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155 Steuart St

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Nice, cozy quiet rooms for business, terrible room service

Rating: 6

I went here for business, which turns out to be a good thing, as it is not suited at all for family or couples vacations. Rooms are cozy but quiet, well heated and cooled, with windows that tend to open out on air shafts (no view). Facilities are nice, and there's a restaurant/bar integrated, which is where this place begins to fall short. It proved amazingly difficult to line up room service at this place -- first, despite being told by the front desk that I could pre-order breakfast for the next day, the restaurant refused to take my order and told me I had to call at 7:30AM the next day. I called then, and I got yet another excuse about how they were not going to be open until 8AM, thus totally messing up my timing. The staff in this actual restaurant were also fairly non-responsive and surly. Business hotels need to understand that in-room dining is an important tool of the business traveler. I'm really surprised they would not want to line up orders for the next day (guaranteed business) -- they must not like making money. This, coupled with a general disinterest in doing anything for those who need room service by the in-house restaurant ends up giving this hotel a big minus -- they would almost be better without the restaurant, I would have given the hotel 4 stars.

posted by Glenn H on Feb 2, 2010

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