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The Mondrian is a luxury class hotel located on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, the "entertainment capital" of the world.

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8440 W Sunset Blvd

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5 Star Hotel!!

Rating: 10

I stayed at the Mondrian Hotel back in September for the weekend and had a great time during my stay!! I would choose this hotel for my next stay in Hollywood.

posted by jasonjourney on Feb 9, 2010

Favorite Hotel in LA

Rating: 10

This hotel is the most fun hotel to stay in Los Angeles. While it may not be the nicest or the classiest it is in a league of its own. The pool is always packed with good looking people. The other great thing is that you are in the heart of Los Angeles--just a short cab ride away from everything.

posted by jls1521 on Nov 30, 2009

Incredibly Romantic

Rating: 10

We had the best time on the Sunset Strip whiling staying at the Mondrian. We had dinner at Katana across the street and then had drinks under the stars by the pool. So romantic! I would highly recommend this hotel for anyone who wants to experience a night on the town on the Sunset Strip.

posted by TerryLady on Nov 19, 2009

hot location

Rating: 8

this is a high end hotel with full service and a lot of stars. It is also a great place to stop by for a drink, that is not cheap but you ne...

posted by Citysearch User on Dec 31, 2008

Swanky Spot

Rating: 8

This hotel has been around for quite awhile, but still is hip and hot. The all white interior, amazing Asia de Cuba restaurant make this a perfect place to stay. It definitley gives you a taste of Hollywood. The Sky bar is really fun and it's fun to drink by the pool and enjoy the beautiful view of LA.

posted by erinlovesfood on Jul 13, 2008

Great hotel

Rating: 8

I love the Mondrian. It's in the middle of everything, skybar is right there, Katana across the street, Asia De Cuba. You don't even need to leave the hotel. I'd recommend it to anyone.

posted by ivanova on May 13, 2008

Sky Bar

Rating: 10

If you want to run into some celebs this is your place. The drinks and food are very expensive but you pay for the atmosphere. Very trendy...

posted by Citysearch User on May 6, 2008

Typcial Morgan hotel with the sky bar attached to the side

Rating: 6

Yes, the views are great from Sky Bar but the hotel is pretty much the same as being at the Shore Club in Miami or the Delano. I was on the side of Sky Bar and asked to be moved-you cannot possibly sleep on a busy night and at $450 a night I would save my money. They were very nice and upgraded me to a suite (I had to ask a few times) but definitely stay on the other side if you want to snooze at all.

posted by blrnyc on Nov 19, 2006

Nice view, great staff..that's about it!

Rating: 8

I booked 3 days at the Mondrian. The staff was ALWAYS FRIENDLY, everyone from the valet attendants to the people at check-in. The rooms are in definite need of a make-over (agree with previous postings). Our carpet had stains on the floor, and on our headboard, gross! The sheets are ok (250 thread count) but the down comforters and pillows are a plus. Since all the rooms face the pool/restaurant/bar, it tends to get a bit noisy at night. Will not stay here again.

posted by dkinz24 on Oct 18, 2006

Used to be a hotspot, now...not so much.

Rating: 4

So the BF and I decided to have a romantic getaway for a night. Booked the Little Door for dinner and a room at The Mondrian. Mind you, years ago I booked many a room here for visiting bands and never had a complaint, so I figured it would be an amazing experience. Have to say, I was really disappointed with the rooms. The service was terrific, the folks at the check-in desk were fantastic and helpful (even got an upgrade) but like posted before, the rooms really need an overhaul. Don't think they've done a thing to the rooms since they opened, and they aren't cheap (even with my corporate rate). Bathrooms looked like I was in a cheap motel and the sheets were a low thread count and scratchy. I certainly hope they will one day they will bring it back to the swanky place it once was.

posted by jules40 on Aug 18, 2006

Sky Bar anyone?

Rating: 8

People will know Sky bar before Mondrian! Always full of celebs like Liza Minnelli, Jutin Timberlake, Beyonce, etc. If you don't have a con...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 22, 2005

Had a blast! although bathroom could use reno

Rating: 10

ok so I stayed at the mondrian 2 weeks ago and HAD A BLAST! I frequent Ian S. hotels so I knew what to expect... the service was excellent & I didn't come across any attitude whatsoever. I had a 1 BR on the 11th floor.. the higher the floor, the better the view, trust me! Try to get a room w. a private balcony... I made some more *friends* just chillin on the balcony. sky bar was gorgeous... really amazing views, yes drinks are $$ but whatever, it's expected. My only gripe w/ Mondrian is that the bathroom could use a reno. The tub was old (a sliding door, hello?) & the vanity area has flourescent lighting. Sink was a little dated, too. Not 2b picky, but at $400/nite the place should be PERFECT. But I still thoroughly enjoyed myself & can't wait to go back...

posted by nips on Oct 11, 2005

Don't believe the hype.

Rating: 6

Make no mistake: when you book an ultra-expensive room at the Mondrian, you're paying for the name and location only. The rooms themselves are nothing to write home about -- replete with junky appliances and fixtures, tiny beds and cramped bathrooms (and this was in one of the larger rooms!). Asia de Cuba is an excellent restaurant, but you could eat there without staying at the hotel. The same goes for Skybar, which doesn't exactly live up to its reputation in the first place. It bears mentioning that the valet parking at this hotel is obnoxious. Even guests have to pay a fortune after waiting 45 minutes for their cars. Bottom line: Great hotel to visit, but not worth staying at.

posted by misterjack on May 12, 2005

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Awesum Hotel

Had an incredible time here.  Right in the heart of WeHo.  6/22/13

-Arik Katzenberg

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