Hudson Hotel

The Hudson Hotel is one of Ian Schrager's original hip boutique hotels.

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356 W 58th St

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Urban adventure, daredevil design, and true affordability meet in Hudson, the ultimate lifestyle hotel for the 21st century. Amazing meeting spaces for meetings with an edge. Book Direct for the best rates and access to all room types.

shoebox rooms and zero service

Rating: 2

Our room was the same size as the bed but they still managed to position the TV so it was impossible to see from the bed. Where is the design? That would have been ok but the service was non-existant starting with the bell boy upon arrival, to the check in, to the maintenance service (or lack there of) to management. Was put on hold 30 mins on the phone for waiting to ask for maintenance person who never showed up. The Manager's hospitality skills offered only that I should wait like everyone else.... nice. Run away!!!

posted by travelworlder on Feb 20, 2010

Great Hotel if you fnd a Good Deal

Rating: 6

My first stay at the Hudson was in December. My boyfriend and I decided to spend a few nights in the city, do some Christmas shopping and see the lights. I am in New York all the time for work, but I had never stayed at a morgan's hotel so we decided to suck it up see what all the fuss is about. I called their reservations department (hoping for an upgrade for booking directly with them) and they wanted some ungodly amount per night, but a co-worker of mine informed me Quikbook had rooms onsale. They had special that if I prepaid I got it for like $200/night, so we did end up staying there after all. Although the room was on the smaller side, I loved the bar and the staff. The location could have been better, but it makes up for it with its cool designs. All in all, I think it was worth the money I spent, so I say if you can find a good deal on the rooms, definately try it out.

posted by ilovetotravel1785 on Jan 12, 2010

fun hotel

Rating: 8

This hotel is a very fun spot on the upper west side. A good friend of mine has an office in the area and when ever I am in town I stay at the Hudson. You could hang out at the bar all night and it would be a good NYC evening.

posted by CarsonP on Aug 24, 2009

More of a scene, less of a hotel.

Rating: 2

Worst hotel I've stayed at in NY. Very loud, for one thing. There are hoards of non-guests crowding the lobby. Definitely a hook-up location. The rooms are nice at first glance, but in bad need of renovation. Also, the room is very dark with poor lighting. I always say the hotel doesn't matter. You are not in NY to stay in the room. However, this hotel was actually somewhere I dreaded returning to at night.

posted by shinerblonde on Jul 7, 2009

awesome location and upbeat hotel!

Rating: 8

Stayed here with my girlfriend for her birthday and we had an awesome good time. Staff extremely friendly and helpful. Room was small but comfy/cozy and clean with a great view of the city from the 19th floor. Food and drinks wayyyyy expensive so eat somewhere else. Definitely will stay here again...

posted by zivko on Jun 29, 2009

great place

Rating: 8

great place near Central Park

posted by sixxy78 on Jun 25, 2009

A little too swanky

Rating: 6

a little too swanky for my taste. Shraeger is a little overboard with the fluorescent yellow escalator and the weird mooseheads. Have a few cocktails and it's ok, otherwise, don't stay here.

posted by KCB311 on Jan 5, 2009

Great rooms, nice bars

Rating: 6

Great place to send family and friends from out of town. I had a friend stay here and they loved it. The room was larger than normal and the staff was friendly and attentive. I would try the bar as soon as you have checked in and dig into the menu. A great place to stay during the weekends with a ton to do right in the neighborhood.

posted by NYCfloyd on Dec 8, 2008

Last time i'll stay there..........ripoff

Rating: 6

Pros - if getting into their bars is all thats important, then go ahead and stay there. Cons - I thought the hotel in general (not including the lobby) was starting to look a bit tired. I was surprised to see just how shabby the hallways looked - carpet was icky, walls had paint chipped off everywhere. The door to my room had a crude hole drilled into the bottom of it so they could pass the bill on my final day into the room. I was also chapped that they're trying to charge for wireless internet. Whats next - charging for toilet paper?

posted by suburbanjim on Oct 13, 2008

Avoid this place.

