Hotel Gansevoort

Boutique hotel in Manhattan's Meatpacking District.

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Celebrity hot spot.

Rating: 10

The Gansevoort is luxury at it's finest. From room decor to food to roof top pool, this place is at the top of the list. Also a celebrity ho...

posted by Citysearch User on Jan 26, 2010

Celebrity hot spot.

Rating: 10

The Gansevoort is luxury at it's finest. From room decor to food to roof top pool, this place is at the top of the list. Also a celebrity ho...

posted by Citysearch User on Jan 26, 2010

security wanted to get extra money

Rating: 2

Have been at the place many times before and liked it, but the last visit spoiled everything. Came there last tuesday, my friend were leaving next day for another country, so we wanted to have a lil party. The security at the door (brunette guy with beard) asked us as usual ID. So gave him mine, he said that its not me! but it was ME, the pic was made 4 years ago, so i might look lil different. he asked to spell my last name, i did, he said it was wrong! I said my date of birth, but i didnt really remember the adress on ID, cos it was 4 years ago! But he still was saying that its not mine... I thought may be he was kidding, but he was serious and very. He said that he will call to police or if i want my ID back GIVE HIM 100 DOLLARS!!! I was so confused, shocked and said that im not gonna give him any money, just give me back my ID... After he said: Ok, how much you can give me for your ID... After another security came and my friend told him that that guy wants 100 dollars, so he said him smthg, took our ID and gave it back to us. But the evening was already spoiled... Will never back again!

posted by betty2 on Jul 11, 2009

A great night out

Rating: 10

Went here for my friends birthday dinner. The whole experience was great. We were a larger party and we opted to have our server put together an order for us. The food was great, the drinks were strong and they had a great DJ. We will definitely come back for another party

posted by manhattanisland on Feb 9, 2009

Will never visit again

Rating: 2

Went for diner during restaurant week, Will never visit again. Rock shrimp tempura was made from frozen shrimp & did not resemble anything close to rock shrimp. Kumamoto oyster shooters with wasabi tobiko & quail egg ??A? the picture had 4 of them, the restaurant served 2. Surf and turf was horrible. We all felt like we had a piece of meat without any seasoning with too much sauce. Warm chocolate miso cake was the best part of the dinner. We were asked if we want water & then charged $10 per bottle. Waste of money. Too noisy. Horrible food.

posted by nycviki on Jan 20, 2009


Rating: 2

I just wanted you to know what an awful experience we had on Saturday night. We arrived at 9:20 for our 9:30 reservation. We were told to go to the bar and have a drink while our table was being set. After 3 (!) different trips to the reservations desk to ask what was happening, we were told that it would be "just a moment." At 10:45 PM we still we waiting at the bar. We had a $300 bar tab and by that point we were starving and our night was headed downhill. Had we known we would not be seated for an hour and 15 min we would not have chosen to spend the night at the bar. After being told at 10:45 that our table would be ready any second, we decided that we had had enough. We ended up at Pop Burger eating burgers in fries. Although it was very good, it was not what I had originally planned and was extremely disappointed. I won't plan on coming to Ono again, ever. I am sure this is completely fine with them as when we were leaving not one person said anything to encourage us to stay.

posted by Katrinalily on Oct 6, 2008

Meatpacking district could-be

Rating: 4

We did wait a while in the line, but eventually, we get through the door and are escorted to an elevator, going up to PH. We step off the elevator to a very posh, very crowded club. There are a lot of reserved areas, so we go towards the bar and order a drink. Drinks were expensive there- I paid $14 for a Vodka tonic. There was a rooftop patio we wanted to check out. It was cold and damp up there, but the view was awesome. The sky had cleared a little and we could see a ways up the Hudson. I wasn?t super impressed with this venue, HOWEVER if it was warmer and not Friday night it may have made a huge difference.

posted by aerogal619 on Sep 26, 2008

Delicious drinks, gorgeous atmosphere!!

Rating: 10

just went for a friend's birthday-we had a little private area in the garden, and it was so wonderful!! they could maybe use a few more fans but the service was incredible, the bartenders were friendly, and it's just a beautiful place to sit and have some drinks/hors d'oeuvres. a welcome respite from all those pretentious, snobby places in the meatpacking district. i will definitely go back!

posted by missmadison on Jul 20, 2008

What a great place!!!!

