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Amidst Seattle's bustling downtown, the city's art-filled boutique Hotel Max provides a cutting-edge hotel experience with unmistakable style. With a new flavor of design, art and comfort combined with individualized service, the hotel has impressed art lovers and hoteliers alike.
With 39 artists adorning the walls and corridors of the lobby and 163 guest rooms, every step represents an artful experience and direction. Sophistication meets warmth with flat-screen televisions for sleek lounging, mosaic-tiled bathrooms, only-the-most luxurious beds and scrumptiously self-indulgent linens, along with unique fabrics in the most subtle hues - all meant to subtly recede as the art is the focus.

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So hip with cool Seattle art on every single hotel door

Rating: 8

Wow, is this hotel hip and trendy! The lobby has super hip couches that are way comfy and ultra modern. Each floor has a different name, and on every single door you have a different piece of art done in black & white photography. So your door may have the famous Elephant car wash on it, it might have some people rockin out on it, or maybe even naked manequins. So this means when you are coming home late, you will not mix up room 503 with room 504 because you will recognize your art piece on the door. The inside of the room is just as hip as the outside. Fabulous decor with more art work. The bathrooms are super cute. The rooms do seem quite small & squishy, but other than that, nice. You can choose what kind of bible you want (Mormon, Scientology, etc) and you can choose your pillow (hard, soft, etc). I wonder if you could order one pillow of each? Now that would be cool. To be able to try out all the pillows & see which is the best.

posted by Ang B on Mar 26, 2010

Swanky hotel for the hip

Rating: 8

Swanky hotel centrally located in downtown seattle attached to the asian restuarant/bar Red Fin is a great place to stay if you need a place to crash after a night out in seattle or possibly to recommend to out of town guests. The hotel is fabulously decorated with pictures of the seattle grunge scene and old seattle signs. The rooms are nice with windows overlooking seattle. One of the best things about this hotel is rather than just getting a regular old bible you get your choice of religous literature and the list is quite impressive. You also get your choice of pillow preferance and can chose from a varity of options in this area as well. Definetely a lot more fun than you regular boring seattle chain hotel.

posted by n9840153 on Mar 24, 2010

Just what the weary traveler ordered

Rating: 8

I booked my room for the tail end of a business trip as I was arriving in town late and had to be back downtown again the next morning. I knew I'd just want to be comfy and get some sleep instead of driving back and forth. The whole day traveling all I could think about was getting checked in and getting into a robe and climbing into bed. Getting to the hotel was a breeze from the airport, the location is amazing and the 24 hour valet parking was such a bonus with a late arrival. I was in my room within 40 minutes of the plane landing! The overall decor of the hotel is very funky and chic. I love the graphics on the room doors and the original artwork in the rooms is really amazing and a lovely touch. I was pleasantly surprised by the calming mid-tone gray paint color in the room, gave a very cozy feel. The bed, linens and pillows are wonderful but the best part was the robe. Holy comfortable batman! It is light weight with a super soft fine terry cloth lining. I may have to take one home with me! Bonus: Twitter folks will be pleasantly surprised at their special discounted rate and complimentary wifi.

posted by girlandcoconut on Jan 16, 2010

to the max

Rating: 6

this place is one of the best hotel here in town. l like the facilities and the bathroom is clean... not to mention. ehehehehe... best services so far

posted by boris101 on Apr 29, 2009


Rating: 10

This Hotel has a great style. They are very cutting edge and the staff is still nice (hard to find at other hotels). My client was very happ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jan 24, 2009

Good times, nice place

Rating: 8

Well after reading reviews of this hotel, good and bad, I decided it sounded like it was worth a try, and it was. The beds were great, plush and comfortable. The rooms were a bit small, but I highly doubt it's true that people "could barely move" since I happen to be a bigger guy myself and was fine. Parking is expensive everywhere in Seattle and I found the valet here to be much more convenient for a slight price increase. Other than that, hotel staff was friendly and helpful, ambiance was fun, sushi was great at the restaurant, and almost everything in Seattle was in walking distance.

posted by Jsslvr on Nov 28, 2008

Bourg-y, Stylish, Downtown

Rating: 8

This downtown hotel definitely has an edge, especially in decor. Similar to boutique upscale modernist hotels in every major city, Hotel Max is unique in the friendly staff department. I've found from multiple stays that they seem to really care about the customer and our needs. Specifically, I've spent significant time in their sparse business center, and have never felt like I was taking advantage. Most of the staff is young, good-looking and knowledgeable about local points of interest. The rooms are nothing special, but offer great vantage points and the location offers the opportunity to walk everywhere of interest downtown.

posted by jt5472 on Jul 7, 2008

We don't care at the Max!

