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A Portland hotel where style and comfort converge. Situated in the heart of downtown Portland, the Hotel Lucia offers a unique alternative to all other Portland, Oregon hotels. Our guests enjoy the personalized service and lavish hotel amenities that have earned the Hotel Lucia Portland a spot among the world's best hotels. Inside, experience cutting-edge design and unsurpassed comfort. Venture outside and be at the epicenter of all Portland has to offer, including Portland attractions, Portland restaurants, tax free Portland shopping, art galleries and theatre.

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400 SW Broadway

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Located in downtown Portland, the Hotel Lucia is a hop, skip and jump away from restaurants, coffee shops and shopping. And being listed on the Conde #1104; Nast Traveler's Reader's Choice and Gold Lists for consecutive years, the Hotel Lucia is the most artistic and unique hotel in the city. With more than 150 photographs by Pulitzer-prize winning photographer David Hume Kennerly throughout the hotel, the Lucia offers an ideal escape.

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Hotel Lucia is my favorite.

Rating: 10

I recently stayed at the Lucia for a business trip. The entire experience was a pleasure. The rooms are somewhat small I suppose but so comf...

posted by Citysearch User on Dec 5, 2009

Hotel Lucia is my favorite.

Rating: 10

I recently stayed at the Lucia for a business trip. The entire experience was a pleasure. The rooms are somewhat small I suppose but so comf...

posted by Citysearch User on Dec 5, 2009

Fabulous Hotel!

Rating: 8

We held an event at the Hotel Lucia and we had a wonderful time! The place is beautiful inside and we enjoyed every minute spent there! Fr...

posted by Citysearch User on Dec 27, 2008

Lovely Hotel

Rating: 10

The Hotel Lucia is located in the center of Portland. Staying at The Hotel Lucia is a wonderful experience.

posted by howard100 on Jul 19, 2008

Affordable luxury, Over priced transportation.

Rating: 6

Very elegant and hip for the price. Comfortable! Nice staff. However, when leaving don't let the bell-boys stuff you in a town car or limo. I took a Taxi-cab to the airport last stay and it was half the cost. The bell-boys don't tell you that though.

posted by splashy on May 8, 2008

Extremely Exceptional Customer service!

Rating: 10

The service and attention to detail was perfect at Hotel Lucia! The staff is there to serve and willing to do what it takes to make your stay great! The rooms are relaxing and the beds are so good they are hard to get out of! The location is perfect, in that you can get to anything easily. I will return to the Hotel Lucia as the experience I had there was a joy!

posted by highexpectations1 on Mar 11, 2008

The Perfect Romantic Getaway

Rating: 10

We took a weekend getaway at the Hotel Lucia and purchased one of their romance packages. We were completely blown away by this hotel. For a 3 star hotel, we had a four star room and four star service. The staff at the front desk were extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the area. We made the mistake of not booking reservations for a place to eat before we left. Since it was Valentine's Day weekend everything was booked. Kristen at the front desk did a lot of calling around for us and finally found us a reservation to a great restaurant. The room was gorgeous. We stayed in Premium King Room. Our room was located at the end of the hallway, was very big, and had a lovely city view of the bridges of Portland. My advice would be try to get a room at the corner of the hotel. These rooms are generally bigger and have a wall of windows. They seemed to be bigger than the other guest rooms we peeked into. The bathroom was huge with a giant two person shower. The decor of the room was very modern and very warm. Walking into that room made us feel at home. The bed was too die for. Very comfortable. Lots of pillow. We got a great night's sleep on the bed and wanted to take the bed home with us. If you are going for a romantic weekend, I would suggest springing for the romance package. We had a lovely bottle of champagne (not sparkling actual champagne), a $30.00 credit for breakfast in bed, a box of goodies, and valet service. It was fantastic. The only real drawback to the place is that they don't offer free Internet, but other than that I would stay here again.

posted by chelle2119 on Feb 18, 2008

Perfect Weekend Getaway

Rating: 10

I loved this hotel. Very friendly and very COOL photography throughout...The rooms are cozy and the beds feel like the Heavenly Beds from the Westin. Can't go wrong there. They have a awesome bar located in the lobby called Bo's. Great Martinis and informed staff to guide you with the night life in Portland. The location is right in downtown Portland with access to shopping and high end restaurants. It's a must!!!

