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Rating: 2


posted by elenaisfabulous on Jun 25, 2009

best food and drink

Rating: 8

nice spot. made me dizzy at first then you get use to it. good drink called loveteny. reccomend it everyone

posted by chockoa on Aug 28, 2008

View is worth it, everything else - subpar

Rating: 4

I took some out of town guests that wanted to see something different, in this case - a view of Houston's downtown from above. First visit this time turned to be a miss - the restaurants' website showed it as open on that day but they had decided to close it, due to it being January 2nd that day. We came back again a few days later and this time it was open. Having eaten there previously for my mother's birthday and found the food and service pretty much below average, we thought we can't go wrong with desserts and an aperitif. What we got was 4 times a $12 piece of stale cake each and it probably took about 30 mins to get it to us, considering that in our line of view we were the only table and there were at least 3 waiters lingering around the whole time. At least the view interested our guests so we wanted to leave them with a good impression. If we were alone we would've left pretty quick. To be honest with this type of restaurant - the San Francisco restaurant of similar type (downtown view) was just as poor with the wait-staff even more incompetent than Houston's. It must be the type of business - as long as the view is there and new people come in, who cares about the idiots that might want to come back?

posted by jjbraunius on Mar 9, 2008


Rating: 2

View? What view? All you see is dirty windows and office buildings. You can't even see the downtown area or any area because the buildings around are taller than spindletop thus blocking the view. Also the food and service are mediocre at most.

posted by robert73 on Feb 6, 2008


Rating: 10

My boyfriend and I came for our One year and dinned with red and pink rose petals sprinkled on our table. Must try the chicken!

posted by amandasearch on Jan 8, 2008

Overrated, over-priced and terrible service

Rating: 2

My wife and I dined here on the recommendation of a colleague. We were absolutely underwhelmed. The evening started poorly when we were told by the young lady that met us at the entry that our table would not be ready for an hour later than our reservation. I reminded her that we had made the booking almost a month earlier and that we were celebrating my wife's birthday, whcih was met with a "so what". After 15 minutes, I asked her for an updated dining time and she told me she didn't know when we'd be seated (not even able to confirm her original 60 minute estimate was still valid). I asked for the manager, who was mildly more helpful and found us a table quickly (only 30 minutes later than our reservation). The food was passable but overpriced for the quality and the rib eye I had was not cooked as requested. Te much raved about view from the restaurant was obscured partly by very dirty windows. To top it all off, I was charged an exhorbinant valet fee (a communication mix up with the valet I was told by the parking manager) but still left with a $20 fee. Never again, and I have since declined business meals here based on the one experience.

posted by z_man1025 on Jan 1, 2008

Great all the way around, but hold on to your teeth when the bill comes

Rating: 4

The atmosphere was perfect for my 6th wedding anniversary. I researched to find "The" place to go. We dressed up, valet parked, and stepped into this lovely room over looking the skyline. How special. Dinner was amazing, steaks cooked to perfection. When placing the reservation we were offered the "romance package". Who could say no? For $85 bucks, great food, rose petals on the table, wonderful. We don't always spend a lot for meals, but my husband and I agreed this is worth it. My husband was all proud and several times mentioned how pampered he felt, UNTIL. The bill arrived and not only does a glass of tea not come with the meal, the waiter added his own tip and the $85 dollars for the romance package was for each person. I was shocked and felt violated that we had been scammed for an anniversary. $225 dollars later we had to cancel all the remaining plans and head for home and not in a very good mood after this. Not the end we hoped for. Be aware that you may only get half the story when you call and the "romance package" will destroy the mood fast. We literally were shocked and pretty disappointed. Food was good, but not that good. This really ruined the anniversary experiance and we will not go back. How many individuals ask for the romance package? Usually for romance it takes 2, usually. They should have quoted the real price. I can not recommend them. I can get just a great of a steak at my local Texas Land and Cattle or Texas Road House and not pay that price. The romance left the building as did my husbands cash roll.

posted by jwillis6 on Oct 22, 2007

Most Exclusive Restaurant in Houston

Rating: 10

My boyfriend and I chose Spindletop to celebrate our anniversary, and we couldn't have been happier anywhere else. The food was wonderful, the service - very prompt and professional. We also had an amazing view from our table: we could see the sunset and then beautiful night lights of Houston. We enjoyed our special night there very much and definitely recommend Spindletop for everybody. Even though you have to wait for a while for your food, it's well worth it, and you probably are not in a hurry on your special night anyway. The complimentary valet parking was also very nice and convenient and we liked the downtown location of the place. We will definitely be back to Spindletop again!

posted by sashulya on Jul 21, 2007

Don't Spindle your Money!!!