Rating: 2

If you like wasting money on small spaces this is the place for you. While this hotel is extremely hip and chic it is also a money pit. The rooms are extremely small in size and you can barely feel comfortable in the space. What makes this worse is the insulting $30 per person breakfast. It is ridiculous especially if you are only having one item.

posted by EddieR30 on Sep 30, 2008

I think I was supposed to be more impressed than I was.

Rating: 4

The Hudson Hotel is not marked very well, meaning that I was able to miss it while driving 15mph at night 3x around the block - which took a...

posted by Citysearch User on Mar 22, 2008

Great Location and Value

Rating: 8

We enjoyed our stay at the Hudson Hotel. Great Location within walking distance of great restaurants, Times Square, Theater District etc. The rooms were small, but you expect that in NYC. Very Clean and Contemporary. Would definitely stay there again.

posted by megandavison1 on Jul 15, 2007

Avoid staying here.

Rating: 2

Hello. Do not stay at this hotel. Only visit the bar at night; I repeat, do not stay here. The rooms are ridiculously TINY. The air-conditioner is right above the headboard of the bed. The staff is friendly, but not helpful. tHE CONCIERGE WAS TOTALLY OFF ON DIRECTIONS AND RESERVATIONS TWO DAYS IN A ROW! I took a shower at around 11pm, the shower flooded, I called and complained, and all the manager would offer me was the aid of a technician. For $350+ dollars a night, you'd expect a new room and a bell boy. If you are 5'10"+ and/or 215 lbs+ the size of the standard rooms will drive you CRAZY. Suggestions if you dare to stay at the Hudson, upon check out, record the "Medallion Number" of your taxi, the hotel bell hops do not record it. (In case you leave something in the taxi by accident).

posted by docn310 on Jun 8, 2007

Tiny Rooms - Massive Stain on Comforter

Rating: 2

If you can get past the tacky yellow neon escalators that get you into the lobby, you will enter the best part of the Hudson - the common spaces. Lobby, restaurant, outside rooftop bar, library room, etc., are all lovely, though frequently crowded and ALWAYS have a very loud beat pumping. Kind of irritating. You exit the noisy city streets of New York and enter NOISE AND CONGESTION inside the Hudson. Then off to your room which should really be called a closet. Seriously small - not just small by a tourist's standards. It's the size of a walk-in closet. My room on the fifth floor looked out at a bunch of air conditioning vents or something and it was pretty darn ugly. I pulled my comforter down and there was a massive red stain on the comforter but City Search keeps editing the word I write which was bl**d. The bathroom was a postage stamp, the decor was modern and trendy rather than luxurious and contemporary and even the desk was like a child's desk. The television didn't work, the bathroom had a leaky sink. A ridiculous location. I would NEVER stay there again. Do yourself a favor and don't stay there either - it's not a sanctuary for travelers - it only adds stress to what should be a great experience in the big apple.

posted by leay on May 19, 2007

What a dump!

Rating: 2

OK, the lobby bars are cool, and as long as you never have to go upstairs, you might think this place is great. Once you get upstairs, you have to walk through creepy dark halls (but not dark enough to hide the cheap and stained carpet and scuffed up walls). The rooms are depressingly, claustrophobiclly small, not at all chic and with no amenities (bathrobe? no! drawers? no!) The mattress was obviously the cheapest available and the sheets were scratchy. Incredibly uncomfortable. The thermostat did not work, the walls were paper thin. I ordered a room service breakfast which arrived 20 minutes late, so I was unable to eat it before leaving for a meeting. When I got back to the room at 3pm, they had still not made up my room! There are far better hotels in midtown for this price. I'll never be back.

posted by langtang on Apr 5, 2007

Make Sure To Bring a Magnifying Glass

Rating: 4

. . . because you will need it in order to find the room. If you decide to stay here, I guarantee you will be writing one of these reviews after you stay here. The hotel is beautiful, but the rooms are minute. Additionally, the rooms are not luxurious in any way. The Hudson is a nice place to visit, but stay elsewhere overnight.