posted by ckh1969 on Feb 5, 2008

Comfortable luxury

Rating: 10

I love Hotel Lucia! I was on a road trip from LA with my 3 year old daughter, my friend, and my two dogs. We camped one night in the redwood forest and drove all day arriving in portland fairly late. I really wanted a nice hotel to stay in, to recoop from the camping thing. Hotel Lucia was the first place we came across that would allow dogs and that looked nice, and to top it off was a great price. The staff was friendly and helpful, the room was beautiful, with two, super comfy, queen beds and ample room. I am a fan of the W and like a comfy, aesthetically pleasing room, which is just what Hotel Lucia offers up for a fraction of the W price. While we just stayed one night, and I didn't get to really experience Portland, I am planning a romantic get-away with my husband and we will definitely be staying at Hotel Lucia

posted by tiatuenge on Sep 19, 2007

One of the coolest hotels I've stayed in...and affordable!

Rating: 10

Great hotel if you are traveling from another larger urban center. Service was fantastic. Amenities very modern, cool lobby with attached bar. Deluxe room could be tight if you are used to space, but fine for one person for a couple of days. Upgrade to a better room for more space. It's great for a young, hip, "W" vibe, but more boutiquey...with a Portland vibe. Definitely recommend.

posted by versus8713 on Apr 18, 2007

Great Place to Stay in Portland

Rating: 10

I was in town just a couple days ago to visit with my daughter and she put me up at the Hotel Lucia. What a fun place to stay. Upon walking in, I felt very welcomed. The staff was friendly and very helpful and when I asked for directions to a store, they immediately pointed me in the right direction. The room was very comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed the soft bed. My daughter mentioned that this hotel had some of the best in Portland and I do believe she is right. While waiting in the lobby for my daughter one morning, I was able to look at the varoius artwork and was amazed at the variety of the pieces. I'm so used to staying in a place with some flat, emotionless picture of a field somewhere and was pleasantly suprised by what I saw. I am recommending this to all of my friends that travel to Portland or know people that do. If anyone from the hotel reads this, I want to thank you for the friendliness of your fantastic staff. You have some great people working for you.

posted by kylira on Feb 2, 2007

I stayed there and I thought you should know...

Rating: 4

Hotel Lucia, according to its literature, wants to provide a relaxing yet hip hotel experience. And indeed, visiting Portland from Los Angeles, there were many elements of the place that reminded me of home. That's not a good thing. The place does indeed have a lot of nice amenities: Aveda products, lush bedding, well designed bathrooms. But where Hotel Lucia indeed attempts to make the visitor comfortable, they fall short in the most frustrating, obvious ways. For instance, while they'd sunk a good bit of money into the comfy pillow-top mattress pad, they hadn't thought to get a fitted sheet that fit the bed. What good is an extra-comfortable mattress when a person wakes up with the sheet and felt pad balled up beneath them? The alarm clock (very nice) had a docking station for my ipod yet the wireless was fourteen dollars a day. Even the Portland Airport comes with a free connection. The lobby is nice, but loud and seem to function not only as gathering places but also has a hallway from one major area to another. The room price is not cheap and I was struck (dumbfounded, really) by how small they were. Between the end of the bed and the dresser are a scant couple of feet. The only chair in the room is a stiff high-backed desk chair, which isn't very relaxing (nor hip) to watch the plethora of television channels. The hotel staff was quick to respond to any request. It took minutes for some hypo-allergenic pillows to be sent up to the room. But the pillows were no bigger than the size of my head whereas my companion got huge pillows to lie back on. So all in all, the Hotel Lucia is a lot like people from LA: quick to announce its hipness, confident that it's worth the expensive price, but when you get right down to it, there's not much brains to balance out the showiness. Sadly, I won't be back.

posted by blitzy on Jan 28, 2007

enjoyed my stay, would return

Rating: 10

I was pleasantly suprised at the room and the level of service here. Smallish rooms with lots of flair. I would stay here again. Get the online special rate. "Betty"?

posted by aanand on Sep 7, 2006

Portland's Hot Spot

Rating: 10

Where else in Portland can you get an intimate, comfortable yet urban chic hotel experience where the service is good, the beds are comfy and location convenient? Nowhere! I didn't even mention the artwork/decor and overall room value, which are fantastic.

posted by playdohy_69 on Mar 13, 2006


Rating: 10

This is the hotel you are looking for--in any city. It has class and elegance without being unfriendly to the ordinary traveler. Great get away spot in a gem of a city!

