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Equilibrium is overrated.We’re told to find balance and seek everything in moderation, but in reality… life is a lot more fun and interesting when lived slightly off-center every so often than spot-on one hundred percent of the time. Hotel Vertigo invites each guest to renew their sense of wonder and imagination by shifting their perspective slightly askew - to get caught in the whirl of hip and playful style, and at-your-whim service. At Hotel Vertigo, become dizzy with possibilities - sleep ‘til noon, chocolate for breakfast, jump on the bed.Sometimes one needs to risk new heights to take in the best view of themselves.

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940 Sutter St

Partner Reviews: Hotel Vertigo

close enough

Rating: 6

after trying several hotels owned by personality hotels with no luck in booking, we booked with the york. The hotel now, before the scheduled renovation, was shabby chic. Dont, I repeat dont, stay in any room next to the hotel elevator. Super loud! The bedding is a little old and getting worn out and the walls are paper thin. I look forward to visiting after the renovation. If you stay here, eat at BRICK! The best food and only a few blocks away!

posted by neonpinkcouture on Mar 26, 2008

Poor Experience

Rating: 4

I stayed at this hotel with the reccomendation of a couple. I was expecting an "average" visit, but I never expected the poor conditions that I was exposed to. First of all, somthing as simple as parking seemed to baffle the staff at this hotel. I was valet parked, and I dont think that the hotel staff fully had that issue resolved until the day that I left. Apparantley, the garage opened at a particular time, and I requested my car to be delivered at the earliest possible point. Another guest walked downstairs while I was waiting for my car, requested his be delivered, and his demand was met immediatley. This infuriated me. The water pressure was absolutely terrible; the towles were thin; there were not enough irons in the hotel to supply to the customers! This was a bad experience overall!

posted by craigjcarlson on Feb 16, 2006

User review by lars1969

Rating: 8

Those expecting a 4 star hotel should look elsewhere - but it's a great deal. Only a few things I would change - the towels were small and thin, and the continental breakfast needed something like yogurt or cereal. Other than that the staff was friendly and helpful and the rooms adequate.

posted by lars1969 on Nov 1, 2005

Grand 2-star hotel in SF

Rating: 8

This hotel is like 5 blocks from Union Square, which is pretty convenient. I enjoyed the continental breakfast, it was so much easier eating...

posted by Citysearch User on Aug 7, 2005

A Wonderful Stay

Rating: 10

My wife and I stayed at the York for a long weekend getaway. We loved everything about the hotel from the moment we stepped through the door until we checked out. The management and staff were extremely courtious and professional and really catered to our needs. The room itself was beautiful. Very spacious for such an old building, I was actually surprised at how much room we had. The view was great and allowed much enjoyable city gazing. They have a great bar and a show room featuring some really terrific talent. Definitely recommended!

posted by drluv99 on Mar 1, 2005

Small but Charming

Rating: 8

Our two night stay at the York Hotel was very pleasant. The rooms are a little small, but nice and clean. The staff was also very friendly. The location (Nob Hill) made Market Street and San Francisco Shopping Centre very accessible by car. The only drawback would be the parking. You have to park at a parking garage about one block away...and it cost $25 per night. But after researching other hotels, that seems about the average price for overnight parking in SF. Overall, it was a nice hotel and I would stay there again on my next visit.

posted by luvtodine on Jan 1, 2004

Far from perfect

Rating: 4

I don't know who has been raving about this property but when we stayed there, the eleveator was out of order, we got a very small room, they don't have a restaurant and it's quite far to walk to Union Square. I consider the rates too high for this kind of property. The staff is polite and helpful. But I would rater stay in a Joie de Vivre property closer to the Square.

posted by wpg on Sep 16, 2002

Expectations are the Standard

Rating: 10

From making my reservation to my departure, I experienced a genuine sense of interest. When I checked in I was given information and directions to "the real san francisco". The staff gave me ideas of places to go that was where the locals go and I was able to find one of a kind items that you don't find at Union Square. I actually felt as if I was staying in a friends house. It was comfortable and I highly recommend the York.

posted by glcnsf on Aug 23, 2002

Service! Service! Service!

Rating: 10

Best service in town in a small boutique setting. Excellent continental breakfast.

posted by whooguy on Aug 1, 2002

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