Rating: 10

My daughter is a huge sushi fan, so after some recommendations, we made a reservation at Ono. The entire experience was fantastic. The decor is trendy and exciting. The menu is interesting and innovative. The staff was so friendly and accommodating, my daughter had a great time. You absolutely must try the topped nigiri, it will change your life!!!!!!!! We plan on coming back many times, and we recommend that you do the same!

posted by vicegrip on Jul 15, 2008

one of the best summer weekends i had

Rating: 10

I heard a lot about this place and decided to take my girlfriend here for our anniversary. We got a great table outside. The space was nicely designed and felt like an urban oasis. The place was busy and the service was on point. The sushi and lobster were amazing. We even got a surprise dessert plate with happy anniversary written on it. After dinner we were escorted to the rooftop by one of the managers and got to skip the line outside. The roof has a really nice view of the city. The music was great and we had a lot of fun. We'll definitely be back for our next anniversary.

posted by foodblogger2 on Jul 14, 2008

LOVE IT!!!! Great night out...

Rating: 10

Myself and a few friends went by this saturday and had an amazing time. First off the place is gorgeous, has a great vive, beautiful people and the food was really tasty. We had a bunch of stuff, some of my favorites were the sushi platter, tuna tartare, the crab pizza and the rib eye dish. We got to sit outside in the bamboo garden, it felt like we were on vacation somewhere outside of the City... made me forget I was only a couple blocks from my house. I think they had a DJ cause the music was really good. Great service as well. I definitely recommend it.

posted by WVfoodie on Jul 13, 2008


Rating: 10

This was our first time at ONO and we enjoyed it very much. The quality of the sushi was excellent as well as all the food we had (Kobe Tartar, vegetable robata, surf & turf and miso cake) service was very attentive.

posted by dest99 on Jul 1, 2008

Great Sushi

Rating: 8

Some of the best sushi and sashimi we've ever had only wish we could have told this to the Sushi Chef but the music level did not allow for that. Dumplings and robata was top notch! Service was spot on and very well versed with knowledge of menu and sake's. We will be back.

posted by jmdileo on Jun 30, 2008

Love the Vibe

Rating: 10

The food, music, people, its hot, my girlfriends and I love this place The oyster shooters are the best!!!

posted by myphotos on Jun 30, 2008


Rating: 10

I am appauled too!!! I'm appalled that a "CEO executive" does not know how to spell! it is "appalled" and "unequivocal", if you want people to take you seriously that is... But restaurant food and service were both exceptional, and I'm just a lowly non-exec.... go figure.

posted by ceoexec on Jun 24, 2008

The worst place I have EVER in my LIFE this coming from Corp. Executive

Rating: 2

Ono at Hotel Gansevoort has to be one of the worst places I have ever eaten in my life. As a Corporate CEO I am appauled by the lack of respect they give from waiter to management, I am appauled with how they treat their customers and how they do not keep their word on things they said they would do and then retracted at a later point. Overall, the service was horrendous even after I left. The food, for the amount of money we paid it was awful. The sushi was warm, one of my colleagues had gotten sick from it, the sushi was not even fresh it smelt very bad and while they knew I was having a corporate meeting with various other senior executives from other high level financial companies they still failed to give us the best of the best in which other restaurants would have loved to have our business and company. The drinks were awful as well some were not mixed right, had to reorder several times since they could not get it right. Is this the way a restaurant is suppose to be run? Is this how you treat your customers, and corporate executives that would most likely be able to bring you more business? This was truly, unequivically disappointing, and i have never been disrespected the way they disrespected me and ultimately my firm. DO NOT, yes i am saying DO NOT go to this restaurant. For a restaurant that prides itself on great service, good food and good environment, the only thing they offered was everything but. If you like bad service and bad food this is the place to go. I will make sure to never recommend a colleague or another executive or family member to this place EVER.

posted by CorpNYC on Jun 18, 2008

Worst management ever!!!!

