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Indulge yourself and stay at Hotel Metropolis on your next visit to San Francisco. With the vivid colors that envelop each room throughout the hotel, you'll feel like you've entered paradise! The design of the Metropolis gently balances earth, wind, fire, and water from the sophisticated lobby and directly to your guest room. In addition to the vivid design of Hotel Metropolis, you will be delighted with its convenient location in San Francisco's famous Union Square.

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25 Mason St

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Great hotel!!!

Rating: 8

We stayed from a Saturday to Monday and they had our room ready for us. Staff was super nice and the hotel was very cute. The rooms were the same size as any other boutique hotel in the Union Sruare/Powell Street area - Unless you are used to staying at regular, cheesey hotels like the Hilton or Ramada. The room was clean and the showers worked just fine. We had three people in our room which was a Deluxe Double/Double and had hot water for all three showers and enough room for us to move around, including having our lugage out. It is on the VERY EDGE of the Tenderloin. but we never had any problems. On Saturday we took a walk around 2:30 am to get some pizza and we had no problems or were not scared to be out in the area. On Sunday we came home between 2-3 am and also did not run into any trouble. Our friends were staying at the Whitcomb(?) on Market and 8th, fancy hotel, about $300 a night and they said they would have rather stayed in our hotel. We will definitely be staying there again and I will be recommending this hotel to others.

posted by jcabinsd on Oct 2, 2007

Avoid at all costs

Rating: 4

The rooms were not bad but not anything special. Front desk staff was very rude. In our one night stay the fire alarm went off two or three times and we were forced to evacuate. Our group was there for a bachelorette party so we were very unhappy to be woken up by the fire alarm early in the morning and forced to evacuate. I believe the problem was with the elevator which was out or service with no sign to prevent guests from trying to use it. The firefighters who arrived were less than happy with the staffs management of the situation. Our shower had very little water pressure and very little hot water. The area is very shady. We ate at Carl's Jr. around the corner and saw someone get mugged. The security there told us this is not uncommon in the area. I was followed out of Carl's Jr. by someone who was obviously strung out on something who was trying to give me something. When I ignored him he threw it (a penny) at me. I told the manager about our displeasure with the hotel and was told he could take a few dollars off our stay. I will NEVER stay here again.

posted by lilestmama on Sep 10, 2007

Long on personality. Short on polish.

Rating: 8

A self-admitted boutique hotel junkie, I *had* to stay at the Metropolis. While I appreciated the creative theme of the hotel as well as the addition of the new restaurant, I think they could work on honing their guest service. The front desk staff was sufficiently friendly, but attentiveness seemed to vary from staffer to staffer. Upon check-in we were pleased to find ourselves in a small, top-floor, corner guest room with a beautiful view of the city and an unexpected private wraparound outdoor patio. Our room, while thoughtfully decorated, was plagued with shower and bathtub problems (loose showerhead that would only point at the wall; no drain stopper to allow the tub to hold water; thick, dirty residue that pumped out from the tub jets). While the staff made attempts to address these issues, some of these are obvious problems that should have been observed by the housekeeping staff and attended to prior to our visit. From the room maintenance issues to smaller touches like unclean patio furniture, it's clear that the Metropolis could further refine its attention to guest services. The addition of a basic room service menu from the in-house restaurant would also be a welcome addition. Still, for the money*, the Hotel Metropolis rates as a good deal for a San Francisco three-star boutique hotel. Flesh out the service issues and you'll enter 3.5 star territory to boot. While I'll try some other SF boutique hotels, I'm keeping the Metropolis on my short list. *The Metropolis offers some killer deals! We stayed for $119 per night: including room, parking, and one $10 prepaid gas card per night.

posted by alikaalex on Jul 4, 2006

Good for the money

Rating: 10

Very beautiful atmosphere, curtious staff. Room was small, typical for a boutique hotel. Bed was comforatable room was decorated nicely. Very hip. Excellent value for the price!

posted by suzyq95118 on Aug 1, 2005

Beatiful Hotel so-so service

Rating: 6

Walking into the hotel it is everything you would expect of a swank contemporary hotel with a bit of old charm. The beautiful decor begins with the glass front door, which you reach through the gated parking lot, and carried through to the floor-to-ceiling water feature in the main lobby. They even managed to keep in tact what looks like the original ceiling and artwork, which although doesn't quite flow with the rest of the modern decor, earns brownie points because they obviously saw something beautiful and decided to keep it. Different serene colors on each floor definitely put you in their designated mood. The one drawback of my stay there...the people who work there obviously didn't want to be there because they were all rude from the beginning of my stay until the moment I drove away...really to bad.

posted by lsweet on Jul 7, 2005

Hotel Metropolis

Rating: 8

Ok.. So it's SF, you have to expect that rooms aren't going to be grand, unless your willing to pay a grand. My room was waay cool, the staf...

posted by Citysearch User on Jun 8, 2005

Great value

Rating: 8

Ok.. So it's SF, you have to expect that rooms aren't going to be grand, unless your willing to pay a grand. My room was waay cool, the staff is waaay cool, and the location rocks. The rates are very reasonable. The area, borderline to the tenderloin district, is slightly shady, but definitely not dangerous. Uptight midwesterners beware, city life is shady!!

posted by antnla on Jun 24, 2004

OK, but be Careful

Rating: 4

An OK hotel with few amenities, but reasonable rates. It's close to the action of Union Square, but in a questionable setting in the Tenderloin District. The street people right outside are agressive, and if you are not used to this best to stay somewhere else. Note that at the front door all arrows point left. Heed this advice and watch yourself in the immediate neighborhood. If you are concerned about this type of thing, spend more money and stay closer to Union Square.

posted by cerev1 on Jun 30, 2003


Rating: 4

Stayed here a couple of days ago. Other then the check-in desk with the waterfall, I wasn't very impressed. The hotel has no room service and didn't appear to have a restaurant. The rooms are very small and have little of the ambience your led to believe. My wife and I met friends for dinner and drinks, when they dropped us off at the hotel after midnight we had to wade through the homeless people to get to the front door. Scary and a little embarrassing. I wouldn't recommend this Hotel to anyone.

posted by joe_fabeetz on Jan 21, 2003

Cute Hotel!

Rating: 6

During my stay at the Metropolis all of the staff was cordial and my room was comfortable. The neighborhood outside is kind of "rough", but they have a security guard so I felt comfortable. I would not have felt comfortable without one. Aside from needing to have juice at breakfast (like every other hotel on the planet - hello???) I was impressed with the amenities, especially the free wine.

posted by doodahdoodah on May 27, 2002

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