Rating: 2

It took me two years to go back to the Hotel Max but I decided to get over my issues and try again. I spend a lot of time traveling and a lot of time in Seattle so I need to find decent hotels often. I should have stuck with my policy......Upon discovering that my car had been scratched by the valet (after I left) I called the hotel. (check out the garage they put your car in some time....). They indicated that they would check out the camera in the garage to try to figure out what happened. After four days and multiple calls on my end to check on what was happening I was informed that the tape from the garage had been "contaminated" and they couldn't check on what had happened therefore they were absolving themselves of all responsibility. In a day and age where I frequently wonder what happened to "the customer is occassionally right" as I've given up on decent customer service anymore - the Hotel Max confirms that some corporations don't care what the customer feels like after they have signed the credit card slip. Funny enough....Guess what kept me away for two years? I just sold that car and got a new one...... I certainly won't drop my Hotel Max ban this time. I'll also keep it in mind if any of their other hotels cross my path...Hotel Lucia in Portland, Hotel Deluxe in Portland. Please stand up with me and don't patronize businesses who don't care about their customers!

posted by hotelhell on Mar 1, 2008

Never again.

Rating: 2

The front desk and the staff looked and acted like they were on loan from a fast food chain. The hall ways reminded me of being back in college dorms. No one bothered to inform me that I was not getting the non-smoking I had asked for. Go ahead and be edgy but don?t forget the fundamentals.

posted by gonzo410s on Feb 15, 2008

Different, in a good way!

Rating: 10

I had been given a gift certificate for the Max, and was afraid of what I thought would be a closet with a bed (since the cirtificate was the basic class of room), but instead I had a PERFECT room for a night away! The size was larger than expected after reading previous reviews, the bed was absolutely the most cozy I have slept in, and even the bath robes were plush! I was on the 8th floor and had somewhat of a view (as much as can be expected in an older building in a modern city setting), and slept with my windows open with no interruption. I have to admit, after all the negative written by others I was afraid to stay. Now I think that just because they are used to the large lack-luster rooms of the national chains, that a room such as boutiques offer, one that is not absolutely cavernous is somehow shortchanging them. The amenities were high end, the furniture was very relaxing, the toiletries very nice quality, and the staff friendly- I honestly couldn't have asked for anything more. Even the art pieces in the room were unique, no prints. How often do you see this in a hotel? Yes, the art can be a little racey, but that is the job of art is to make you see things in a way you normally wouldn't, to appreciate that which in another context my make you less apt to ponder, or even worse to take it for granted. Initially I was caught off-guard when I first walked in, but after one or two times of passing bye the "noted" picture next to the front desk I had to stop and look- it is a painting of such fine work that it looks like a photo. I am saddened that someone wouldn't stop to actually look at the work rather than the mere subject. I may not have it in my livingroom, but I can say that the art is of superior standard. Thank you Max, you have given me hope that sometimes there is more than meets the eye!

posted by snowman121065 on Oct 9, 2007

Hip Rip OFF!!!!!!!

Rating: 2

OK, yes it was hip. And they did allow my dog, another plus. That's where it ended. $25/night to park..valet mind you is the ONLY option for parking. We had 2 cars since I met my girlfriend there 3 night x 2 cars x $25=a whole extra nights stay!!. Room was TINY not european, barely big enough to turn around in. Shower was almost impossible to get into, I kept hitting my elbows, and knocking the hot water on higher every time I turned. And how about a decent towel. The Motel 6 has superior towels!!!! crunchy mess. the vibrator was novel, as was the holy literature menu, but who really needs a book of book or mormon as well?? Oh, and $13 a day for internet?!?!? give me a break. The bed was pretty awful as well. The mattress pad was simply a fleece blanket under a fitted sheet, it kept bunching up under the sheets, and really made it a pain to sleep on. Oh and how about a nice view of the restaurant hood vents!?!?! All inclusive!! we had a view of nothing and smelled fried whatever from the Red Fin....PS-snotty waitress when we sat down @ midnight for a night cap. She acted extremely put out that we even sat down. How about a nice window unit air conditioner that's louder than living under the air port. I experienced no extra level of service other than a door being held for me when I arrived @ the hotel. Room service breakfast was decent, but yogurt & granola cosisted of about 6 oz of yogurt and ONE SPOONFUL of granola for $8. I travel to Seattle about 2 weeks/month and stay a more humble place, for a similar price that's 5 times as roomy, only 4 blocks away, has better bedding, free parking, internet, and breakfast. Try the King Suite @ the La Quinta on 8th. Make sure you get a room on the street side and you won't endure the construction behind.

posted by pdx2350 on Sep 3, 2007

Worst hotel in Seattle!