Rating: 4

I recently visited the Spindle top for a special occasion and needless to say the previous reviews were right on point. When I first walked in I was somewhat greeted by the hostess if you call a 10 sec. staring contest a greeting. She was not at all social and lacked personality. Once we were seated the view was breathtaking. As far as the food goes you will have a 30-45min wait for your food to arrive. That's about 2 complete revolutions around the downtown scene. I hope you are not thirsty while you wait for your food to arrive because the wait staff only does table visits once you are 1st seated and when your food arrives. The food was very average and the portions were less than desirable. The best thing going was the dessert. All in all it was an experience but not one that i would look forward to making again.

posted by jroc22 on Jul 15, 2007

Pretty good food, but what's going on with the wine list?!

Rating: 6

Headed out to the Spindletop last night after a couple of years absence. Things have changed. I used to love it there for a "special" dinner out. The food is still fairly good but has definitely gone down hill. My major beef is the wine list. The vast majority of it is Californian, which is fine if you have a bit of variety and something out of the ordinary. However, if people are out for a meal in which entrees are around $30, I don't think they want to see R.H. Phillips and Beringer on the wine list for $45 a bottle. Surely they can get hold of better stuff than the $7 a bottle in the store range!? It's still a nice place to go for a different dining experience but I think they've become lazy. They shouldn't rest on the fact that there's a nice view.

posted by gm01 on May 18, 2007

Very Romantic

Rating: 10

Spindletop was one of the most romantic restaurants I've ever had the pleasure of dining. The food is of the highest quality and presentation exceeded my expectations. The service was exceptional, friendly and very professional. The view of downtown Houston was spectacular and very romantic. I couldn't think of a more perfect setting for a marriage proposal or any other special occasion to celebrate with the one(s) you love.

posted by tra8901 on Mar 20, 2007

ROMANTIC_ Now I'm engaged to the love of my life.

Rating: 10

To be honest, I was nervous at first. I wanted to do somthing special for my wife to be. I had to do something great, her expectaions were high. I called for a reservation & they prepared everything for me. When I arrived there were rose petals on the table with a special menu. We both enjoyed but then I knew it was time to propose. When dessert came out the server gave me a nod. I gathered all of my courage & knelt on one knee & I did it. She said yes. She cried, ok I teared up a little too. She said that she was surprized and happy. We want to make it a tradition going back for every anniversary.

posted by jbaker45 on Mar 13, 2007


Rating: 4

Worst meal ever. $80.00 for the toughest lobster with cold butter I have ever had. Even the wonderful view could not make this meal okay.

posted by jenjonib on Dec 28, 2006

An Original Restuarant!

Rating: 8

Now it's been some time since I've been to SpindleTop, but I've gone three far :-) Yes, the menu is a tad pricy (Ranges from $15-$35 a plate), Yes, there's not a large amount of food to match its price, and Yes, the servers are quiet, but there are plenty of upsides! How many revolving restaurants do you know of? I never once felt annoyed by the servers. They came at just the right moments. Never over-doing it so I could have my space. I don't eat large amounts of food in one sitting, so the portion worked out in my favor. I ALWAYS have to take home leftovers. You're paying for the restaurant's originality, their decor, and the experience! I going again :-)

posted by citychic77 on Nov 21, 2006

Lets put a review on the front page, Yeah, how smart are these people

Rating: 2

Look, we tried it and were very dissapointed all the way from service, to food taste and especially portions. i really disliked the pricing. You dont get what you pay for. I'll never forget my experience, the fact that you have such a great concept, and well thats it. It's like a looking at a brand new ferrari and then finding out there is no engine or transmission. Please take your concept and sell it to someone with passion to really exploit the good points of houston fine dining circle.

