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CARMEL, CA, 93921  United States

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Quaint Hotel in Carmel that allows dogs

Rating: 10

Cypress Inn is a quaint hotel in Carmel that allows (o.k. they cater to) dogs. Surprisingly, the rooms do not smell like dog. The dogs do ...

posted by Citysearch User on May 14, 2006


Re:Poor Service, Overcharged to boot!

My wife and I decided to spend part of our 10 year wedding anniversary at L'Auberge Carmel...big mistake.  We were sold on a so called romance package that the staff utterly failed to deliver on.  We were promised a bottle of champagne and assorted chocolates at check in....which the staff forgot.  The following day, the masseuses for our couples' massage, which was part of the package, not only never showed up, but the staff did not bother to inform us that they were not coming.  We checked in when they were 15 minutes late and were told they were on their way, when they were not there 30 minutes later, they front desk phoned and then informed us that they were not coming.  Thanks for nothing again.  We were promised a romantic drawn bath complete with rose petals and other sundries...again the staff had forgotten, though at this point we figured they would and had reminded them twice and so the bath was drawn, late.  And to cap it all off, the staff completely screwed up our bill.  The manager herself handed us a bill for two nights that was well over $2,000.00 dollars.  This after we had paid half in advance!  And the manager had the nerve to be snotty about it, forcing us to waste a good hour fighting.  The manager miscalculated the bill the second time through, still overcharging us many hundreds of dollars.  When it was finally straightened out, there was not even an apology for the hotel's total failure and disastrous treatment.  I have had better service at a Motel 6 - I advise anyone staying here to be exceptionally cautions, and look over your bill twice!

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