Rating: 2

I booked a party for 10pp for dinner and only 5 showed up due to bad weather, but we were still charged for 10, I tried to negotiate with the manager who agreed to reimburse us for the difference, but a week later i noticed that nothing was done! when I called, they told me that the director disagreed the deal! It was a rip off experience to make us pay for their slow night and being so rude on top of that! I will not recommend this restaurant to anyone. The service was poor, portions miniscule and outlandishly expensive for an overall disappointing experience!

posted by amysouss on Jun 18, 2008


Rating: 10

This is one of the most beautiful bars I have ever been to. The staff was very nice, the people I met there were friendly and looked great. From when you walk in the lights and the furniture give it a nice modern look. I like to go there for a quick drink or 2, its a nice chill place. The view is pretty cool too. Stay classy.

posted by 350z on Jun 14, 2008

Lively atmosphere, delicious food

Rating: 10

I went there two times.Once with ten people group and once with two people. The place is suitable for any parties. It's sushi bar is delicious and also it serves family style if needed. The appetizers are different from regular dishes in Japanese restaurants but they are all delicious. I liked teh sushi without rice and cucumber margarita, also they prepare customized coctails. The waiters are very willing to help you in choosing from the menu and the atmosphere is very lively. The are nicely behaving customers around. A good place before going out at the weekend and feeling relaxed after a long week.

posted by aycaugur on Jun 3, 2008

Good drinks, inconsistent food

Rating: 6

Drinks were good, my favorite was raspberry caperinia. Out of the small plates we tried, spicy tuna tartare was very good, but kobe beef tartare was way too salty for our taste. Salmon & Shiitake and Lamb Chop robatas very pretty good, but Wagyu Filet was just OK - I expected better for the price. Large rolls (Spider and Alaskan Californian) were a disappointment, especially at the price of around $20 per roll. My impression is that it's a good place for few drinks with appetizers, but if you want to have a dinner at a Japanese restaurant, you can find a better place in the same price range.

posted by vpaskhaver on May 26, 2008

Thank God for my Economic Stimulus Check...

Rating: 2

...or else I would not have been able to pay for my meal at brunch this past weekend. As they say, I feel as though my friends and I were "taken for a ride". Just insane what restaurants can get away with. Have you ever paid $15 for a mimosa a plastic flute no less? $26 Eggs Benedict...McDonalds tasted better...the lobster was good but a meager portion. There were 3 other people seated(at one table) and our service was STILL super slow. 2 tables seated including us and everything from drinks to dessert took forever. When our meals arrived we had no flatware...even that took 5 minutes. We were nibbling wilted greens with our fingers. Don't mean to drag on here but this place should be featured on Law & Order sometime as an NYC Most Wanted that commits true CRIMES with it's prices and service. A damn shame.

posted by gaysha on May 19, 2008

Never go back!!

Rating: 2

i went there with 9 of my friends for my bro's birthday...the service is slow even thought there were just a few tables...each of us have two drinks, 4 appertizers and about 4-5 sushi for EACH PERSON and it cost us above $ bro left his birthday presents there and we called for times and they said they didnt find anything which is totally bs...we will NEVER go back there again!!

posted by yeashxp on Apr 30, 2008

Bad Service, Bad and Expensive Food, Pretensious empty place.

Rating: 2

We went on a Friday night with three friends and found at the door four other friends coming down from the Gansevoort Hotel. We requested to add guests to our table and the answer was a ?No, because the place was totally booked and it was impossible to accommodate a party of eight on a Friday night?. What was our surprise in find out that the place was totally empty and stayed like that the rest of the night. Definitely pretentious!! The food is poor, small, not tasty, expensive and the service very disappointing. From all the good alternatives in NYC, it is a waste of time to try this restaurant.

posted by npmora on Apr 29, 2008


Rating: 2

Just wanted to let you know how disappointed we were with the arrangements at ONO. We arranges this party almost a month before the event because we wanted to give our very good friend a SURPRISE GOING AWAY PARTY. Well we, and the otherguests were surprised last Saturday when the guests arrived at ONO looking for my friend's party (and reservation) and the HOST toldthem that the party was CANCELLED....can you imagine that? Cancelled?Can you imagine the reaction of the guests?..what more the Celebrantwho had no idea of the party, but started to get calls becauseher friends were in ONO and that her SURPRISE PARTY was cancelled?....Too bad the Even Coordinator, Elena Perdikakis was INEFFICIENT, and too bad I thought ONO was a good venue to hold a party. The treatment that we received from Elena and from some staff of ONO were very discriminating. thought that problem was just with you Elena, when you ruined the reservation, but NO the staff or rather, the SERVER that we had wasvery derogatory. She pressured us into ORDERING drinks and food right away when we haven't not even completely sat WHEN WE FINALLY GOT A ROOM, she gave this smirk in her face, showing that SHE WAS VERY HASSLED with our party. Half of the guests left within 15 minutes upon arriving in ONO. The rest of the party, well, we tried to GIVE our best SMILE for the sake of the celebrant on her lastweekend in NY before moving to another country. But unfortunately, no amount of drinks could HIDE our DISAPPOINMENT with the service we RECEIVED FROM ONO. YOU RUINED THE PARTY AND THE LAST WEEKEND OF MY FRIEND AND YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT TIME BACK.

