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Rating: 2

I planned a trip to Philly for my hubbys bday to see Steve Harvey and Monique. The minute we walked into this cheap looking filthy place, we wanted to turn back. This place was in need of a complete makeover and scrubdown. Carpet was dirty and smelled of urine, elevator was rickety and the desk attendant didn't know the times of which the bar or the cr*appy looking restaurant opened or closed. We went to our old DISGUSTING room and I didn't even WANT to sit down. This place needs to be updated. It smelled and it was just a downright eyesore. This place needs to be inspected, because it could not have POSSIBLY passed inspection looking like that. That night we didn't EVEN want to pull back the torn raggedy blanket to get under it to sleep, so instead, we slept uncomfortably on top of that smelly old blanket instead. Parking is a mess and does not accomodate enough customers. Could not wait to leave. As a matter of fact, we left EARLY the next morning. This place bites.

posted by mzkiki on May 24, 2008


Rating: 2

We knew when we walked in it was going to be bad, we walked in and out of the urine smelling lobby a couple of times thinking that we were being too picky - we were only going to be there for 7 hours. Finally checked in, got to our room, tried to get into bed and when I pulled the covers off I saw it, a blo*d sucking bed bug.

posted by ampg on Jun 17, 2006

good and nice

Rating: 8

this is a nice hotel and I stay at this hotel for one night. It is clean with reasonable price, food is also delicious. Bring your family an...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 22, 2005

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