Paris Las Vegas

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The hotel's Eiffel Tower replica soars fifty stories into the Las Vegas sky, while Parisian street scenes surround the casino. European style boutiques beckon shoppers with famous brand names. A large casino with over 100 tables, a sports book and a high limit section is the centerpiece of this stunning resort.

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3655 Las Vegas Blvd S

Partner Reviews: Paris Las Vegas

Eaten by bed bugs

Rating: 2

Stayed there this year in a nice room, and to sum things up, I got eaten alive by bed bugs. They infested my suitcase and unfortunately took some home, hence what happens in Vegas sometimes comes home with you in the form of little critters. So DOUBLE check your bag before going home and don't leave clothes lying around in the room, they'll crawl into your pockets and stuff. I had rashes and scabbing for months. It wasn't fun. Hotel did not help at all even though they knew about the problem.

posted by DZ206 on Dec 16, 2009

Eaten by bed bugs

Rating: 2

Stayed there this year in a nice room, and to sum things up, I got eaten alive by bed bugs. They infested my suitcase and unfortunately took some home, hence what happens in Vegas sometimes comes home with you in the form of little critters. So DOUBLE check your bag before going home and don't leave clothes lying around in the room, they'll crawl into your pockets and stuff. I had rashes and scabbing for months. It wasn't fun. Hotel did not help at all even though they knew about the problem.

posted by DZ206 on Dec 16, 2009

don't use express check out

Rating: 4

The hotel decor great. I've been to Paris and the shopping 'streets' and Eiffel Tower replica was amazing. Rooms were ready on time and clean/very nice. So our stay was fine in that regard. Two problems: first, DO NOT use the express check out. I did and am regretting it daily. It's been a week and I still have no bill in my email accounts - they even messed up my alternate email address somehow. I tried to call to straighten it out but the main hotel just turfed me off to their 702-946-7000 number and that is a perpetual hold. Aftter holding for 20 minutes, someone answered and hung up before a word could be uttered. So I called back tried again with similar bad luck. Called the actual hotel number again (877-796-2096) and they just went silent when I asked how to handle this. I've now been told I have to send an email request for my bill and a response from their accounting/billing division will take anywhere from 3-5 days. Well, I've been waiting a week already, so what's another week? Second, don't expect good food service. The food in the restaurants were "okay" (we didn't get sick, so that's good), actual service by wait staff was slow (even during off-peak times) - the majority of the food service personnel were totally impersonal/rude (except for one female waitress at 6:30 am) - this poor service s not the part of French culture towards Americans they should be replicating in a luxury American casino. Oh yes, if you want 'real' european/french hot chocolate and not a machine instant brew - forgettaboutit. Go to Starbucks.

posted by garylou on Mar 25, 2009

Yet another bleh hotel.

Rating: 4

Yet another bleh hotel. A very special bleh was their buffet. and Ah Sin restaurant. The only thing I liked were the chandeliers at check-in, that was pretty. Re. the restaurants, got sick immediately after eating at the buffet, and Ah Sin, although had a very good view of the strip, including the Bellagio fountains at nighttime and fun parasol decor, had a completely confused menu. When you're feeding a crew of over 20 people at both restaurants, you kinda want a little bit more, you know?

posted by takemetothebeach on Jan 20, 2009

Bad Services

Rating: 6

We went to vegas and got married at the paris. the wedding services were just amazing!!! i can not begin to tell you how much i love their wedding team. but here are some issues i had with other services. 1)i had my dress to be dry cleaned and pressed and they only pressed it and in the process popped some of the seems of my dress. could have been a bad tailoring job....i dont know, i'm not expert. when i brought this to their attention they very quickly responded and a report was made and money was refunded. 2)the facial i had was just awful! not worth the money i paid for it and not something i would have done their again. but again when it was brought to their attention they quickly refunded so money and offered me another facial, but unfortunately i could not take their offer as it was the day of the wedding. 3)the manicure was terrible! it was done very quickly and not worth the money i paid for it. my cuticles werent trimmed and the paint chipped quickly. the pedicure was nice. the makeup artist put gray on my eyes knowing that i was getting married! i mentioned to her what i wanted before hand, maybe she didn't understand, but why would anyone want gray eyes for their wedding? she changed it when i asked her too. and the hair services were nice too. i left soon after, so i did not get a chance to mention my frustration with the salon. so all around, not good services, but good at rectifying mistakes.

