Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

From the hotel:

43-story hotel with 11 acre tropical water environment and lush foliage - South end of Strip, connected to Mandalay Bay Conv Ctr.

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3950 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89119-1005  United States

Partner Reviews: Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

excellent summer vacation under the Vegas sun

Rating: 10

The wave pool was so huge it was never crowded even though there were tons of people in there. The waves were gentle enough to enjoy and so refreshing. The wave pool was a bit crowded but fun to do with kids. Make sure you bring your own inner tube or you will have to buy one for $24! There were always seats available to find in short order so we didn't have to walk around the whole pool complex to find seats. My only complaint would have to say the bar put just a tiny squirt of alcohol in my frozen daiquiri - not even enough for a shot like we get back home! Anyway, the pool was incredible. Also the room we got was amazing - ordered off Expedia with no special request but it was a gem. Very clean and quiet hallway, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the strip - lovely view! No line for check-in - we were ready to go to our room in less than 10 minutes. Staff was helpful and friendly everywhere in this hotel. Very nice cab area as well - friendly guys directing you to even friendlier and helpful cabbies. Also the Shark Reef Aquarium is a must-see, especially if you have kids. Make sure you keep the picture they take at the beginning of the tour. Great memories! A must-stay for anyone. Also very convenient walk to the free tram that takes you to Luxor, Excalibur, NYNY, and MGM. We also took a leisurely walk to Luxor across the street several days under the beautiful sun - it was a blessing and wonderful. We are going back there in 2010 for sure!

posted by vegasluvr0607 on Feb 4, 2010

Pretty Average

Rating: 4

This was my first trip to Vegas. Besides long lines to check in, the mgr is very polite (be prepared to ask for the manager often). Room walls are thin (so you can hear exactly what other people are "doing" in the their room). After losing my key and waiting approximately 20 mins, the clerk said, "next in line". I proceeded to go up to the counter when he interrupted my walk by stating, "Not you, him". This guy wasn't even in line, he was just standing off on the side. After I had a fit, the clerk replied with a rude statement, "HE JUST NEED A COPY OF HIS KEY". No kidding. I simply wanted the same, I replied. He proceeded to assist the other guy; thus causing me to ask for management. Complain and they'll give you free food at one of their restaurants. Whipee doo, I simply trashed the free food voucher, never to return. NEVER!!!!!

posted by luscious1xox on Jan 7, 2010

Good Place

Rating: 8

Good one

posted by Prakash on Jul 31, 2009

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino is great for families

Rating: 8

This place has a great casino. Its definitely new school so it feels a little like a theme park, but so does every new casino on vegas. Th...

posted by Citysearch User on Jul 6, 2009

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Has Good Events

Rating: 10

I found myself here a lot for mainly one reason. They pack a lot of great shows. From good boxing fights to now the Lion King, it's defini...

posted by Citysearch User on Jul 5, 2009

Terrible Service and Terrible Experience

Rating: 2

So we went to Mandalay Bay hoping to experience a relaxing, floating in the pool with a cocktail kind of stay. What we were subjected to was screaming children EVERYWHERE, rude attendants in the casino, and rude wait staff. EVERYTHING is an upgrade for $$. "Oh, you want to sit in the nice area of the restaurant? That is $10 more a person." "Oh, you want to not have screaming children splashing you in the face? You'll have to pay for the Adults Only area. That is $50 more a person." What a waste... If you want an ADULT experience go to the Bellagio or the Wynn but stay away from Mandalay Bay!