posted by johnmikess on Nov 17, 2006


Rating: 6

This is a romantic place to take your partner. The service was fabulous. The food is exceptional. Make sure you have reservations before you go and you also can let them know you are celebrating an anniversary or birthday and they will get you hooked up.

posted by ms_risa22 on Nov 16, 2006

Very Romantic

Rating: 8

Me and my husband went here on a weekend getaway. I have got to say the view was spectacular, the food was great. The steak was amongst one of the best i've eaten in houston. If you go in the evening be sure to dress according. It's not your everyday resurant,upper class, and moderatley priced. I cannot wait to go again.

posted by noemiscandal on Nov 16, 2006

Horrible Service, Horrible Chicken, Water Dripping Inside

Rating: 4

Absolutely horrible and I will never return. The ambiance was great, fantastic views of the city. However water from the condensation on the windows was dripping throughout the entire meal, right onto the window ledge, which would then bounce on to me, my husband and our table. The server said no more than about 20 words to us (it got so humerous, we actually counted) and his chicken was blander than a child's first barbeque. We made a reservation but after checking in with the hostess stand, we were herded off to the side with about 4 other couples, waiting to be seated. Interesting thing was practically the entire restaurant was empty. This was supposed to be my birthday celebration, however we wanted to get out of there so fast, we didn't even want to stay. MAYBE I would return just for drinks, but even those are overpriced (as they are at most fine dining establishments). We spent $80 for our meal and then promptly went to a fast food restaurant to stuff our famished faces for $7.

posted by houstongroupie on Jul 8, 2006

Great Date Place

Rating: 10

The view is incredible, the lighting is spectacular at night, and the place is quiet. This is my favorite dating restaurant. The food, service, and atmosphere will combine for a romantic evening for you and a companion. This place is great for special occasions or if you're just trying to impress someone....I recommend the rack of lamb.

posted by sjw0320 on Mar 9, 2006

Revolving Memory

Rating: 8

I took my fiancee here for drinks and appetizers, before heading downtown for a play. She really enjoyed the ambiance, the waiter's attention to detail, the wine selection, and the crab cakes. The Spindletop always offers a quiet, romantic, alternative to the many noisy, dull places downtown in Houston. The view and revolving restaurant are inspiring, and if you cannot find romance in the atmospher, then it's time to hang up your relationship.

posted by wadester on Dec 18, 2005


Rating: 8

spindletop was expectacular. the view was great. very romantic setting. price was good. only one thing the service was no at all i expected. very nice but very very slow service.

posted by gbx2121 on Oct 8, 2005

A perfect evening of dining

Rating: 10

The view is everything you could expect - spectacular. The service and food are top rate. We had the steak and it was the best steak - cooked perfectly - we have had anywhere in recent years. It was low light and quiet, very romantic. We ate at a leisurely pace, never felt hurried. We will return again and again and hope you will treat yourself and your signficant other as soon as possible!

posted by psholly on Apr 27, 2005

Totally Over-rated

Rating: 6

Totally over-rated restaurant. Spindletop is a great place for viewing pleasure, but the food was bland. We didn't leave enough room for dessert, so maybe next time we'll just have dessert and enjoy the view since we didn't care too much for the food. It's a very romantic restaurant. Overall, the best part about it is the view =)

posted by missdiana on Apr 15, 2005


Rating: 10

My husband I have dined at Spindletop for each anniversary for the last 8 years. The food is great and the service even better! I couldn't imagine going any where else!!

posted by dshrmac on Feb 24, 2004


Rating: 10

I went to Spindletop many years ago with my high school boyfriend. I went again two weeks ago with my husband and boy have things changed. This restaurant is so romantic. I love how the views change as the restaurant rotates! Food was good, the service was friendly, and the dining area was clean. I would highly recommend if you have never been. Plus, valet parking is free when you dine!!

posted by prmngr on Feb 19, 2004

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