Korakia Pensione Inn

From the hotel:

Mediterranean Villa-style Inn built by Scottish artist Gordon Coutts & hosted dignitaries such as Sir Winston Churchill.

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257 S Patencio Rd
Palm Springs, CA, 92262-6336  United States

Partner Reviews: Korakia Pensione Inn

Amazing Boutique Hotel

Rating: 10

Korakia Pensione was built in 1924. The hotel was refurbished in 1989 in the style of a Moroccan villa, and has maintained its old Palm Spr...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 6, 2008

OMG_ THe most gorgeous little getaway in Palm Springs!

Rating: 10

I went here at the end of summer (during an unsual heat wave - it was horrible!) and despite the skin-melting weather this place could not have been better. I have been to PS many many times (and at some of the top spots like The Parker) and I didn't even know this place existed! And so close to the downtown area, too! The staff couldn't have been nicer and the grounds are just so quaint and quiet and rustic ... you truly feel like you're in a different country. At first my fiance was skeptical because the place doesnt have any TVs or radios or phones, but after one night we were loving it. IT truly is a place to unwind and just enjoy a quieter, simpler way to relax. The 'Library' room is great with lots of old books and a little fireplace (which we obviously didnt use) and a bathroom that reminds me of my grandparents' old house. We love the Parker, but this place is a must for that truly 'getaway' experience -- oddly enough the staff said that most people prefer the Mediterranean villas & pool area which are located just across the little road from the main property, but I thought the Moroccan villas and pool were much more charming. I also recommend the on-call massuese they have-- i think her name is Debra; she's blonde. She is THE MOST INCREDIBLE massuese we have ever had!!! (You'd think i'd remember her name since she was so fabulous, but i am bad.) I cannot wait to come back here - it is beautiful and the food they make is delicious. Oh, and the afternoon mint tea with pine nuts swirling on top is such a nice touch. LOve love love this place!

posted by marpop on Feb 26, 2008

Great Get Away

Rating: 10

I have been to Korakia a few times and its a fantastic place to go clear your head and relax. It incredibly charming and it really gives you the sense that you are in an exotic mediterranean locale.

posted by redwing73 on Jan 16, 2008

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