - like Comps from the casino.... "Please play our slot machines and we will reward you with very bad Mexican food." If that is their program, they have nailed it! The staff is clueless and disinterested and the room is too bright - if they turned it down a bit, maybe I wouldn't notice the terrible food? Just a thought. I won't say Taco Bell is better, but not too far off... at least I can get a beer or shot here.

posted by mrmaddog on Oct 29, 2008


Rating: 4

A beautiful hotel.... very poor in customer service. Whether you're staying at the hotel or a local you should be respected. The staff there do nothing with your complaints and do nothing to better your time spent there unless your a big spender. The hotel won't go anywhere if they don't treat people with respect.

posted by l0vablekim on Oct 3, 2008

GReat design, horribly tacky customer service

Rating: 8

The best designed hotel in LV. It's my local casino so I'm there 3 or 4 times a week. I don't gamble. It has one of the only free pools in town (the Cherry Pool on the upper level). The movie theater and bowling alley are great. It's right across the street from a shopping mall, so, there's plenty of shopping. Bad part: The buffet is average at best. I complained about a rock hard pork chop and no one offered me a comp or anything, instead I got a tired manager who complained about the low staffing levels and bad pay. The bussing of tables was horrible. A bizarre incident happened at the pool area restaurant Sand Bar. My friend ordered a bacon cheeseburger. It came cold without the cheese and bacon. My friend pointed this out. The waitress said she'd be right back. When she finally showed up it was with a slice of american cheese!. She was then reminded about the bacon, she said she would have the chef make some! No offer of re-doing the order or fixing something on the bill. I asked for some water and she got mad when I said i just meant some tap water! She's lucky my friend didn't want a scene.

posted by thevegasstyleguy on Sep 16, 2008

Worst mexican restaurant in Las Vegas.

Rating: 2

Unfortunately the Cabo Cantina restaurant inside Red Rock Casino leaves a lot to be desired. I've eaten at just about every mexican restaurant in Las Vegas and this place was very disappointing. Service was so-so, the atmosphere was nothing great, and the food (especially the tortillas) tasted bland and unexciting. I hear the margaritas are good but I didn't have one and can't comment on them. However, I would suggest one not go here unless drinking is your main goal for dinner. I would hope they could at least get that right.

posted by SteelBreeze on Aug 2, 2008


Rating: 6

We had a few minor complaints and have been blown off by the hotel staff. Everything about this place is pretty nice. I would go back in a second had it been for the fact nobody has responded to my complaints. I just want the hotel to respect the customers comments. Watch out for the hidden charges in everything you do. My "complimentary" food and beverages" at my pool cabana cost me $210.82. I was told that it is just how the "system" works. Did I mention the $47.95 tip that was added to my cabana bill, even though we ordered nothing from the staff? I would have been happy to slip someone some cash as a tip, but the cost of the cabana had so many created charges that it made me sick. Still waiting to hear back from hotel staff. Nice place, wish I felt like going back, but I don't think I will.

posted by rallen23 on May 30, 2008

Great Spa and View !!

Rating: 8

This hotel has a great spa and nice rooms. However, it seemed that some of the details went lacking. I had mixed reviews on the helpfulness of the staff. My hotel room wasn't ready when I checked-in and I was charged for phone calls in my room. There wasn?t anything in the room that said I would be charged for 800 calls and there is an additional hotel service fee of $19.99 per night which covers pick-up from the airport, towels, etc. However, it doesn?t cover 800 or local calls. When I complained about the charges they did remove them however I had to fight for the money. The house keeping manager could not have been nicer. She apologized for the room not being ready and took care of the matter right away. The spa was GREAT!!! I enjoyed the spa lap pool which is heated to 80 degrees. The spa packages are worth ever penny. The rooms in the hotel are beautiful once cleaned. I would have like to have seen the shuttle service to and from the strip have at least one shuttle that returns to the hotel after 9pm. So if you want to see a show, stay out late, or shop expect to pay $45 for the cab ride back to the hotel or plan to rent a car. There are some nice restaurants at the hotel, however; there is virtually no shopping at this hotel. Also, I would have like to have seen more people that where in shape around the pool. In short I would stay at this hotel again. I would just plan to stay only for a day go to the spa and then spend the rest of my time at one of the strip hotels.

posted by lasvegastraveler on Mar 16, 2008

Merely Ok

Rating: 6

The food is ok but a bit over priced. I was not too impressed. Senior Miguel Mexican Restaurant at Suncoast Hotel & Casino is much better as far as food quality and price, and is only five minutes away.

posted by sammyfarris on Oct 4, 2007

Perfect Getaway

Rating: 10

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at red rock. Had it not been my first stay in Vegas, I would never leave the resort. The staff were Super friendly, hotel room was exquiste, casino didn't seem like a smoke joint. It was overall entertaining. I enjoyed the Cherry Nightclub as well, -minus the techno. The rooms were comforting, the food selection was tasty and affordable. I would recommend this resort to anyone visiting vegas. Its relaxing to be off the strip, any local will tell you. The free shuttle to the strip was enough, taking a taxi is annoyingly expensive. Stay at Red Rock, take a swim, go to the spa, eat at the buffet, you will have minimal complaints.

posted by ashleyf426 on Apr 12, 2007

Beautiful Property

Rating: 10

Red Rock Hotel is the flagship of Station Casinos. This far west Las Vegas location is the most beautiful and luxurious of all the Station p...

posted by Citysearch User on Dec 31, 2006

if frank lloyd wright designed a casino, this would be it!

Rating: 10

if you ever stray off the main thoroughfare in vegas, head west on charleston and the 215. you'll find yourself at the red rock casino, the best casino off the strip!! it's simply designed, beautiful adorned, and amply tabled with a variety of places to eat and amusement for the kids.

posted by 310valleygirl on Nov 13, 2006

The BEST margaritas in town!

Rating: 10

Red Rock Casino has become my favorite place in town for margaritas since discovering Cabo Cantina. The mango margarita is my favorite! The atmosphere and service is excellent, especially if you can get a seat on the patio. The prices are great, food tastes great, and you get excellent portions. I would consider myself a regular at Cabo Cantina already. My boyfriend calls it "our favorite place".

posted by juleslv on Aug 12, 2006

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Las Vegas is a great place to stay and this is a great hotel in which to stay!!

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