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5410 Ridge Ave

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DIRTY bathrooms

Rating: 2

We had to check out 3 different rooms to find one that was...acceptable. The first room had a microwave and refrigerator, but it also had what appeared to be a pubic hair on the bathroom sink. The second room had dried urine all over the toilet seat. The front desk manager then came up to examine the bathroom and agreed that it was not suitable and accompanied my sister and I to a third room which we deemed at least had a cleaner bathroom. We both had to wear shower shoes in the tub because it had brown spots all over the bottom of the tub. Sadly, this room did not have the microwave and refrigerator that the first one had, and the desk clerk mumbled an apology as his back was turned and he was walking out of the door. Though the bathroom was "clean"er than the first 2 rooms, the carpet was stained, there was a poorly repaired hole in the wall, the night stand drawers had cigerette ash in them, the desk chair was broken, the walls were stained, and the list could continue, but I hope you get my point. Overall, VERY disappointed.

posted by NRE007 on Oct 28, 2009

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