posted by blpwilson on Dec 22, 2005

Hotel Lucia

Rating: 8

Centrally located downtown, this is where I recommend visitors stay when asked for a good hotel in town. Why? Because it's more uniquely Po...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 24, 2005


Rating: 6

Hotel Lucia isn't as good as it seems. I didn't like that our room was very small. Still, it was comfortable and the bedding on ours beds we...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 9, 2005

Portland's ONLY Hotel

Rating: 10

I first stayed at Hotel Lucia 2 years ago after they had just opened. I had doubts that my most recent trip this past weekend could top that experience, but boy was I wrong! The rooms, the decor and the staff are all impeccable. The beds are the most comfortable you will ever have the pleasure to sleep on and the decor makes me itch to redecorate my house. The friendly staff is available to provide you with whatever you might need. They even ran to the Rite Aid down the street to get my sick friend some Alka Seltzer as we were checking OUT! From business travelers to couples looking for a romantic escape -- I would highly suggest a stay at Hotel Lucia!

posted by rwriting on Oct 17, 2005

Sweet stay

Rating: 10

Spent a nice weekend at the Hotel Lucia as a Birthday Present to my wife, and the beds were the most comfortable I have ever slept in.... while we were in the room we felt as if we were in the most comfortable bedroom ever- yes the rooms may look smaller, but we didn't spend all our free time in the room. My wife and I are very close, so the intimate space felt appropriate. When the staff found out it was a special day they sent up a bottle of bubbly and a note.... very thoughtful and unexpected! Thank you for your attention and thoughtfulness, it mad a special day even better!

posted by snowman121065 on Oct 8, 2005

Sloppy and unapologetic

Rating: 2

A group of six of us traveled from Seattle to Portland after making reservations a month in advance. Our rooms weren't ready until 6pm. One couple walked into their room only to find other people inside -- it was double booked. The next set of keys didn't work, and they lost their bag for over an hour. Our room reaked of smoke, and we had to move. The room service was lacking: the "over easy" eggs were hard and the oatmeal came with no milk or sugar. The front desk staff never apologized, so we proceeded to call the manager. He apologized but offered us wine -- even asking us red or white -- that never arrived. Finally, we were given a reduction in room rates, but the $99 final reduced rate was still too high of a price to pay for all the headaches.

posted by lostremote on May 30, 2005

Cool hotel!!

Rating: 8

Fans of boutique hotels will love these sleek, stylish downtown digs!! Hotel Lucia is just a few blocks north of Pioneer Square and central ...

posted by Citysearch User on May 25, 2005

The best hotel in town!

Rating: 10

Our 4th visit - we have never been disappointed. Book one of the junior suites - it is worth the additional costs and additional floor space. The beds are the best in town with very friendly staff.

posted by john northten on Jan 6, 2005

yep small rooms/bathrooms

Rating: 8

agree with an earlier post, the rooms are very small, I think there was just an path from the door, past the bed and to the bathroom. Bathrooms are also tiny the sink is close to the toilet and shower stall you can literally use them as arm rests. Also as stated, the toliet is like an airplane landing... On the plus side, the beds are really comfortable, real cotton sheets with what appears to be down comforters and mattress toppers. The rooms are also appointed / decorated well. Finally the rooms are priced well although I am not sure how competitive they are to kimpton group hotels who appear to me as their primary competition. Here's to hoping their suites are larger

posted by ebless on Jul 27, 2004

Great hotel

Rating: 10

This hotel lives up to all the hype. It's beautiful and clean inside. It smells like apples in the lobby. The beds are amazing. I'm already planning a trip back.

posted by stoneyspice on May 3, 2004

The Best in Portland!

Rating: 10

Just stayed at the Lucia - our 4th in the last year. EXCELLENT! The hotel just completed the addition of new suites which were cozy and the best beds in town. The staff have also been so helpful and down to earth - this is what the W chain is trying to become Dave

posted by davesmolt on Apr 16, 2004

The Best in Portland

Rating: 10

Just concluded our visit in one of the hotel's new suites. Tremendous decor with personalized and responsive staff make this place our new Portland favorite. Never stayed at a hotel with better beds and a pillow menu to boot!! We love the Lucia!!

posted by jeffhart on Mar 21, 2004

short on staffs?