posted by ritzgirl21 on Nov 15, 2006

You can do better elsewhere

Rating: 6

They spent all of their money on the lobby and nightclubs. The rooms are stiflingly small, the hallways dark and creepy. At at $325 for a room smaller than my walk in closet at home, you can get a much nicer room elsewhere in the city. It's not the "bargain hotel" it's advertised to be.

posted by smoothie on Oct 9, 2006

Nice public spaces

Rating: 6

Interior design well done and maybe enven soothing. Great dining outside at lunch. At night the hotel is a scene, trendy and a bit over the top with wannabe's. But worth a visit. The rooms however are small and defintetly not worth the price. However it is very convenient to midtown happenings/ Time Warner Center and the staff is knowledgable and there to see to your needs.

posted by grav72 on Sep 9, 2006

Trendy Boutique Hotel

Rating: 10

Beautiful people surround you at this party hearty hotel with style. The bar and the elevators always seem to be bumping loud music, but if you want to retreat to your tiny but q. eye 4 straight guy stylish room (that reminds of a ship's cabin), then security will make sure only hotel guests can enter the floors. The showers have the option of offering a silhouette to your co-roomie, and there is that fabulous rooftop with recliners that overlooks manhattan. The cafeteria is pricey but worth the gourmet food, and the staff is mostly friendly and very helpful. Your eye never gets tired of discovering new interior design magic (picture frame mirror, quirky chairs, chandeliers) and the location (58th/9th) is walking distance to everything manhattan (columbus circle, times square, lincoln center, central park). No regrets. Money well spent. Memorable hotel.

posted by radiancelee on Aug 25, 2006

Nice rooms and awesomely cool place to hang

Rating: 10

nice everywhere. Service is top notch. Not your fathers hotel. Hallways a little erie with dark gray walls, white doors and yellow lights onver the doors. Other wise, it's all awesomely cool.

posted by actools on Aug 10, 2006

Very hip and modern NYC hotel

Rating: 8

The Hudson Hotel is a very cool place to a hang out or to stay. The decor is very modern and the lighting and angular architecture create a ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jul 18, 2006

Nice hotel for couples...

Rating: 8

I was not in the lucky, or fortunate position to go there with a girl, but I stayed there with my brother when he was visiting from Europe. We loved the hotel, the lobby, its atmosphere. The rooms are extremely small, possibly the smallest ones I have been in, but they were nice. It is really an ideal hotel for couples. Pay attention to the glass shower, which you can peak at inside while laying on your bed... Also, the bar at the hotel is amazing!

posted by nikolaos on May 28, 2006

pros and cons

Rating: 8

it's true that the rooms are tiny but the hotel provides so many amazing common spaces (library, bar, park, roof garden, cafeteria) that make it a great place to spend your time. maybe not a first choice if you want to hole up in a somewhat claustrophobic room -- but first rate if you want to hang with other guests in a convivial environment.

posted by jbeecher on May 28, 2006

User review by meags816

Rating: 8

despite all the reviews...the hudson is really a great place to stay. both the bar and the 'library' are nice...the rooms may be small, but perfect if all you're looking to do is sleep...

posted by meags816 on Apr 20, 2006


Rating: 10

I did a ton of back-and-forths over booking this hotel based on the reviews I read, but I was so glad I chose to stay here. Not only is it centrally located and a great bargain compared to the rest of NYC, I was so impressed with the friendly staff (especially given the stereo type of NY attitude...) I arrived at the hotel at 6 am, having taken a red-eye flight into the City, and I asked to stow my bags until check-in time. Without my asking, they offered to let me check into my room so, basically they gave me a full day free. I was so amazed. I had expected to be out in the snow drinking coffee until 3 pm. I love this hotel and would stay there again in an instant! The rooms are small, but I found it cozy due to the great decor.

posted by uscjen on Jan 31, 2006

Very NYC! yes, it's small...

