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The Hotel Minneapolis is a delicious and welcoming mix of business savvy and serious leisure. We are technology-forward yet stylishly timeless. Approachably warm yet considerably cool. We're at the pulse of it all, yet an escape from reality. We invite you to check-in for work or play. And check out everything The Hotel Minneapolis has to offer.

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215 4th St S

Partner Reviews: Hotel Minneapolis

Beautiful Night Out!

Rating: 10

The Depot Minneapolis is a very unique and beautiful hotel complex. I had recently stayed with this hotel and we had the luxury of being upgraded into a Historic Suite. This was truly a treat! We had also enjoyed the beautiful banquet space that this building had to offer in the historic Great Hall Ballroom. Our company was having a casino night so the entire room was decored to resemble a casino with texas hold 'em tables and blackjack. It was a great event and the staff of the hotel were wonderful! I have since recommended this hotel to several others and we have gone back to the property for a few skate outings during the winter months. There aren't many places like The Depot Minneapolis! Thanks for making this night so memorable!

posted by kooore on Feb 8, 2007

Not a bad place to stay

Rating: 6

Just a few blocks from the heart of downtown Minneapolis, the Courtyard isn't a bad place to stay. The rooms are well kept, there is a bar available nightly downstairs, this place primarily caters to the business traveler type. I never had a problem catching a cab to where I wanted to get to and this place was right next to the river as well as downtown.

posted by ambrosgela on Nov 13, 2006

Quality hotel -- priced right

Rating: 10

Room was clean; restaurant and room service food was good; service was courteous and timely; location was desirable; price was reasonable. What else are you looking for in a hotel?

posted by stpauligirl on Jan 23, 2006

Definately check it out!

Rating: 7

This hotel is very clean, upscale, in a great location, and is very classy. Rates are a little high, but you get great service. The historical Depot is truly something to see as well. Bring your ice skates as it is a beautiful ice rink. Check out the website.

posted by redgoblin on Oct 1, 2002

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