posted by croyle on May 1, 2009

Great Property Reasonable Rates

Rating: 8

Mandalay Bay is a great resort.The rooms are attractive,large,and have great soaking tubs.The casino is easy to navigate and the restaurant roster is first class. The pool area is great but can really get crowded.Guest services were all around very good

posted by CSMobileUser on Mar 5, 2009

Thanksgiving 08

Rating: 10

Mandalay Bay did their job to make it so you really never needed to leave the hotel. First .. free valet service, no matter how many times you needed it. Lines got long sometimes, but they did their best to keep it moving. We visited comparable hotels and just really liked the entire atmosphere. Staff extremely helpful. Rooms nice and comfortable. We had a partial view of the strip and a view of the airport. Saw a great sunrise We happened to fall in love w/ the bed and shower. Nice variety of restaurants, shops, and clubs/lounges but you could save a ton if you grab yourself a TomTom and explore the city off the strip. I had a haircut from their salon, from Tyler who did a great job, but these aren't Great Clip rates. Room rates were reasonable (for the average "joe") over the Thanksgiving holiday, and even decided to stay the 3rd night of our trip in Vegas instead of seeing the Grand Canyon. The only complaint was the Pecan Crusted French Toast from the House of Blues in the hotel!

posted by Kyjahlin on Dec 1, 2008

Great experience

Rating: 10

For a major casino on the strip in Vegas, this one was really very nice. The staff helped me plan a great trip for my wife's birthday, who h...

posted by Citysearch User on Oct 23, 2008

Great Pool, Casino, and Restaurants

Rating: 10

I've stayed at Mandalay Bay a few times over the last five years, and each time has been very good. Mandalay Bay has some nice rooms, but in all honesty they are not worth the extra price you pay over rooms in the Luxor Tower. The extra price you pay for are the on-hand amenities such as the pool (excellent), the shops, and the restaurants. The casino is also top notch with very good drinks and cocktail waitresses. Our service at Mandalay Bay has always been very good each time we have been, and our room has always been what we specified. House of Blues usually has some fun entertainment, and for late night eats, Raffles Cafe serves some excellent food. For big and small business, MB has convention rooms that suit all sizes. Aside from MB being on the far end of the LV Strip, I can not think of anything negative about it.

posted by Squid42 on Sep 12, 2008

great pools

Rating: 8

this place has the best pool area on the strip. They have nicely appointed rooms and their casino is clean and modern. The wait staff come...

posted by Citysearch User on Aug 25, 2008

You Won't Be Bored

Rating: 10

The Mandalay Bay is a very lavish hotel. I attended a wedding and the hotel is just absolutely beuatiful. For those who plan to get married ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jul 7, 2008

A lot of fun even if you're under 21!

Rating: 8

I stayed here before I turned 21 and still had an amazing time. The hotel is one of the newer ones and is beautiful on the inside. Our room ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jun 5, 2008

The Pulse of the Excitement, Entertainment and Luxury of Las Vegas

Rating: 10

Being a frequent Vegas vacation planner I always make Mandalay Bay part of my trip. This annual trip we stayed in the 750 GR. Mandalay has great value for their rooms year round. The rooms are romantic with every amenity?s. Everyone throughout the casino was a joy to talk to and happy to be their. We ate at Wolfgang Puck's Trattoria Del Lupo... decadently delicious. My times spent trying drinks with my friends at the Rum Jungle are the happiest in my life. Being a connoisseur of rum, it?s heaven. The bartenders are knowledgeable and make sure your happy with your selections. The jerkchickenis to die for! Red Square is cool, I wasn't particularly impressed with the ice bar. You can't miss The Burger Bar, find out how good a burger can be, try the sampler ... but you have to leave room for the Creamy Cheese Cake Burger (Doughnuts w/ cheesecake) OMG! Check out the wine angels and the 42 foot wine tower, its impressive. Expedient room service, great housekeeping and everyone who works in each aspect of the hotel is a delight. The aquarium and Shark reef was much larger then I remember the last time... Exotic, comparable to any states aquarium and w/ later hours. Decent poker room, Hold?em Tournaments (10am $30 & 6pm $60). Most of the pools, including the Wave pool and Lazy River, are closed a big part of the year. We were very disappointed they were closed.