posted by lmschamann on Aug 15, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Rating: 8

Stayed at Paris Las Vegas from 8/1-8/3. I booked this hotel based on other reviews I read stating the location was great. This turned out to be true! Paris Las Vegas is pretty much in the middle of the strip and within walking distance of some of the other hotels you may want to check out for fun. While Paris Las Vegas has a great location, I did have a few issues with the hotel. After checking into our room and wanting to take a shower before dinner, I noticed black grit of some sort and hair on the shower floor. Yuck! I had no idea what the black grit was, but after walking by an ashtray later in the hotel it occured to me that it was possibly the "sand" of an ashtray. How and why it was in the shower is beyond me. After a call to the desk, it was cleaned up. The cold water handle on the sink leaked all over the bathroom counter when in use. I personally found the room stuffy and the bed and pillows uncomfortable. When my husband wanted to use the music feature in our room he called the desk to ask a question about the price. The employee on the phone was not very helpful and some what rude and had to ask another employee the answer. We also found a mixed enthusiam among the employees throughout the hotel. Some went above and beyond to please and others acted like they just didn't want to be there. The pool was a bit dirty and had floating debris. People left beer bottles and cups everywhere in the pool area. I think the hotel could benefit from having recycle bins for people to put bottles in when they are done with them. Even though I had minor issues, I would still recommend Paris Las Vegas. We did enjoy the feel of the restaurant/shop area as well as the food and it is nicely decorated. And as far as Vegas goes, we were happy with the room price. I would give Paris Las Vegas a B+

posted by sandy951 on Aug 4, 2008

Authentic French Customer Service, Lovely Views of parking garage

Rating: 6

My husband and I stayed at the Paris in October because we thought it would be romantic. We were in Las vegas to get married, and were anticipating a relaxing stay. HA! First off, the front desk staff was INCREDIBLY rude when we checked into the hotel, and had botched our reservation. After spending 20 minutes sorting out the room situation, we got up to our room and opened the curtains to reveal a depressing view of the Hotel's parking garage. When we called the front desk to ask for a room transfer, we were told that in order to get a room on the front of the Hotel (facing the strip) we would have to pay $55 extra per night. Since we were trying to have a nice time, we agreed to pay the extra fees. Please note: when booking our hotel, there was no mention of this extra fee. To cap things off, the day after our wedding, I woke up and tried to shower, only to discover that the water had been shut off! I went down to the front desk and was told that no one had any idea when the water would be turned back on, and I was welcome to shower in the pool locker room if I liked. The Paris is a tacky Hotel with terrible service and I will never, never set foot in there again. Boooo! Obviously I am still angry about my experience there 4 months later.

posted by mariemarie33 on Mar 3, 2007

Made Our Visit Great!

Rating: 10

My boyfriend and I went to the Paris on our first Vegas trip. We paid for a standard room but were upgraded to a HUGE suite on the 34th floor! Their breakfast buffet was very nice! But the nicest thing about the Paris is that the were very helpful when I caught the worst case of the flu I've ever had -- on vacation!! They sent up their doctor very quickly and called an ambulance. They even paid for my cab ride back to the hotel and offered to give us the suite at the double rate if we had to stay over. One of their staff members called me after we got home to see if I was feeling better. There is nothing nicer than feeling at home when you are sick, so thanks to the Paris, I knew I was taken care of :)

posted by aphrodite52704 on Dec 4, 2006

Nice hotel. Casino is nice.

Rating: 6

The hotel is very nice. Restaurants are good. Value for your money not so good. Everything is expensive.

posted by daasamis on Nov 14, 2006

Really great place to stay

Rating: 10

I was highly impressed by this place. My boyfriend and I had a great stay there for a weekend. They have breakfast in bed for you that you can order over the tv. The bathrooms are large and luxurious, the beds are comfortable and the service was good. I would like to stay there again if I have the chance to get a vacation one more time this year. I will return to stay here again.

posted by muranodiva on Nov 11, 2006

Beautiful Hotel - Small Casino

Rating: 8

We stayed at the Paris for 3 nights in July to celebrate my 26th birthday. The rooms are very nice and spacious, bathrooms and showers are gorgeous! View could've been better, but honestly - how much time do you actually spend in your room in Vegas anyhow?? Casino area is small and gambling options are limited, but made a nice choice for a 'home base' as it didn't take a marathon walk to get across like it would in Cesears. Would stay here again, comfortable and quiet (as quiet as Vegas gets!).

posted by ambrosgela on Nov 5, 2006

Romantic & nostalgic themed hotel.

