Omni William Penn Hotel

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530 William Penn Pl

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Rating: 2

There is only one redeeming quality about this hotel, he is a bellman named George. Not only did they take my reservation and give my hotel room away, they had the audacity to be rude about kicking me out. This hotel has about as much charm as a toothless call girl. Anyone that wants a nice hotel would have a better chance at a La Quinta than here. For the best advice that you can take from a stranger, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

posted by UnhappyGuest on Aug 13, 2008

Highly Recommended

Rating: 10

I am a Pittsburgh resident and have never been an overnight guest at the hotel. However, I have been there several times and highly recommend it for the following: business meetings, social events, lunch, and informal meetings in the lobby. This hotel is one of the only in Pittsburgh to have true old-world charm and grandeur. The Terrace Room is an excellent choice for an elegant lunch- business or pleasure. The lobby is beautiful and also a lovely spot for meeting with friends, an informal business meeting, or for High Tea. The staff including the valet service, front desk, and concierge are all extremely professional and friendly.

posted by devonmc on Feb 17, 2007

Luxury Hotel... I don't think so

Rating: 6

I will start by saying that this hotel is not bad, it is just not a luxury hotel. The rooms are clean, but they are not modern. The elevators are slow and so old that they are scary. If you are looking for a hotel with old world charm and even romantic then this hotel might work for you. I might choose this hotel for a romantic get way but as a business traveler who needs like reliable high speed internet, then you should choose another hotel. The staff was warm and friendly, the lobby was comfortable, but when it comes having the tools to be effective at getting your job done it was frustrating.

posted by attorney01 on Aug 25, 2006


Rating: 10

Wow this is a stunning hotel. Located in the heart of down town Pittsburgh it sure does the city a service. I went to a ball there this pa...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 14, 2005

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