Millennium Harvest House Boulder

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1345 28th St

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The Millennium Harvest House is an elegant hotel in downtown Boulder near CU. They have nice ballrooms and conference facilities, spacious r...

posted by Citysearch User on Jan 11, 2009

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Dirty, smelly and awful service!

It is very rare for me to post a negative review on any kind of website, and I am usually very easy to please, but I absolutely felt this review needed to be posted to WARN others about The Boulder Millennium Harvest House Hotel. We had our wedding ceremony and reception at this hotel and it proved to be an absolutely horrible hotel.  Many things went wrong with the catering side of things, but the hotel accommodations were atrocious as well. First off, my wife, the bride of the event, was VERBALLY HARASSED by two of the HOTEL STAFF members and PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED by one member of the HOTEL STAFF!  We also had many issues with the reservations department, our guests were very frustrated as they were unable to book rooms at the rate we were guaranteed. After several phone calls with the reservations department we were still unable to get this issue fully resolved and our guest rooms were higher than we were guaranteed they would be. Their front desk staff was incompetent even with dealing with basic issues such as the cleanliness of the rooms. Rooms were not available for our guests at 3pm as they were guaranteed to be, which caused a lot of issues for our guests who were traveling and needed to get ready prior to the wedding ceremony. The cleanliness of the rooms were atrocious, many of our guests reported mice in their rooms, and the front desk staff would not even replace the linens in the room or assist with the situation. One of our guests even reported their toilet seat was located in the middle of the hallway and it took several hours for the maintenance staff to correct the problem. The security at this hotel was also very concerning. All of the doors to the outside, although they had keycard readers, were open 24/7 allowing anyone to enter the hotel. The on staff security guard was even lower than a "rent-a-cop" and was unable to assist with the above mentioned physical assault by a hotel staff member on my wife, he stood idly by as the entire situation ensued.  When we went to get the police report to file charges against the hotel staff member that physically assaulted my wife, we found out that the video surveillance equipment was non-operational. Last but not least, the building is hideously out of date and they were doing construction in the lobby and sports bar even when we were promised the construction would be completed by our event.  

The hotel staff proved to be incompetent and when we went to seek assistance from the General Manager regarding the physical assault situation , he refused to meet with us or even acknowledge the situation. We escalated the situation and got in touch with their corporate offices who eventually got us an apology letter, unfortunately about 4 months after the situation occurred and did everything they could to brush the situation under the rug.

The Boulder Millennium Harvest House Hotel is by far the worse hotel experience I have had in my entire life, and the fact that we invited our friends and family to stay at this establishment is embarrassing. I warn you DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL!!! Millennium Hotels is just another money hungry corporation that obviously puts the all might dollar as a priority over its guests, needless to say, we will never step foot inside a Millennium Hotel ever again!

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