Rating: 10

All the decor takes you back to the streets of Paris. Beautiful, luxury hotel - but not over the top. Great food, lovely rooms, great service!

posted by jags999 on Nov 3, 2006

A refreshing break in the big neon jungle!

Rating: 10

Paris is an outstanding hotel. The rooms are beautiful and the beds are outstanding - one of the few places I can sleep through the night in a hotel! The staff is very pleasant and very accomodating. I loved the separate shower area and the huge bathroom counter. There are so many wonderful places to stay in Vegas but I'm not sure I want to give up the pleasure of staying here. The Eiffel Tower experience is a must, but I would suggest waiting until after dark to get the full experience. A bit of a walk to the Monorail, but an easy walk out to the Strip or to Bally's. I would recommend Paris without hesitation.

posted by jgates8 on Oct 29, 2006

Beautiful hotel

Rating: 10

Great service, beautiful hotel rooms, spacious, well decorated, all of the amenities one could ask for

posted by princess63 on Oct 23, 2006

I love Paris any time of the year...

Rating: 8

What can I say...I love the Paris Hotel and Casino !!! The restaurants, the casino and the grounds. It's beautiful, the employees are lovely and I feel happy when I'm there !! Je t'aime Las Vegas et moi aiment rester à Paris Hotel and Casino.

posted by sushinut71 on Oct 23, 2006

Love Paris Las Vegas

Rating: 10

I was married at the Paris Las Vegas in 2004, and have returned two times since. We've always had spectacular service and an awesome time. Clean rooms, great food - breakfast buffet is wonderful - could not ask for more. We loved the pool as well. The feeling in the hotel is wonderful and the casino is spacious and comfortable. I've found my Vegas hotel for many years to come.

posted by shavershelly on Jun 14, 2006

Service not worth the money

Rating: 2

The hotel service did not meet the level warranted by the price or amenities of the hotel. We booked two rooms for Memorial Day weekend. Half of our party checked in the first night and asked for two rooms close to each other. The receptionist told us that would not be a problem. However, when the rest of the party checked in, not only did they not get a room close to us, but they were moved to another hotel as the Paris was overbooked. To make matters worse, the hotel was not apologetic for the situation and flat out rude. This attitude was pervasive throughout the hotel, including the casino and the restaurants. Will never stay there again and would not recommend to anyone. For the money, there are better choices in Las Vegas for service, room quality and overall amenities.

posted by scfunc on May 30, 2006

Choose elswhere

Rating: 2

We called the Paris restuarant (can't remember the name, the one in the tower) and asked what the average meal price was. They told us $22, the average is really $35 and they neglected to mention that is was ala cart. The view outside of our window was air conditioning units, etc. I've stayed in many Motel 6 hotels and never had such an awful view out the window. They don't have any vending machines. They have refrigerators in the room with drinks, candies and such. I would pay a little higher prices, however the prices were higher than those in airports. One example is $10 for a very small jar of gummy bears, an amount that would cost 50 cents at a convenience store, come on now. Also they charge extra for use of the gym, jacuzzi etc.

posted by danthompzon on Jun 5, 2005

Great place

Rating: 10

This is one of my favorite hotels in Vegas. Great big rooms, good restaurants downstairs, very friendly staff - everything feels very comfortable. This is usually a great value too - you can get rooms here cheaper than other first class hotels on the strip. Will definitely stay here again.

posted by chains007 on Mar 25, 2005

Not as great as expected ...