posted by ODeuce on Mar 7, 2008

such an amazing experience

Rating: 8

I am way to young to gamble and yet I still had amazing time at this hotel. They have an amazing pool! If you have kids and are worried they...

posted by Citysearch User on Feb 27, 2008

First-class Resort

Rating: 8

Although it has been a few years since I have gone to Vegas, the last time I went I stayed at this resort, and it is by far one of the best ...

posted by Citysearch User on Feb 20, 2008

Nice rooms, crowded beach

Rating: 8

Our trip was cut short so we only stayed one night- a Wednesday. The room was really nice- clean, hip, big bathtub (i'm gonna bring bubble bath next time)- only drawback, it was an adjoining room so the noise was bothersome. Definitely make sure it's not adjoining next time. The pools were amazing but we were disappointed that one of the pools was closed, one you had to be a 4 Seasons member to use and the Beach was very crowded (on a Wednesday, I can't imagine the weekend) with the cheapy beach chairs crammed right next to each other. Be sure that if you want to go to the Mix lounge at the top of the Hotel to have proper attire- my boyfriend was too casual and they didn't let us up. Also, it says "family-friendly" but they had strict policy on allowing kids under a certain height in the wave pool- which was fine by us as we weren't looking for that type of atmosphere.

posted by toothfairy on Sep 14, 2007

Bad treatment by staff

Rating: 2

I stayed for a wedding and my birthday it was a special occasion. The service I received was horriable, in fact, it took me over an hour to get a drink in the pool area and when it arrived the wait staff refused to charge it to my room saying the drink had already been entered into the register. She was rude and made it clear that she didn't like black people. I complained on the spot ant followed it up with a letter days before I left the hotel and got no response. Its a wonderful property with good resturants but they make it clear that black people are not respected or wanted. If you're black be prepared for attitude!

posted by down4us on Jun 4, 2007

The absolute most sure bet you will make in Vegas

Rating: 6

This place is amazing. 1.It has the best hotel rooms which are modern and cool: They have a sort of "W" feel. 2.They have the best casino: I am not one for gambling, but there was no other place (including the Wynn)that I went to that felt as airy and nice to be in. 3.They have an awesom pool: It is a huge expanse of water with so much to do for families or party goers. 4. It is worth the walk: Yes I know it's at the end of the strip, but trust me, the only reason for this is because they wanted to save the best for last. 5. It is very reasonably priced: Forget the Bellagio with it's tacky decore, Mandalay Bay is hip and trendy.

posted by aliacole on Jun 3, 2007

nice pool

Rating: 8

The pool is the main draw to this hotel. (The wave pool is pretty fun, but the chlorine from the spa burned my eyes, and I'm used to chlorine.) Otherwise, the hotel's not that impressive and you could probably stay in a better location for less money.

posted by bootsytown on Nov 17, 2006

Fine hotel

Rating: 10

This hotel is more upscale for the strip. The pool with beach and wave pool is really nice. The rooms are spacious and well decorated. It is at the end of the strip, so the tram is very useful.

posted by ddcdaria on Oct 31, 2006

Beautiful room in the best smelling casino on the strip!

Rating: 10

I have no idea what they pump into the air in this casino, but the smell is wonderful and like no other. My husband and I stayed here and had a gorgeous room. Floor to ceiling windows, with a great view of the strip. The room was a nice size, and room service good, but a little slow. We had breakfast by our window twice during our stay and it was a wonderful way to start the day. The casino is a bit far down from mid-strip, but we enjoy the selection of bars, shops and everything in the hotels' caino, so it make it worth the short walk for us. Next to The Wynnn this is so far, our favorite place to stay.

posted by delany13 on Oct 31, 2006

Wonderful Vacation !!

