Motel 6 Hollywood

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1738 Whitley Ave

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Motel 6 Hollywood

Rating: 8

This is a great bargain. Right in the heart of Hollywood. The staff was very friendly. There is free wifi and also they have bathtubs. I...

posted by Citysearch User on Apr 17, 2008

Stale smelling room

Rating: 4

We wanted to stay the night after our day in Hollywood and since this is a motel 6 we thought it would be an okay place to stay and it was really conveniant location. I knew it was an old motel so the old rooms were not a problem, however the room had an old musty stale odor and the walls made it a bit deprssing as they had no pictures and made the atmosphere just to blah--furnitute was old and bedsspread old looking-just an over all "creepy" feeling. The staff at the front desk however were friendly and very nice and the lobby area was pleasant enoug and large-they have a laundry facility if one had a need to do their laundy which is pretty good, but overall i would not want to stay again-if they remodeled the rooms and got rid of the musty odor it may be oaky.The best thing is it is a short walk to Hollywood Blvd-which is what we wanted.

posted by mizgray on Nov 6, 2007

Great deal!

Rating: 8

My husband and I had to go to Hollywood for a business trip, with very little funds. Most of the other hotels we stopped at were very high priced. We were able to stay here for a good price, and it is located half a block from Hollywood Blvd. Walking distance from great food, entertainment, and wonderful nightlife. You can even catch a glimpse of the stars coming and going from movie primeres!

posted by amberkat71 on Jan 12, 2004

Great but risky

Rating: 8

I've sent two groups of friends to sya here. The first were volleyball coaches from rural Kansas: no problems -- the hotel is a tremendous dollar value, with clean if plain rooms. The second group I sent there had no problems with the hotel, but the adjacent property and nearby corners are flooded with drug dealers -- a local TV station did an expose of thre area -- and he had a rather tough time making it from the remote after-hours overflow parking lot to the front door late at night.

posted by godzilla on Nov 19, 2002

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