Mirbeau Inn And Spa

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851 West Genesee Street

Partner Reviews: Mirbeau Inn And Spa

Outstanding 4 Star Inn

Rating: 10

This is one of the nicer hotels we visited over the years. Outstanding service and the food is simply exquisite. Spa services were about the best we have ever experienced. Well worth the money as the package rates include taxes and gratuities. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a luxury get away.

posted by acmeonpond on May 7, 2004

From bad to worse

Rating: 1

I cancelled a trip to the hotel when my partner became very sick with a terrible flu. We were dissappointed to not make the trip, but dealing with the staff made a bad situation far worse. Rather than extending some courtesy (we were willing to re-book for a different time) we were slapped with ridiculous cancellation fees. The room would go empty, so I can understand a charge for that, but the other services were cancelled with more than 24 hrs notice. What a miserable way to treat prospective guests!

posted by js4909 on Dec 27, 2002

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