Rating: 10

Last year my husband and I took a second honeymoon to our favorite vacation spot Las Vegas. We stayed at the Mandalay Bay and we were absolutely blown away. The room was clean and fresh smelling. It had a beautiful view of the strip. The bathroom was large and comfortable. It had a shower and bathtub and the most delicious ammenities. The casino was not stuffy and smelled quite good since they pump aromatherapy scents throughout the hotel. We did not get to use the pool because it was a bit chilly, but it is beautiful. Housekeeping was friendly and did a great job as did all hotel employees with whom we came in contact. I have onl great things to say about the Mandalay Bay and will be staying there next time we visit Vegas.

posted by sushinut71 on Oct 23, 2006

A little disappointed

Rating: 4

I have always wanted to stay here. Actually, I think you'd get better service at a Best Western. The service was HORRIBLE! We had to beg to have our room cleaned and each day when it WAS cleaned, it was missing towels or soap. Basically service was bad throughout the hotel. Hard to get your hands on clean towels at the pool. A lot of overflowing trash at the pool. Pool-side bar service was good though.

posted by moose64 on Jul 24, 2006

Upscale Vegas hotel, but has its problems

Rating: 6

Mandalay Bay is priced higher than most Vegas destinations -- A lot of it has to do with their famous pool area with the wave pool and the l...

posted by Citysearch User on Jul 24, 2006

Don't go to the spa!!

Rating: 2

We'll just say I had a terrible experience at the spa. I was taken advantage of on my wedding trip and the police are now involved. Beware of massages in this hotel.. from MY experience, they can be the worst thing that could ever happen to you!!

posted by tzemstanfo on Jul 21, 2006

I thought this was a 4 star resort/hotel. Very poor rooms

Rating: 6

I thought this was a very high-end hotel and was sadly disappointed. Rooms are standard at best. Our room seemed like it hadn't been used in a while. Big stains on carpet, layer of dust on bedside lampshades, burnt out lightbulb in shower stall, no privacy sign for door, hairdryer did not work. The public areas and pool are great (although they had no towels at noon on a thursday at the pool and said they wouldn't until 2pm!) If you don't plan to visit other places and just want to hang at the pool by day and one of their great restaurants by nite it is fine (and don't plan to spend time in your room). But for the price we paid (and money spent thru out the resort) it was disappointing - like staying at an Embassy suite or mid-level sheraton. The hallway carpets were filthy also (which, may not seem like a big thing but it contributes to the overall 'ick' feeling that they just don't tend to the hotel above the main floor).

posted by kalinka on Jul 18, 2006


Rating: 2

This is the worst example of a 5 star hotel I have ever seen. The only thing that kept our trip from being a complete loss was the Ringo Starr concert. The Spa was loud, the staff in the buffet were rude, the wait for elevators was longggggg. We almost missed our flight waiting on the elevator to leave. We called security several times to check out a person in the hall drunk and banging on doors at 5am. They never came. I will never go to this hotel for any reason and certainly do not recommend it to anyone.

posted by kcreel on Jul 14, 2006

Bigger is Not Always Better

Rating: 6

My experience at the Mandalay Bay was extreme to say the least. It wasn't until the last day that I got my bearings enough to know where I was going in this massive hotel, but at least I got a lot of exercise finding my way around and trekking to my out of date room located as far as possible from the elevator. The elevators were a traumatic experience to begin with as during busy hours elevator shortages caused excesive crowding both while waiting for an elevator and while riding insider of one. The same goes for the pool. The spa, although pricy, was a safe haven from the masses. Mandalay Place was also fun...I highly recommend Look! and BlankSpace. The gaming also delivered as I rarely had to wait for a blackjack table, 3 card poker game, or slot machine.

posted by ritzgirl21 on Jul 5, 2006

Not the best

Rating: 6

The pool and "beach" are beautiful areas, but crammed with lounge chairs right on top of one another. Rooms are so-so, we had a running shower and some drainage issues in the sink. My friend and I were talking in our room and security was called to tell us to be quiet. This place is ideal for company conventions and families; if you are looking for a true Vegas scene then head to Hard Rock.