Rating: 2

As a world traveler, I was surprised at the reviews for this hotel. I wouldn't stay here again even if someone else paid for the closet that they consider a room! This was the worst hotel that I have stayed in in over 25 years. Calling it European is an insult to Europe. The hotel was claustophopic, the ceilings in the hall were low, the elevators smelled of old feet and the rooms were so small that my husband had to shower with the curtain open as he didn't fit in the 3x3 space. Good thing that they do provide prophylactics and vibrators as that is usually what I want in a hotel room. Not comfort, quiet or a nice shower. I requested a tea service and was provided with Tazo tea, second only to Farmer Brothers as the worst tea ever made. With all the available choices of hotels in Seattle. Please do yourself a favor and find another one to spend your money at. They surprised me with a charge of $25 plus tax to park at their hotel. Would have been nice to know that when I booked the room. Call The Roosevelt or The Vintage Hotels. Same area, much better value for the money. This place was a joke. The system requires that you give it a minimum of "one star". Don't be fooled it wasn't worth even that.

posted by soona on Aug 30, 2007

Smoky Squeeze

Rating: 2

This was a disaster. The room was covered in a coating of smoke. The front desk said I was out of luck on a non-smoking room because I reserved through Hotels dot com - evidently they didn't really consider me a valued customer. I spend at least 150 night in hotel rooms every year and this was one of the worst. There was an airconditioning unit in my room and was constantly blowing on me while trying to sleep - I would have turned it off but it was 90 degrees out that day. The closet reeked of mens cologne and smoke - not a mixture I was looking for. There was a renegade camera crew roaming my floor and ramming into the walls the night I was there and there was no sleeping to be had.The place in general had updated design but it looks like they picked the cheap stuff because it was all very worn out and dirty for such a seemingly cute trendy botique hotel. By the way - they provide every room with a vibrator and a battery should you need it - I can't think of an item I would like less to purchase in a room that dirty. This was not what I had signed up for!!! I recomend you move to a Hotel Monaco or the Marriott!

posted by femtravler on Jul 16, 2007

Best hotel experience ever!

Rating: 10

So I spent a couple of days in Seattle two weeks ago for a business trip, I've traveled frequently for work and pleasure, stayed at the best and worst places all over the world and I have to admit this is my new favorite hotel. First of all it's affordable (call me cheap, but I'd rather be able to afford a few extra days in the hotel than have a "ultra lux" room), the rooms are just as nice, if not nicer than any W hotel I've stayed at and they are less expensive! Not to mention you can't get a better location, you are in the heart of Seattle ...walking distance from Pike's Place, a million Starbucks, the legendary Pink Door and one of my all time favs...Wild Ginger. In fact I'm so impressed I think I'm going back up there this weekend to surprise my girlfriend!

posted by esquirejs on May 24, 2007

Fun place - good service- cool room

Rating: 8

Yes, the rooms are small. But they are decorated with a metro cool touch and the doors on each floor are fantastic. I have stayed at the Max with friends instead of staying at my old condo, and despite the fact I have more room now, I will still book it for visitors. Bonus points for: Fast valets, great front desk folks, Red Fin bartenders make good Bloody Mary's on a blurry Sunday morning, room service is fast, the beds feel like marshmallows and they have a "Pillow Menu" so you can get one of many varieties to assure perfect rest. Very cool. Very fun.

posted by nol72 on Nov 30, 2006

The beds are heavenly

Rating: 8

We had a friend?s bachlorette party at the Max. The hotel was very accommodating. I love the new look. It's very young and hip. The beds are so comfortable. We had a great time.

posted by mandybanks on Nov 20, 2006

Cool and hip

Rating: 10

This is a great boutique hotel with an amazing restaurant in it. Red fin is a sushi restaurant that is outstanding. The lobby of Max is very hip with the coolest red front desk. Rooms and great as well and love the music.

