Loews Vanderbilt Hotel

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2100 W End Ave

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Rating: 10

We ate here a month ago and enjoyed the ambience as well as the food. Menu items were pricey, but that is what I expected. Since I am a land lover, I ordered the filet which really "wow" me away. Everyone else at the table ordered seafood and said it was excellent. If you like seafood, there were a lot of menu options. If you are a land lover, there are also a lot of options. The dessert was fantastic. Pros: Ambience, beautiful presentation of good food Cons: Not alot of people in the joint.

posted by mcarlson65 on Sep 6, 2007

Amazing Food! Great Service! Great Chef!

Rating: 10

I couldn't beleive it, a great restaurant in a hotel. It's true. We started with the crab cake and the TN prawns with the Jack Daniel's glaze. They both were amazing. The prawns were tender and the crab cake was crispy and seasoned perfectly. Next we each had the Kentucky bib salad.I didn't know there were so many great local products in my own state. I was skeptical about trying the bison ribeye but our server Lori assured me it was one of the best things on the menu. Blackening was great and it was a perfect medium rare in the middle. The blue cheese cooled down the spice without taking any flavor away from the bison. My wife had the lamb it was cooked to perfection as well. Seasoned just right, the sauces built so many different flavors. It was a really intense dish. The manager (William)came to check on us twice. He was very polite. Toward the end of our meal the Sous Chef (Garret) came to check on us. He asked if we were enjoying our meal and inquired on how every thing was cooked. We both replied every thing is so great and cooked perfectly.He thanked us for coming in. If you haven't been to "eat" in the Loews Hotel you are really missing a treat. It is the greatest hide spot in Nashville.

posted by jruben on Jun 6, 2007

Best food anywhere in town. Sunday brunch is amazing. Great customer service

Rating: 10

Eat, the restaurant, was elegant and comfortable for a night on the town. We had dinner and then went to a show for an excellent night of food and entertainment. We stopped by drink and had some cocktails before dinner and listened to the piano player. The atmosphere was very relaxing and the staff was wonderful. The restaurant staff was also prompt and delivered great service with exceptional food. When in Nashville, you must try the eat restaurant and the drink lounge.

posted by jhulse2006 on Sep 7, 2006

A nice touch on dining. Great service with extremely friendly staff.

Rating: 10

We are from Nashville, but for a night out we went to Loews Vanderbilt Hotel for a night away from the kids. The first night we went to eat and had a wonderful dinner. The bread and spreads and crab cakes were wonderful. We also had the Filet and NY strip for dinner. The steaks were cooked to perfection and the side items were combined to make a wonderful meal. At the end you have to try the Vanderbilt Sundae, a delightful sweet for dessert. The next night we went to drink lounge also in the hotel. It was romantic and quite with a live piano player. We had some appetizers and drinks, when we were sitting back listening to the piano player while we were falling in love all over again. Everyone should try this uniquely local restaurant and lounge.

posted by charles2006 on Sep 7, 2006

Been going there for years!

Rating: 8

First,stop in "Drink" (their lounge) and spend some quality time with Bill Ferrari,the nicest piano player in Nashville,then,do "Eat"! Most times,the food is superior and the service is as good as it need to be. Personally,I loved the crab cakes! Sunday brunch is tops!

posted by englishslowquickstep on Mar 14, 2006

Oh No No- Never again

Rating: 2

The environment/staff are awesome -that doesn't help when the food is atrocious. The place was empty which should have been a sign. Crab Cakes were greasy and little. Crab or Cra(p) Bisque was nothing more than heated bland water. Wine served HOT, like kitchen grill temp, not room temperature. The $30 NY Strip was 6 tiny ounces and charred to hell. I am a little unsure of who put up with more punishmentme or the cow. I guess me since ultimately I had to swallow and pay for it. Save your $50 per person and walk 40 yards down the hall to Ruth Chris. I'd been happier at the Ponderosa for $15. Based on the other review I was excited to try something new. In the end, EAT gave me a $15 meal with a $103 frown, and the Ponderosa served a hundred smiling faces the same evening. What a sham!

posted by nashvp on Oct 20, 2005

Who knew!

Rating: 10

I had a friend from out of town staying in the hotel, everyone knows it is the best. We decided to have dinner in the hotel so we could talk. We were incredibly surprised by the quality of the food and the friendly, not-pushy service. The great thing is that they let you choose your sides with the fab entrees so you can easily follow whatever diet you are on. Great trout with an avodado corn salsa and awesome steaks. I highly recommend. Heard their brunch is to die for, will try that soon.

posted by tinafind on Jul 22, 2005

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