Miami Beach Resort

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4833 Collins Ave

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Love this hotel!

Rating: 10

We have stayed in the Miami Beach Resort & Spa several times and we love it every time. Their banquet halls are beautiful for parties and we...

posted by Citysearch User on Oct 1, 2009

HORRIBLE!!! stay away!

Rating: 2

This hotel has not been renovated since it was built. The rooms are tiny, the walls have chipped paint all over them and the management was very unhelpful and rude. Do yourself a huge favor and save your money. I have seen a lot of hotels and this one is not worth more than $50 per night

posted by travelerman25 on Jul 21, 2009


Rating: 2

Well for starters, there was hair in my bed and on my bathroom floor at check in; perhaps this is why the room was so dimly lit...they didn't want me to see the hair and stains! Things only got worse as my toliet began gushing water at 3 am...apparently, a part was on order! Yes, they rented a room knowing full well the toliet was broken. I loved the fact that the ogre-like security guard accompanied the engineer to my room at 3 am! Did they actually think I was ripping up their toliet?!? After they fixed it, it happened again!!! You'd better have a car if you stay here as there's nothing within walking distance...and you'll need it as food is scarce!!! The only meal I could count on is breakfast. Vegetarians will die here as their poolside grill has little to no options, not to mention the bistro/bar. The server was exceedingly rude and refused to serve us as the hostess didn't seat us there! And the very last night of my oh-so-long stay ended with the police cuffing a kid in front of the hotel! Stay away!

posted by newjerseydiva on May 8, 2007

nice hotel

Rating: 8

don't order the fruit basket, but the hotel itself was great. the pool was amazing, the view was perfect. my vacation was too short. next time i return i'm staying there again.

posted by chele102 on Jun 3, 2005

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