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Rating: 10

World Class Spa! Facilities are state of the art. Prices are expensive but it is so beautiful and relaxing. They offer a wide variety of ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jan 6, 2009

A wonderful experience

Rating: 10

Having dinner at the Mountain House is always a wonderful experience. My teacher's union has had our districts retirement party there for th...

posted by Citysearch User on Oct 11, 2008

Screaming kids, thin walls and food fights!

Rating: 2

The setting is great with fantastic views. The food was also great. When you look at the picture of the place, you might imagine a quiet, majestic place. It is anything but that. Screaming kids, loudspeakers blaring, and thin geustroom walls allow you to hear your neighbors clearly! If you have children that behave poorly, this is the place for you! Kids can scream at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and do. I was told by a staff member that throwing food at fellow diners is also OK at the Mohonk house. It is like staying at a kidergarten! There is no telelvision in the rooms and you must pay for interenet access. At $500/ day + a mandatory $72/day tip, this place was a big disappointment.

posted by gbosh on Sep 12, 2008

A Treat

Rating: 10

Visiting Mohonk Mountain House is like stepping back in time. Nestled up in the mountains outside New Paltz, NY in is a beautiful place to ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jan 28, 2008

Mohonk Mountain House

Rating: 10

Mohonk Mountain House is an amazing gem of the area. The views are amazing and the whole experience is surreal. It is worth the trip just ...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 8, 2007

Magical place

Rating: 10

My boyfriend and i didn't actually stay overnight in the hotel (found a lovely local b&b for fraction of price), but we did spend one wonderful day there. It was a beautiful winter day and i must say mohonk is quite stunning. We went ice-skating and on the cliff walks and then went inside the wonderful building and sat by the fireplace. We didn't want to leave. We are considering going and spending 1 night at the hotel, but with the high prices we really think it is better to stay somewhere close and get a taxi up to the hotel for a day trip. I believe this is the place that Steven King got his inspiration for 'The shining' and you can see why when you are there. Well worth a visit, very romantic, we can't wait to go again.

posted by ajstevens on Jun 9, 2006

User review by netochka

Rating: 2

The room is stripped down, not even a clock radio; but this encourages you to get out & walk around the beautiful grounds. Food, which is included in the price, is excellent. Unfortunately, when the sun goes down or if it is inclement weather, you are pressed to find entertainment; ONE pool table for the whole place, a game room which has a few old machines and the world's oldest pingpong table. Walk in rate can be 1/3 the price of the rooms, but at $400 a night, the b&bs in the area are better values. Check out 2 hours before you need to or you will NOT find a porter.

posted by netochka on Nov 27, 2005

Amazing Experience

Rating: 10

We went last winter and the place was covered in snow. Snow-shoeing is so much fun (which I never tried) and the peacefulness took care of the tired city-soul. I had a great time with my fiance and also thoroughly enjoyed their breakfast buffet and delicious dinner. I also had fun dressing up for fancy dinner. We especially enjoyed the fireplace in our was on all the time and wood delivery to our room was always prompt. If you are looking for fancy luxurious hotel experience, this might not be the place for you. But if you're looking for a quiet place for a retreat and soak in the peace in nature, this is the place. Do take advantage of the recreation room for some ping-pong action as well as old-fashioned video games as well.

posted by bkspice on Oct 10, 2005

Great summer gettaway

Rating: 10

great place to bring the kids for a short or long stay many things to do from fishing and swimming to golf and much much more.

posted by sports1287 on Feb 7, 2003

Most Excellent Retreat

Rating: 8

Fabulous rooms, service and food. Reminds me of the hotel in The Shining, but thats me.

posted by Mando2802 on Jan 13, 2003


Rating: 7

Great Place to go and Get away from everything, Besides going to The Botanical Day Spa( ! Esp. in the spring when everything is budding and flowering. Their are peaceful walks to take and space to relax and breath in the fresh air! and Quite to think!

posted by 1cazzie on Jan 10, 2003

A classic

Rating: 5

Oh what $300 million would do to bring this glorious old giant into a more current world. Not to change this grand place, but to preserve it for decades to come.

posted by jacobson52 on Nov 26, 2002

Just OK

Rating: 5

I was let down my this hotel. Too many people, too little service.

posted by scott90 on Oct 21, 2002

peace and quiet...worth the price

Rating: 9

Mohonk is just a beautiful place. Not the place to go if you are looking for a great night life. It is a place to take your wife, husband or lover and spend a peaceful weekend walking, hiking or just sitting by the fire. Get a room with a fireplace and you'll never want to leave. It is definately a place to get back in touch with nature. You won't be able to sleep the first night, you'll miss the noise of home!

posted by mbracco on Oct 17, 2002

Oh Ma Gosh!!! WOW!!!

Rating: 10

This place will take your breath away. It is old and special - a place to explore again and again! This place will remain in your heart. If you can make it, I highly suggest Thanksgiving Brunch there - they pull out all the stops. I took a date here for a weekend - it was magical and the staff were superb! Worth the bucks!

posted by lizgraphix on Aug 24, 2002

Thrills in the hills

Rating: 10

The mountain house is where your experience deep peace and fullnes of spirit. It enrices your body and mind. One needs to be there to grasp what it has to offer a visitor.

posted by Susanah on Aug 8, 2002


Rating: 5

Been hiking there several times and sometimes it was really beautiful and quiet and sometimes it was really crowded. We never tried the lodge since it looked really expensive and HEY I'm hiking could be great...bring your own food & wine and relax.

posted by alicias on Jul 18, 2002

A Great Day Getaway

Rating: 9

Go here for the hiking, or for relaxing. There is so much to see and it is all so beautiful. I recommend taking the tough way up by way of the Labyrinth and Lemon Squeeze. Then climb to the top of the tower for breathtaking views. You may be tired, but it is well worth it. On the way back down, take the gentle trail for a relaxing end and stop at the many gazebos and gaze out over the hotel and lake. Wander through the gardens and climb the tree house. So much to do and so little time.

posted by twloopie on Jun 30, 2002

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