Pangkor Laut Resort

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Secluded Tropical Resort occupying 300-acre private island, 1 mile from Pangkor Island.

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$600 was missing from our room

We stayed in Pangkor Laut Resort from 8th through 11th of February. We kept about $600 in an envelope inside of a day pack. The day pack was all zipped up and placed inside of the closet. We did place our passports and major portion of our cash and valuable in the safety box. But $600 was intended to be used as pocket money in case of need while we were in the resort, but in our wildest dream we couldn't imagine someone would steal that in a five Star Resort.
 As soon as we found out money was missing, we reported it to PLR staff and wrote a summary of the incident. We also provided them with the list of all the places we were planning to stay before we come back home from our vacation per their request, so they could provide us with update.
We selected Pangkor Laut Resort because it was advertised as one of the World's Top Five-Star Resorts, so my wife and I were looking forward to an amazing experience with certain expectations from a five Star Resort.
What makes a place remarkable or performance of its staff to shine is when they face challenges and how to respond to the challenges not just during ordinary time.
Unfortunately we have to say we are very disappointed about this incident, someone had to go out of his/her way to take the money out of our bag from privacy of our room and as a result we lost our confidence on the security of the resort.
We also had to initiate all the contacts and call long distance from different locations in our trip and ask for update, we were hoping Resort to take this incident more seriously and contacted us as a sign of good faith, since we were asked to provide information about our daily locations with phone numbers, so the resort could provide us update. In the grand scheme of all the things,
$ 600 might not be a significant amount, but one customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising. The higher the level of satisfaction a customer has is one of the determining factors in the success of any business.
I am very disappointed to see that Angkor Lout Resort decided to Fail customer satisfaction. As a result Angkor Lout Resort has lost any future business with us.

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