Rating: 4

My husband and I just got back from a 3-night, mid-week stay at Paris LV and don't plan to ever stay there again. Upon check-in, they said that there were no king rooms available (even though that's what our reservation was for) and gave us a queen room. When we arrived at our "queen" room; there were two double beds and a lovely view of the a/c bldg and storage. Housekeepers were extremely noisy early in the morning. Pillows cheap, iron didn't work, no proper closet (just an armoire), not even a suitcase stand, bedding stained! Pool area seemed upkept, strewn with litter. Bathrooms/amenities very average at best. Casino was nice and the hotel's central location were about the only redeeming factors for staying there. Overall, we definitely wouldn't recommend staying there although a walk through the hotel might be worth a visit.

posted by hobbsmc on Mar 13, 2005

Paris Experience

Rating: 10

I highly recommend this hotel. I've been to most hotels in vegas, and this is the best 4 star hotel. Only the Bellagio and Venetian are nicer (5 star). The casino is not crowded, dim, cheap, or stuffy like others. Its spacious and it feels like day time all the time. The hotel, streets, and casino are all beautiful. While the landmarks are spectacular! The room is well above average, and bathroom is very beautiful. I bought the premier view and its well worth the extra $35 a night. We took beautiful pics & vid of the bellagio fountains, and paris landmarks from our room. My only disappointment is I reserved a king size two months in advance, but when I arrived they had sold out. I got a 2 queen room. Check out the KA show at the MGM, incredible and the best show in vegas!

posted by jortega_21 on Jan 25, 2005

Fun in Vegas

Rating: 10

The rooms are very nice, comfortable and everything is kept very clean. My only dissapointment was the additional $25 per day fee to use excercise equipment. I decided to go walking outside instead. The buffet is excellent with many choices, and includes the wonderful crepes. Great casino with lots of choices.

posted by tmf04 on May 16, 2004

Never Have to Leave

Rating: 10

Paris Las Vegas is a fantastic hotel boasting great service all around, wonderful restaurants (both casual and fine dining), and so many amenities that you don't HAVE to ever leave the hotel. Room service is great with personable servers, the spa is relaxing with many treatments to choose from in all price ranges. Mon Ami Gabi, The Eiffel Tower Restaurant, and Ortanique are fantastic, as is Le Cafe, the Creperie, the bars, and each person working there that you bump into. A very service oriented hotel. And you feel like you are walking down the streets of Paris!

posted by meadowst98 on Mar 12, 2004

Enjoyed Our Stay

Rating: 8

My husband and I just got back from the Paris Las Vegas and found it a lovely place to stay. Our only complaints were that the room didn't have a fridge and the view was not what we thought it would be. (NOTE: When booking, ask for a view of the Bellagio fountains.) Otherwise, one of the best places we've stayed at on the Strip so far!

posted by chakkuri on May 19, 2003

Highly recommeded

Rating: 9

Stayed M-F, had a wonderful experience. One of if not the most beautiful hotel on the strip. All convienences one could ask for. Eiffel tower restaurant was great, get reservations and ask for a table with a view of the Bellagio's fountains. I didn't find it any more expensive than anything else on the strip. Casino seemed less smoke filled than some. Try to stay on floors 32-34. You need your room key to get to these. Other elevators seemed to always be full, these were never.

posted by jlach on Mar 10, 2003

We! We!

Rating: 8

The restraunts are great. Excellent food. You will have a rather long wait at those that do not take reservations, but the wait is worth it.

posted by estein6259 on Dec 31, 2002

Oui Oui?

Rating: 7

The ceiling is sky color and when you walk towards one end of it theres a rain storm show attraction where the ceiling turns grey and appears as if its raining indoors! The Gigantic Paris Martini's! Even though you can go in the "Slots o Fun" and get yourself one for one 3rd of the cost. Paris really knows howto whip out the alcohol! I Once had a strawberry daqueri here and it was simply the greatest tasting alcoholic beverage my "buds" ever dance with. There's an eiffel tower restaurant up at the top for you high class people who wanta view. And when you get sick of being in Paris you can easily walk over to Bally's without even leaving the building. There both connected! Try the Crepe's restaurant and get the apple one! The best thing about this Paris over the real Paris...The people here actually shower! :)

posted by jerry_watkins on Dec 16, 2002

Great place

Rating: 10

I have always loved this hotel. It's easy to get to your room - which will matter more than you might think. I love the little lounge area and every restaurant is good. It's a spacious, well laid out hotel, especially in the check-in area. You Very good gym and spa - a little small and the fee is extra but this is standard for the strip. I also like that it is close to the mall at Alladin and you can walk across the street to see Bellagio. It's in a great location. Rooms are nice and always very clean, and I've always had great service.

