Maison 140

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140 S Lasky Dr

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used to be one of my faves

Rating: 8

there used to be some really nice bartenders here. now, it seems like their main guy is very path of least resistance/slacker mentality. the customer service has gone down hill as drink prices only inch up. it is still a great hideaway spot though. i would recommend it but i'm not sure i would be as anxious to go back personally, only b/c i know how much more special it was before. i'm hoping they can fix the service issue. they do wine and cheese events here sometimes which are quite nice. small groups. bar itself, i should mention, is miniscule.

posted by famousblueraincoat on Nov 22, 2007

Cozy Lounge with good martinis

Rating: 10

A great spot for sipping down a few martinis and chilling in their red, loungy, space. The bartenders are charming, personable and friendly. Parking not a hassle.

posted by cheetahs on Oct 28, 2006

Cozy, Hot, Secret

Rating: 10

Bar Noir is such a cute place. A great after work crowd during the week. and a great date place for a Sat. night. The bartenders are so cool and sexy. The will take care of you. Call during the weekdays cause they tend to close early if it is slow. They do great private parties as well.

posted by hiptola on Aug 14, 2005

Red - Very Red

Rating: 10

Bar noir may be one of the prettiest bars I've been to in my life. The decor is intimate and romantic. This is a great place for a date. The blood orange martinis are delicious and dangerous.

posted by madtrails on Mar 7, 2005

Looks like David Lynch decorated it

Rating: 10

This place was/is tiny, but that adds to the look and feel. Not only is it small, but they also painted the walls black, and it looks even smaller. The drinks are strong. They are also very good. The music was a little boring, CDs set to random, or a XM radio, I couldnt tell. We arrived Saturday at 11p and stayed till 130a. It was busy until about 1a. The better part of this place is the bathroom. The whole place in general looks like youre in a David Lynch fill, but especially so in the bathroom. Its a cool place that you should see. There were also some great looking people, present company included.

posted by montez75 on Nov 9, 2004


Rating: 6

Man, this place is really really small. When I read reviews saying how small it was, I was expecting something that could hold, say 30 people. Im not exaggerating when I say a bedroom is bigger. To be fair, the hotel was really charming, but if you want to socialize, this is not the place. It can accommodate maybe 15, and thats squeezing people in to be able to sit. There wasnt even music when we got there. Its a bit hard to find, so be patient. The drinks were good though and well-priced.

posted by adelly on Feb 24, 2003

An Intimate Jewel Box in Beverly Hills

Rating: 10

As others have pointed out, Bar Noir is tiny. But while some view this as a fault, I absolutely love the intimate feel of this hidden jewel. The drinks are potent, the bartenders friendly and talkative, and the decor a funky blend of Asian-influenced French Regency. All this adds up to my favorite drinking spot.

posted by jlacob on Aug 26, 2002

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