posted by dermajay on Nov 3, 2006

Funky and Fun

Rating: 8

I put some out of town friends up here over the summer and they all had great things to say about their experience. Consensus was the rooms were small but stylishly appointed and service was friendly and accomodating. Due to room size and the hip, funky vibe of the Max, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for your 80 year old grandparents or families traveling with small children, but I would definitely refer out of town guests there in the future.

posted by brylucia on Sep 29, 2006


Rating: 10

its a great hotel i love it and its very cool and the rooms are nice they have good tvs and stuff like that

posted by ztechnon7 on Aug 16, 2006

Awesome hotel, but...

Rating: 8

...the rooms are too small. My boyfriend and I booked a "queen of art" room and found it to be a tight squeeze. Sharing a bathroom to get ready in the morning is impossible and with luggage to last us a week, there wasn't nearly enough room to put it all. If you are travelling by yourself, its perfectly fine, but if you are travelling with two, i suggest the "artist king" room. Hospitality was mediocre, but the ambiance was great. Definitely eat at the RedFin restaurant downstairs, the sushi was great.

posted by melikachica on Aug 14, 2006

Great hotel for all occasions

Rating: 10

This hotel is stylish, filled with modern amenities, has a great staff and overall is a great place to stay. The corner rooms are great and if you're going for a romantic getaway, ask for a little "hanky panky." The hotel is great for business travelers, as they've got high-speed wireless Internet that was reliable and easy-to-use. Overall, one of the best hotels I've stayed at in a long time.

posted by ayorra on Jun 1, 2006

sweet seattle stay

Rating: 10

This hotel is awesome!! Coo, fun & hip but not pretentious about the art factor. All local art, all the doors have sweet black a& white photos . The staff is awesome; super friendly and helpful. The rooms are a bit smaller, but its an old building and they make up for it in every other way. Good location to downtown, easy to walk around and the staff gives good suggestions! Made my seattle trip :)

posted by phish80s on Apr 11, 2006

Best hotel stay

Rating: 10

I was prepared pretty well for my trip to the city, and i knew the size of the rooms where more on the small size but who could say anything bad about the MAX! It was amazing from the soaps to the pillow menu. The staff far outreachs any other concierge staff that i have seen. Great stay!

posted by wallanut on Mar 4, 2006

Great location and Quality!

Rating: 10

I travel up to Seattle for work every month and normally stay at the Fairmont.. but Hotel Max has been my choice of preference for personal visits to the Seattle. I would highly recommend this hotel for the quality, value and location.

posted by drewster008 on Mar 2, 2006

The Best of Seattles Hotels

Rating: 10

Absolutely perfect for the constant traveler. Highly recommended by one of those. The 5th floor is awesome, ask for it!!!!!

posted by hiwattnumerouno on Mar 2, 2006

Great for the right traveller!

Rating: 8

For a single traveller the experience was very good - location, decor, and service was excellent. However, the room was extremely small, with barely enough room to drop your bags a turn around. I am not sure how a couple would fit!

posted by lesjoel on Jan 29, 2006


Rating: 10

wonderful service. style. affordability. personality. art. design. 24 hr menu. comfy beds. a pillow menu. lotsa quirk. location. unpretentiously luxurious. modern surroundings meets down-to-earth accommodation. loved the hotel. loved the staff. will return, definitely. a memorable experience.

posted by sisa on Jan 26, 2006


Rating: 10

We came up to Seattle from LA & were totally impressed by our lodgings. At $120/night (air+hotel pkg), we didn't expect much. Happily we were wrong! AMAZING VALUE - like a W Hotel on a shoestring. The SERVICE was the standout, also the trendy, modern decor & ambiance. Rooms were very NY (small) but flat screen TVs & modern styling made up for it. Plus we were out most of the time. Bathrooms were tight, only a shower stall & small ledge, but the lotion was Aveda! The door staff and desk clerks were so polite & attentive, it was a real treat. Loved the umbrella service as we got out of our taxi - a must in rainy Seattle!!! Also the LOCATION can't be beat, it is in the heart of downtown. TOTALLY RECOMMENDED for the young or young-at-heart traveler that appreciates W styling at a reasonable price.

posted by never_east_of_the_405 on Nov 15, 2005

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