Rating: 10

I had a great time staying at The Hudson... YES ROOMS ARE SMALL. But this is expected in NYC esp cuz of the reasonable rates Hudson offers compared to the other Ian S. hotels. I loved the dark wood floors & white linens in the room... very sexy look. I also enjoyed the patio/lounge area in the afternoon... not crazy about the bar scene, seemed kinda 80's to me and felt the guys were using the lighted floors to look up my skirt. WEIRD. Everyone was very friendly and there was even free internet eccess on every floor for those business travelers. Had such a fun time I'm going back again in the Spring time!

posted by nips on Oct 11, 2005

Fun boutique hotel in good location

Rating: 8

In typical Ian Schrager fashion, the Hudson hotel is fun, upbeat and a decorating marvel. The entrance to the hotel is not marked, but look...

posted by Citysearch User on Sep 6, 2005

Bougeois Fun

Rating: 6

Everyone knows Ian Schrager's hotels are upscale yet loads of fun. It's quite pricey to stay at the hotel. The room is small yet sleek and...

posted by Citysearch User on Aug 23, 2005

Very Modern and cool hotel- they have a nice bar

Rating: 8

This hotel is very modern. It attracts a mostly young crowd. I have not stayed here, but had a drink in their library bar. I higly recommend...

posted by Citysearch User on Jul 16, 2005

My life as a sardine

Rating: 4

The smallest hotel room I've ever stayed in, outside Japanese sleeping tubes. Staff were a little "too cool for school" in attitude.

posted by sillybugger on Jul 1, 2005

I liked it

Rating: 10

As someone who is noise sensitive, I enjoyed my stay at the Hudson. Yes, the room is small, but it's cute. The hallways are a bit dim. The dim lights are above the doors to the rooms. I have seen even more dimmer lights though. The bedroom was cute with a backlight headboard and two painted lightboxes on each side of the bed. I stayed on the 15th Floor. The view of the Hudson River from the 15th Floor outdoor deck was nice. It's a 22/23 floor building. Yes, there was a short wait at the front desk but the staff was helpful and two of the women at night were rather sweet when it came to odd questions I had. It was weird being called sir by the man who held by bags in storage and brought them back out for me. He was polite.

posted by DNBursky on Jun 28, 2005

Very chic and very small

Rating: 6

The lobby, bar and grounds are gorgeous! The staff is extremely accomodating and the bell men are dolls. The rooms are way too small but it is the norm for most NY boutique hotels. The bed was very comfortable and the room was clean. The bars are ridiculous. Over priced and extremely snobby.

posted by lanigarner on May 10, 2005

Cool Boutique Hotel

Rating: 10

I really enjoyed my stay here. The grounds are beautiful, and our room was really nice. It wasn't too small as many boutique hotel rooms are, and the bathroom was big enough as well. If you stay in the hotel you get immediate access to the velvet rope club there, but I actually prefered the one outdoors and the library bar, which are more low key. The staff were very helpful and friendly, though I felt I knew more about the museum scene and upcoming exhibits than the concierge, but that was the only downside.

posted by iheartcs on Mar 8, 2005

One of the Coolest Place I have stayed.

Rating: 8

The rooms are about 10 x 15 feet. My wife and I found them a bit small. Loved everything else about the hotel.

posted by mlandrum78130 on Feb 28, 2005

Don't go there! Atrocious!

Rating: 2

Look, I love NYC, I even love the attitude of the people there--but the employees of the Hudson Hotel are by far the rudest, most despicable servicepeople I have ever encountered. Yes, the rooms are small. I can get over that because it's Manhattan. But add to that the nastiest staff in the city and a LOUD (and I mean INCREDIBLY LOUD--just trying to talk to the concierge at the desk nearby is impossible without screaming) bar in the lobby and the service people who don't know the meaning of the word service and you've got a downright LAME hotel. No decent restaurants or bars nearby and guess what? Theirs are expensive and mediocre and the servicepeople there are jerks as well. I got charged $4 for them to bring up a disposable corkscrew. I needed to send a fax and they refused. Glad this one was on the company.

posted by nacidaenelsur on Jan 20, 2005

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