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The Marcel at Gramercy reopened in early 2008 following an extensive transformation.  Our perfect location in historic Gramercy Park offers easy access to public transportation and major airports. Within arm’s reach are the hip neighborhoods of the East Village and Lower East Side, Madison and Fifth Avenue shopping, Baruch College, the Empire State and Flatiron buildings, and Union Square. Midtown, Soho, Greenwich Village and Chelsea areas are just a short walk away.

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201 E 24th St

Partner Reviews: Marcel Hotel

dont even bother

Rating: 6

out of all the hotels in new york i get stuck with this one. it is tiny for one and if you are going to pay overpriced nyc hotel rates you might as well keep searching. no one at the hotel can give directions and the 5th floor smells like potroast.

posted by xena59 on Apr 19, 2008


Rating: 10

Nicely decorated with modern furnishings. Euro style hotel on the East Side. Undergoing construction but well worth the stay with reduced prices.

posted by mgrinnell1 on Mar 12, 2006

Avoid the Marcel

Rating: 2

I had a prepaid and confirmed reservation, yet I was turned away upon check-in at the front desk. Their excuses were vague and the staff attitude, apathetic. I assume that they had oversold the hotel and got a better rate for my room. A friend of mine had a similar experience, about 2 years earlier but I didn't heed her warning. I booked online through Expedia. I called the hotel to confirm my reservation directly, the very morning I was to check-in. The Marcel confirmed that yes, they showed me booked for 3 nights. When I arrived to check-in, the woman behind the desk informed me that they were "having problems with some of the rooms upstairs." I was told that they wanted to move me to another hotel, 30 blocks uptown. I'm still pursuing a refund through Expedia. This one is a real turkey. Avoid the headache.

posted by vernyl on Apr 14, 2005

no bellhop-carry ya own bag

Rating: 8

Towels? - not 5 star plush. the a/c, heating - unit smelled like cigarettes-unplug it an extra blanket's enough. For the price, the location, the Marcel is a find! Felt safe walking in the evening. Bodegas up the block. Street vendors with cool accessories around the corner. Moma theater and 6 train about four blocks down. The room was small, so are New York apartments. They put a duvet over the comforter- most places don't change the bedspread. The décor- stylish on a budget. Like finding a super cute outfit that wasn't expensive and makes you feel like a million! The hot water- short on a very late Saturday morning . I'd suggest any of my friends in their 20's -early 40's to stay here(they vary on income - not appreciation for a cool, safe place on a budget). Might spend extra to put moms some place more traditional.

posted by beulabelle on Jun 3, 2003

You Cannot Stay Here!

Rating: 1

We didn't believe the previous negative reviews & we booked a room. You CANNOT make the mistake we did. When we arrived there was no heat, though that was fixed by check-in time. Then sure enough we had NO HOT WATER. The hotel gave my bfriend 2 different explanations & me a third. The jist of what we were hearing was that they never have water warming than luke warm. Luckily we knew of the Crowne Plaza on East 42nd--while the location isn't ideal, the hotel & service is excellent.

posted by Jen1979 on Jan 21, 2003

Don't Marcel yourself short

Rating: 1

The Marcel hotel is far and away the single worst hotel I have ever encountered. First, a whole group of 20 of us were bumped from our rooms despite the fact that we called the day before to confirm. A couple of my friends got to keep their room so I had the honor of checking them out...they were horrendous. Unbelievably small, windows that don't open (making it hot and stuffy in the room), hard beds, crappy pillows, an obnoxious concierge...the list goes on and on. Do yourself a GIANT favor...stay somewhere else when in the big city. The Marcel is straight out of hell.

posted by zinish on Jan 9, 2003

What happened?

Rating: 3

This was such a nice place to stay when The Marcel opened a few years ago. Nice staff, clean rooms, a really good value. 2-3 years later it looks like 10 and more years would have passed. Check the room before you move in and ask for a non smoking room.

posted by swissbuddy on Jan 8, 2003

New Years Eve

Rating: 3

This hotel not only gave away my room which was held with a credit card on new years eve, but I had re-confirmed the day before! They tried to explain some policy which was outlined in the fine print only on their website. I would try to stay somewhere else if you have the choice. They really dont come off as very professional or even have a clue as how to satisfy their customers.

posted by mike__K on Jan 6, 2003

sad joke

Rating: 2

one would think that "no hot water" would be enough to damn a hotel, but the Marcel went further. although they've clearly made an attempt at some sort of design, it fails entirely: the custom furniture in the small rooms actually makes them feel even smaller, and the overhead lights glare directly into your eyes. Lots of other small defects, including a broken bathroom lamp and robe hook (not that there was a robe, of course), and a strange, most likely illegal extension cord/outlet hidden under the bed. To top it off, the front desk recommended a nearby Vietnamese restaurant, "L Annam", that was so bad it's _not even listed_ in Citysearch. But I did manage to amass a nice collection of Gilchrist & Soames micro-toiletries, including a lovely Shoe Polisher described as "for body and soul". Yeah, right.

posted by bdwelle on Dec 9, 2002


Rating: 8

Stayed at the Marcel this weekend. The hotel is very modern. The bathroom needed a little work (door wouldn't lock) but well worth the rate of $125. The sheets were very comfortable. The lounge downstairs is great. Had some good sushi. I highly recommend it.

posted by christita on Sep 16, 2002

OK, but run-down.

Rating: 7

This is the second inexpensive boutique hotel I've visited in MurrayHill/Gramercy area and it has better amenities of the two (blowdryer, iron. ice). The breakfast of fresh bagels and OJ is nice. The bar has good drinks. The rooms are as small as in any NYC hotel, but these are especially shabby. There were little broken things here and there (door knob, robe hook, carpeting, iron, base moulding) but nothing that caused a bad inconvenience. We were on the 5th floor facing someone's apartment, so had no street noise, view or sunlight. Only 3 blocks from #6 train - very convenient. Avoid the free cappuccino machine -- it makes a gross, muddy concoction that no amount of sugar or foam can salvage. When we checked out, even though we confirmed that our 2nd night was also $99, they tried to charge us $130. It got settled OK, though.

posted by nycgirl2002 on Jul 24, 2002

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