Rating: 8

Overall, my boyfriend and I loved and enjoyed staying at this place. Yes, the room was very cozy and clean. However, when we first arrived at the hotel after 4pm, our room was not ready because the house keepers were running behind the schedule due to short on staffs. For the next morning, we had ordered room service breakfast.....they were an half hour late. When we finally got our breakfast, the wait staff forgot to give us took about another 10 minutes to get a set of silverware.....according to the hotel personnel, they were super busy with breakfast order (what does hotel expect for the valentine's weekend)????.....we were little bit dissapointed with the services we received with the amount of money we paid. The hotel ended up paying us for drinks while we had to wait for our room ready and 1/2 of our breakfast.

posted by dfcats on Feb 16, 2004

The best hotel in Portland

Rating: 10

We just stayed for our first time on our 10th anniversary - the best! They had 24 hour room service , pillow menus in every room, and Aveda bath soaps - we took advantage of all of it. The staff are real down to earth and told us the hotel plans to add 8 suites in early 2004... We will be back!!

posted by normarothstein on Sep 7, 2003


Rating: 6

The Hotel Lucia is very hip, chic and artsy. The "deluxe" rooms are TINY. If your bathroom door hits the edge of your bed, that's TINY. The Aveda products are great. The noise made by the toilet upon flushing made me fear for my life....Traveling on business and having to work in the room will give you cabin fever, but overall, very friendly staff and great location. Most comfortable hotel bed, EVER.

posted by nlekim on Aug 12, 2003

Great for Business

Rating: 10

The hotel has wireless high-speed internet the rooms, the lobby and even in the restaurant (Typhoon...great Thai food). It's perfect for business travel

posted by ayorra on May 3, 2003

Victor Ho

Rating: 10

This place is the best property in Portland! We found the design and comfort of the rooms to be hip and contemporary with excellent staff. Best of all the price is extremely competitive!

posted by victorho on Mar 1, 2003

Very Pleased !!!

Rating: 10

My husband and I spent an evening @ Hotel Lucia and I must say it was a very pleasant experience. We were given the superior KING room located in a corner with a GRANDE downtown view, and when we arrived in our room there was a nice bottle of wine waiting for us... The staff was execellent and thw Typhoon was filling... I would definetly visit there again..

posted by trdempse on Feb 25, 2003

Ms. Christine

Rating: 9

Pay for the larger room! The "Superior" choice for around $25 more per night gives you room to move and plenty of counter space in the bathroom. Drawbacks include noise, both from an outdated heating system and insensitive housekeeping staff. Nightowls might want to request a quieter room or floor and will likely be accomodated, if there's room.

posted by xsty68 on Feb 21, 2003

fashion, sex and hip

Rating: 9

lucia was a great stay, the beds were comfortable, service great and the hotel itself is VERY hip but the rooms are VERY SMALL- I would stay here again alone but recommened the vintage plaza next door if there is more than one of you traveling- otherwise as a business or single travel the hotel lucia is very fun but the rooms are not as spacious and the bathtubs not as large as next door at the vintage plaza service and staff are great, the thai food is very good downstairs, the rooms are small but clean and they all have aveda in the bathroom however when my fiance and I went for the night I was dissapointed at the size of our room for the price

posted by addiew on Dec 1, 2002

Portland's W

Rating: 10

Great Hotel, very hip. Prices are amazing considering location. Has to be the most stylish Hotel in Portland. Rooms are a little small, but if you stay in what they call a "superior" you will have plenty of room. Definitley recommend Hotel Lucia!

posted by LeoD on Nov 27, 2002


Rating: 10

Absolutley best hotel in Portland, very beautliful! The staff is great! Rates are very competitive. Hotel is conviniently located

posted by MirandasueJ on Oct 31, 2002

Hip and Trendy!!!!

Rating: 10

It was truly an experience!!!.....hip, young, and trendy. I almost thought I was in W hotel. This is truly a work of genius. It was well over due that this town needs something cool and hip place to stay as Hotel Lucia. I wouldn't be surprised if this hotel becomes the most sought after place in town as well as 2nd home to celeb's place to be seen outside of LA or NY.

posted by bhexpert on Aug 1, 2002

OPEN and gorgeous!

Rating: 10

This hotel is most definitely the most well-done hotel in is urban, hip, sleek, and fabulous. Anybody who loved the Imperial's great prices will still see the same prices, but will be offered a thousand-times better service and comfort. The art work is worth going in and checking out even if you're not staying...the design and mood are something portland needed and can now be proud to have!

posted by scarletcircle on Jun 18, 2002

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