posted by paris10 on Dec 5, 2007

Great outdoor spot downtown

Rating: 8

I find it funny that the previous reviewer found a basement space that doubles as a spa to have better views that an outdoor restaurant in the same hotel! Bottom line, fun crowd with good food and music. The music isn't played a club levels, I'm assuming bc of some sort of sound restriction. And truth be told unless you have a membership to SOHO house or want to wait on an obnoxious line to get to the roof of the gansevoort, it's the best outdoor space in meatpacking...

posted by ppp201 on Jul 30, 2007

Bar Review

Rating: 6

We went to to the outdoor section of Ono at around 10, place was fairly crowded, bottles were decently priced (250 stolli) and the service was halfway decent. I wouldn't really go out of my way to go to Ono (though I didn't have the food which I hear is great), the outdoor feel wasn't really there and the music was pretty lame. The same went for G-spa/lounge, though the crowd was really attractive and the views were exeptional.

posted by likuid144 on Jul 27, 2007

great food and great service

Rating: 8

after reading so many bad reviews about Ono i must admit i was nervous to have dinner here. my experience couldn't have been better than it was. i went to ono on a business dinner with an important client and supplier. the service was excellent! we had a reservation and were seated promptly upon our arrival. our waiter quickly came by and introduced himself and contrary to what most reviewers have written, he was visible and attentive to our table the entire evening. we were immediately served our drinks and our order was taken promptly. our food was served quickly and our table was never lacking in attention from the bus boys or our waiter. as for the food, the feeling is the same. the sushi was good and fresh and the kobe tartar was simply divine. i can not say enough good things about Ono and for those of you scared off by the many bad reviews, my advice to you is that you give it a chance and give it your own review. i'm sure glad that i did. the main thing to watch out for is the pricey menu. A dinner here is most definitely one you would have for a very special occassion.

posted by jewelnyc on Jul 24, 2007

Too expensive for what you get

Rating: 6

My husband and I live in NYC and visited Ono for our anniversary. We originally made a reservation for the sidewalk seating, but upon arriving were told there was a private party and we would have to sit inside. We ordered the shrimp dumplings as an appetizer and were given beef dumplings instead. When we pointed this out to our waiter he insisted we had the shrimp, which was extremely insulting. We then ordered the sushi special which was completely different when it came than it was described, and we were again made to feel stupid for commenting on this. The sushi was fine but no better than the average take-out place. Certainly not worth the $200+ we had to spend!!! You can do better elsewhere!

posted by anyoung09 on May 31, 2007

Not impressed

Rating: 6

Went there on a Saturday evening with two other couples.... The waiter came over and immediately took our drink order. He came back and rushed us to take our dinner order. My friend ordered the kobe beef and I ordered a tuna dish. Ours came out with the appetizers and the table assumed these were part of the appetizers and ate our entrees as the portions were soooo tiny. When the entrees came out we were confused as to where our food was. The waiter was nowhere to be found and when finally confronted he snarled that the food comes out as it is ready. The bill was over $500 not including tip. We left hungry and angry.

posted by laurenserr on Apr 2, 2007

ONO who's my waitress????

Rating: 6

The place is very lively and loud. The music was very loud but we managed to talk over it. We really didnt mind the music. The decor is very sleek and modern. I met my waitress when she took my order and after that I never saw her. Well the food was on time and I must say it was "good" specially the crab cakes and seaweed salad. The servers were more attentive and available than my waitress. I totally lost track of the waitress therefore I was making all my request to the servers. They were awesome, after 3 hours guess who shows up with the bill???none other than "my waitress". I had no energy to even speak to the manager after my great glass of wine. I simply said " oh ur my waitress??I did not see you all night". She did not even apologize or blame the busy restaurant, she could've atleast said anything but she didnt. I was left unsatisfied as my service was not fullfilled with a " is everything ok??" question that I've gotten at Uno's pizzeria and after seeing my pricey bill??? It left a sour taste in my mouth after that waitress. I dont know if I'll return.