posted by naahing on Apr 28, 2006

In need of a refresh

Rating: 2

Don't understand how they can claim a AAA 4 diamond rating. Maybe in the past but does not even come close. The hallway carpets look worn and dingy, the room carpet seemed to be in somewhat better shape but the comforters were dirty and smelly, there were holes in the sheets and the furniture was worn and cracked.

posted by chungm on Mar 29, 2006

Service was less than favorable

Rating: 6

I stayed at Mandalay Bay for a conference in Sept 05. The look of the hotel was amazing, but from the start, the service left alot to be desired. The room was great, but I expected at least a coffee maker, and micro/fridge for $189. I lost my money in the soda machine after a 3 hour walk on the strip, and called down to the desk, but I was told I would have to go to the cashier in the casino to get a refund. While at the hotel, the employees made no eye contact or bothered to say hello. When departing the hotel, the bellman slammed my luggage into the taxi and broke some of my souvenirs. I expected alot more for the money I paid. I left a comment card with my contact information, and I have not been contacted about my stay.

posted by cwhyte97 on Jan 15, 2006

Great Hotel

Rating: 10

I was at the hotel for 8 days for a convention and the room, pool area, and staff were incredible! Also, the Island Bar rocks after 11:00pm. I met a few ladies their and the rest is history.

posted by djg5621999 on Sep 17, 2005

Great value

Rating: 10

I used America West Vacations to book my stay at Mandalay Bay. None of the other travel sites have deals for MB. For $400 I flew from Seattle to Vegas (direct) and stayed at MB for 4 days and 3 nights. After getting through a very long line for check in the staff was friendly and when asked for a room upgrade he asked his manager and gave me a "strip view" room upgrade for free when I balked at paying for the upgrade. The room was very spacious and nice with a soaking tub and separate shower and toilet room. However, there was no fridge in the room. The main reason I stayed at MB was for the pools. Although crowded it was refreshing and there are several to choose from. Love the lazy river and wave pools! Get there early to reserve yourself a spot!

posted by thatfoodguy on Aug 13, 2005

Best Resort

Rating: 10

I had absolutely no complaints about the Mandalay Bay Resort when I stayed there for my birthday last year. From the point where I dropped o...

posted by Citysearch User on Aug 13, 2005

Over priced

Rating: 2

For the price of the room I expected more. My room looked like it was used as a breakroom with trash in the trash can. The bed looked like some one had just gotten out of it. I let management know and they made it seem like it was my fault for having a dirty room. The only positive was the luck I had at the black jack tables. If you stay here make sure you confirm your reservation with a live person.

posted by highenergy on Mar 25, 2005

loved it......

Rating: 10

great rooms, loved it, beautiful bathroom, the cafe was TREMENDOUS for breakfast. Really recommend it. The only negative is the schlep through the casino to the pool. But the hotel is such a "civilized" break from the craziness of Vegas - room is HUGE, loved it - would highly recommend it!!

posted by monkey1a on May 12, 2004

Loved the nightlife & the pool

Rating: 6

The nightlife was great and so was the pool. It's also an excellent place to get in a bet on a sporting event. Overall, the hotel is made for pleasure, and I had a really fun weekend there. The only complaint I have is the staff, and especially the waitresses. I expect a little banter, or at least a smile on occasion when you're tipping well and spending money, but the attitude was stoic at best and outright rude at worst. The exception for me was the pool staff.

posted by goeast on Apr 23, 2004

Never again

Rating: 4

The hotel famous for it"s great pool was packed by 9:30 after opening the gates at 9:00.We went sight seeing since we couldn't use the pool and when we came back the valet parking was full, it was 3:00 in the afternoon!! Tried to take the kids to dinner, the only resturant with a kids menu (Red White and Blue) was out of booster seats and high chairs!!! I guess that's why MacDonalds is across the street. I will never stay here again.

posted by jw2 on Apr 18, 2004

One of the best indeed.

