Parc Fifty Five Hotel

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55 Cyril Magnin St

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Parc 55 Hotel is good hotel in a good location

Rating: 8

A very nice hotel in a safe area. Just a block from the trolley,the Bart station, the visitors center and a HUGE Macy's. The rooms were larg...

posted by Citysearch User on Aug 18, 2009

Good hotel for location and price

Rating: 8

If you want to be at Market and Powell then this place is really a good deal. We knew what we were getting into in regards to the area / crowds, but still chose this hotel based on an online package with air. Rooms are great, view is awesome, staff is friendly. Muni/BART very accessible. I just read another review and would like to comment on Mr. Nickle and Dime man: Parking - There are garages all around you so you are not forced to pay $50 a night. How about $15 a night one block away, it's an early bird special if you are out by 9:30am. Worked for us. Breakfast - Find somewhere to eat or pick up baked goods when you are out for the next day. Also, the 31st floor is where it's really a free breakfast offered by the hotel. FREE. Wifi - you are right on that. $13 a day stinks. but that's the going rate in this area. Water in your room for 4.50 - yeah dude, have you even heard of a mini bar? It's the same theory. There are about 50 Walgreens near you here so not sure what the problem is. 3 gallons for $3 bucks. Package - again, open your eyes. There is a Post Office right across the street in the Macys. No offense Mr. but it seems that this basic stuff is not at all worth complaining about. Hotel is a nice place and we'd stay here again. For out of towners I'd highly recommend.

posted by sanfransucka on Aug 9, 2009


Rating: 6

I found this hotel to be comfortable, convenient and pleasant with a super helpful staff. The only drag was that it felt like I was being nickle-and-dimed all over the place. "Of course there's parking for guests! It's $50/night." "Of course there's a continental breakfast! That'll be $5 for coffee and a muffin." "Of course there's WiFi! It's $13/day." "Of course there's water in your room. $4.50/bottle sound ok?" "Of course we can mail a package for you! There's just an $8 processing fee." You get the idea. Maybe this is standard practice for fancy hotels, but it felt like I was being shaken down at every turn. I got a great price on this hotel through Hotwire, but next time, I'd rather stay at a 3 star hotel where it doesn't cost me extra to do anything besides sleep in my bed. (But who knows, maybe there was some Parc 55 "sleeping fee" that was tacked onto my bill too!)

posted by DavidOArcher on Jun 18, 2009

Location Location LOCATION

Rating: 10

The girl who wrote the last review most be smoking some seriously good crank, because you will not find a nicer hotel, in a better location for a fraction of the money you'll spend at parc 55. the stratford on powell, two streets over charges about 130 a night, more than we paid and it pales in comparisson on every level. as far as the noise, you're staying in union square lady! downtown! there is bound to be noise, there's not one hotel in the city that can control drunk people on a saturday night...believe me...they've tried. that said...what a great hotel. one block from the muni, the trolley and the bus! one block from market and the most amazing shopping center you will ever lay eyes on (touch screen LCD directories? really?) the beds are super comfortable, made up with plush down comforters that make you want to run jump and face plant into them, i highly reccomend it. the room service is decent, but then again you have lori's diner right around the corner. a great irish pub called foleys and uptown sports bar, both great places where you're bound to meet some lively characters. honestly....i will be staying at the parc 55 again, it can't be beat.

posted by bluefooter on Mar 24, 2007

Average Hotel in Good Location

Rating: 6

My BF and I decided to drive up from SoCal and spend the weekend in San Francisco. We normally try and find a deal on a 4 star boutique hotel through Priceline, but booked Parc 55 through Expedia because they had a March special. Well, other 4-star hotels I've stayed at have quiet rooms with great beds. Parc 55 has really noisy rooms and beds that might also double as trampolines; very hard and springy and uncomfortable. On the up side, the location is great, the linens were nice and room service was wonderful for breakfast. We had a nice view from our south-facing room on the 18th floor. Parc 55 is okay, but there are so many quieter, more comfortable options within a stone's throw.

posted by amiegleed on Mar 4, 2007

Great views

Rating: 10

We booked a standard room, and received room 1901--which was great! It was a corner room and had 180 degree views of the city. It was gorgeous. The staff was great. Only neg-the windows are a little thin, so you can hear the city sounds. Otherwise, it was outstanding!

posted by elizabethdmiller on Aug 4, 2006

Parc 55 is close to it all

Rating: 10

This was a great place to stay. Our room was nice and big with a great view.

posted by shopaustin75 on Jul 29, 2005

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