posted by hkygrl on Nov 17, 2002

vive la differance

Rating: 9

After several trips to Vegas they all start to feel the same....not Paris ! A casino is a casino...but the restaurants.....Mon Ami Gabi is worth the trip by itself. We had dinner on the outside patio with the fountains of the Bellagio in the background, it is an experience I will remember the rest of my life.

posted by JOHNKOZAK on Aug 16, 2002

Great dining options

Rating: 8

Didn't stay here by my girlfriend and I enjoyed the French provincial restaurant (had the minestrone and pasta) and crepes. The casino, lobby and recreation of a Parisian street were classy and fun. The self park ramp behind the casino is free and convenient. Great location next to Alladin's mall and the Bellagio.

posted by BObermiller_Citysearch on Jul 29, 2002


Rating: 10

My friends and I have been taking yearly trips to Las Vegas for a few years now and we all agree that Paris Las Vegas stands apart from the rest. The casino is well designed and offers the most unique gaming floor in the city. The originality the the casino alone makes Paris Las Vegas a must see on you next trip. See You At The Tables. Jeff

posted by RoyalFlush on Jul 22, 2002

right up there

Rating: 9

after visiting the buffets at the Bellagio, Luxor. Excalibur, all the stations casinos, and the coast. (sorry i'm still working on the rest of the strip buffets) The Paris is up there with Bellagio and thats a mouthful. And the waiting line was not long at all. which for me puts it out on top. the food, price. selection, and service are all great. So if you don't like real long waits(Belligio) check out the Paris. OH timing is everything and at the Belligio there is no clock.

posted by s2gotz on Jul 3, 2002

Great Rooms

Rating: 8

You can get a great deal on beautiful rooms if you stay here off-season or during the week. We had a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower and the Bellagio Fountains just across the way. The huge marble bathroom was lovely. Not only was the room nicer than one at the Bellagio, it was much less expensive.

posted by mstampley_citysearch on Jun 20, 2002

Stay for weekend

Rating: 8

This place was an excellent location for taking an escape from L.A. The service was excellent and very friendly. The staff had even offered a free shutle to the airport. The gambling action was very high.

posted by han_solo on Jun 11, 2002

I love Paris!

Rating: 10

I absolutely love this hotel, inside and out. I love that fact that once you get in you feel like you are outside on the streets of Paris. Everything is authentic down to the shops and bakeries. The get top ratings for the overall feeling you get while visiting this hotel. When you come here order an Iffel Tower drink! You'll leave with a buzz and a souviner. If you have the money to spare take a ride to the top of the Iffel tower, you get a great view of the Vegas Strip.

posted by xoxoscorpio on May 31, 2002

wedding bells

Rating: 9

we stayed in a suite facing the eiffel tower and the bellagio's fountains for our wedding/honeymoon...very worth it...large marble bathrooms and helpful though sometimes harried staff..avoid the buffet and get room service for breakfast.

posted by slygemini5 on May 27, 2002

Nice place, bad buffet

Rating: 5

The Paris was very nice to look at, but once inside for the buffet brunch, the only thing I could focus on was the hole in my wallet. The food was ok, but you would think for a Sunday brunch, they would offer breakfast, not dinner. I would recomend this casino for the atmosphere, not the brunch.

posted by Marsh713 on May 22, 2002

Carefully constructed ambience

Rating: 9

This is one of my favorite places in Vegas because the Parisan theme is carried through meticulously and the environment is fun and fairly relaxed. The rooms (where the theme is also evident) are big, clean and full of handy amenities for business travelers. The staff are friendly -- in fact, arrived so late due to a flight delay that they upgraded me to a suite they had available for the night.

posted by susanblue_citysearch on May 20, 2002

Comfy with a great view of the Strip

Rating: 9

Stayed there for a weekend in December 2001. The staff were courteous and patient since I managed to blunder my reservation. The Front Desk staff were efficient without being impersonal. My room was spacious, clean and comfortable. And I have to say that the in-room hair dryers are the best. Room service got my order to me in less time than promised. Got a chance to view the Strip from the Eiffel Tower replica and it was amazing, although the awe lasts about 2 minutes.

posted by KDominguez_Citysearch on May 17, 2002

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