Rating: 9

One of the best hotels I have ever stayed at. Ambiance, service, room size and quality are exellent. The best pool in Las Vegas. Quite a few great restaurants. Go to their Spa - it is awsome. This place is somewhat expensive but you do get what you pay for.

posted by ctac on Jul 10, 2003

Scene: It's here

Rating: 9

So the is the fun epicenter of Vegas in my opinion. Behind every corner is a fab lounge, unique bar or dazzling restaurant. Wear your best outfit, drink lots of coffee and prepare to be there a while. As far as the gambling goes, don't bother. Also, save up and be prepared to spend lots of cash - dinner, covers, drinks. It ain't cheap - but it's worth it.

posted by denverista on Jul 7, 2003

Great hotel, horrible staff!!!!

Rating: 7

The most beautiful hotel, and hands down the best casino in Vegas, however the hotel staff leaves something to be desired. The front desk staff in particular has the worst attitude I have ever experienced upon check-in and check out. Not a smile or a hello to be found!!!!! As a hospitality professional myself, Mandalay Resort Group must do something to take care of this problem, if not, they will not recieve one dollar of my money ever again!!!!

posted by Lupush on May 26, 2003


Rating: 10

from the second i walked into the hotel i felt like i was in a whole new world. I could have stayed at the hotel the whole week and never gotten bored(well maybe a little) but it is the best hotel i have ever stayed in. everything there is perfect, the pool makes u feel like u are really after the beach. and after a long day, you go back to your room and u find sand in your hair, now thats when u kno your staying at a good hotel! haha..i highly recommend it to anyone becasue it is perfect for kids or adults. its not too crowded and is a fun place just to walk around and take everything in. The hotel itself will take you into a dream world.

posted by domonique22 on May 22, 2003

All that Gitters isnt gold...

Rating: 6

Surely one of the most beautiful Hotels with some of the best restaurants and ammenities BUT MAKE SURE THE POOL IS OPEN...closed several months out ot the year. You'd also better be in super fit shape to navigate this huge place...its about 15 minutes just to the dolphins. Nothing for nothing here!

posted by Ju1244 on Jan 30, 2003

The best of the "bay"

Rating: 9

This was an Outstanding hotel and it lived up to its great reputation with style, class and service as well as a great spa!!! I thought it was quite reasonable(with a package)

posted by daisyq07 on Dec 18, 2002


Rating: 8

Nice rooms, the suites are a great value. Great entertainment and excellent club Rum Jungle the Italian Restaurant across the way is also a gem.

posted by brendisima on Oct 27, 2002

Smile someone!!

Rating: 7

We stayed here when it first opened, we excused the grumpiness then taking in consideration that they were new. 2 years later and still not a happy face in the whole resort. The pool is a 10!! Such a beautiful atmosphere, you would hope for a smile. I asked for extra towels and the young man acted like a total snot. As a guest spending 100's a day, and I tip very well, I don't think asking for politness is much. No concierge service. We encounted only 2 polite people in 4 days. $5.00 bottled water is supplied in the rooms. We purchased it for $3.00 in the gift shop instead. At check out we were still charged for water. We are still unable to clear up the bill because of lack of service. Apparently this is a common complaint among guests. Twice is enough.

posted by kailuakoana on Oct 11, 2002

Rather stay at Monte Carlo

Rating: 3

We had an incredible suite 34135 the best view in Vegas. 180 degrees of the strip, airport and sunset. The hotel itself was a let down. Nobody seemed happy to there. People did not seem to have fun. The dealers were taking advantage of young people with money and too much alcohol. Monte Carlo or Mirage are more lively locations. The proximity to other casinos is a disadvantage. The pool is far too crowded and chairs are crammed in everywhere. Shark Reef is cool. But you don't have to stay here to see it. Same with the restaurants, bars, House of Blues. Stay somewhere else and come check it out.

posted by EBAYATTIC on Aug 25, 2002

Paradise on Earth!!!

Rating: 10

Mandalay Bay is what your looking for if you want fantastic service, a great place to swim, the best food in town and great entertainment. They have it all. From the moment you walk in the door, you'll never want to leave. One of it's best family features is that you don't have to walk through the casino (like all the other hotels on the strip) to get to the pool or their fabulous shops. They also have an monorail that takes you over to the Luxor hotel and ends up at the Excalibur hotel. A great way to get around during the 105 degree summer weather. My family is in the hotel business, and I know from experience what a good hotel is...and this one is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

posted by LloydandLisaFaulk on Aug 18, 2002

Viva Las Vegas at its Best

Rating: 10

Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino is nothing but class. From the minute you check in, until you check out, you will be in heaven. The room we had was great and the bathroom was huge! We were in heaven!! You must visit the Spa, it is worth every penny! Also, make sure you check out the pools! Mandalay Bay is unlike any other casino. You can both gamble yet it's relaxing and you really feel like you're on vacation! A must stay

posted by dizus on Aug 16, 2002

great pool

Rating: 10

has great nightclub for dancing, Rum Jungle. Nice place to gamble or just enjoy lounge show and drinks with friends from out of town. Greatest pool area on strip with beach, wave pool and lazy river.

posted by vegasgail on Aug 4, 2002

Come one, Come all!

Rating: 10

Circus, Circus really puts out a breakfast spread worth standing in line for!!

posted by Cyndyds on Jul 30, 2002

Try the Spa...........

Rating: 10

The Spa at Mandalay Bay was the best. It wasn't much more expensive then other spas I've been to and if you consider that enjoying a day at the spa will save you from losing your money at the slots, well then, it's not expensive at all. When we reserved a room we received a great package deal. Access to the spa free for the day plus two services. The massage wasn't the best I've had but my time enjoying the steam room, jacuzzi, etc. was well worth it. The jacuzzi was two rectangular pools separated by plants, at one end there was a cold plunge and the other was a warm pool when you needed less heat. The steam room was large and had several levels where you could sit higher if you wanted more steam. I would come back to this hotel again just because of the spa.

posted by yokoromo on Jun 30, 2002

One of the best casinos

Rating: 9

The 'Bay is one of the top casinos in Vegas. The rooms are roomy. There is much to do with the pool (one of the best around), restaurant/bar selections, and spa. If you are looking for a place for a little R&R without leaving the casino, Mandalay Bay is it!

posted by JHNYBGD on Jun 25, 2002

Mandalay heaven!

Rating: 10

If i could stay here everytime i came to las vegas i would! It is to pricey for me but wow its amazing. I got the pleasure of staying here one time with family and i'll never forget it. The rooms are big and clean and i got my own spa like bath tub!

posted by heavenbee on Jun 13, 2002

Big Disappointment....

Rating: 2

I agree- the restaurants (with the exception of Areole) had great food, wine and service. The room was very disappointing. We expected a much higher level of luxury and thought that that the accommodations we received were really poor. It was very noisy in the hallways, too.

posted by petrus66 on Jun 5, 2002

Go to Rum Jungle!

Rating: 8

My dad, sis and I usually drive to Vegas for a day to just eat or watch a show or just have a drink at a bar. We had dinner at Rum Jungle and we didnt know that it turns to a club at night. We had a blast! They have like cage dancers and nice music. Oh, and about the food, they're too expensive and not really that good.

posted by c_edralinda on Jun 4, 2002

My kind of hotel... best mens's spa

Rating: 10

Everything is Awesome! For those who want to go first class.

posted by ask4mike on Jun 2, 2002

one of the best

Rating: 10

This place is amazing. I stayed here once and i won't ever forget it. It was classy and clean. I had a great time and i just wish that i could stay here every time i come to las vegas.

posted by laurieswirls on May 24, 2002

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