posted by lucyflo on Mar 5, 2007

Just say no to Ono

Rating: 2

Where should I start? My friend and I went for lunch during Restaurant Week. The mostly empty tables at 12:30 should've told us something. The decor was much like the ones in the pictures. We were seated and got fried rice paper (equivalent to bread at an Italian restaurant), and that by far the best part of the meal. We ordered the pre fixe, which gave us an assortment of rotunda, sushi, and then one main dish between the two of us. The rotunda were skewers of chicken, shrimp, shitake mushrooms, and scallions. By far the worst skewers I've ever had in my life, there was this charred smokiness that was just plain unplesant. The sushi was eel, tuna, salmon, and fluke. The fish had been left out too long, and the rice was equally bad, leaving a bad taste in my mouth. On top of that, there were sauces on top of the fish which added nothing to the sushi. In fact, it only detracted from the taste, almost like the chef had too much time, and just wanted to make the sushi pretty. For our main course, we choose fish. The certain portions of the fish were over seasoned, and other portions under seasoned. On top of that, there were scales on the fish and fish bones. I made a comment to the wait staff and they just seemed not to care. This place just left me underwelmed. We were expecting much more, and the only memorable part was the fried rice paper. A plus about the place was that there weren't many people, and our water constantly refilled. If you are looking for good sushi, or actually, good anything, this is not place for you. You will leave full, but its a unpleasant fullness which will haunt till dinner time. Take my word, don't waste your money, the atmosphere isn't worth the high price.

posted by goliathslw on Feb 1, 2007

Great food & atmosphere. Service needs an attitude adjustment

Rating: 8

I have to say, I have never had a server who was as arrogant and a pretentious B%&$@ as we had last Saturday evening. She refused to listen to our wants, tried to dictate our food orders and was just plain not available. With that out of the way, I have to say the rest of our experience ws great. The bar was cool and enjoyable to be at. The cocktail menu innovative and the wine list touches all bases. The wine prices were higher than average but a solid menu. The menu was fantastic, covering everyone of our groups food needs. The family style serving works well too. We really worked our way through every section of the menu, touching the appetizers with the flatbread pizzas, the Robata, the sushi and maki and then 3 entrees, all of which were appreciated by all. As a group the duck left the greatest impression. Juicy ,meaty and sweet. I would like to go back witha friend and experience the outdoor area as well as the service for two.

posted by timozero2 on Jan 8, 2007

Happy New Years!!!!

Rating: 10

I went there for dinner and left with the best New Years experience of my life. There was the same good food and service that you normally expect at Ono but they had also placed plasma screeb tv's around the restaurant, that would show Times Square, as the ball dropped. As it approached the five minute mark the Dj was cut off and Tv's were turned on. The whole restaurant went from dinning to standing room only as the countdown began. Everyone in the house had Champagne, even the wonderful service staff. They know how to serve a good Japanese meal and now I know they can throw a great party. Happy New Year ONO!!

posted by iou222 on Jan 2, 2007


Rating: 10


posted by adcnyc on Dec 7, 2006

Our Favorite Place

Rating: 8

My friends love getting together to meet at ONO in the meatpacking district. It has tons of space and the staff always makes us feel important. There's no bad table in the house. You can see everything going on. They have a lot of large tables available which makes it an easy place to choose. I love the Spicy Crab Pizza and the Kobe Beef Robata. Whenever I ask a date to bring me here, they're always impressed by the little table grills. I LOVE sushi and eat it almost every night but I always crave ONO's. They're a little more expensive then your run on the mill, next door sushi restaurant but since it's not an ordinary restaurant, it's totally worth it. I really feel the sushi is better here than anywhere else, even Nobu and much better than Morimoto! I think the bar is the best hidden secret in the Meat Packing District. You can see everyone around the bar but it's still intimate enough to have a conversation. The best part is seeing all the celebrities! If you want to see famous people, this is the place! I just love it here :o)

posted by akuzma on Nov 21, 2006

O-Yes to Ono

Rating: 10

Went to Ono for the first time on Saturday night and was extremely pleased with my choice because after reading the reviews on here I was tempted to cancel my reservation. We waited only about 10 minutes to be seated, the food was amazing and the waitress was extremely helpful. I don't know who you people are that complained about the service being horrible, but did you ever think to quietly speak to a manager? And honestly, if you want a mom and pop sort of place with large portions for lower prices, this is the meat packing district, not Middle of Nowhere, USA. Honestly, get over yourselves.

posted by stilastar on Nov 20, 2006

a Real New Yorkers Restaurant

Rating: 10

Went here with a group of friends many times.. . we all loved it each time around.. The decor is fabulous. The food was great as well. They have a unique cocktail list. we had a great table almost secluded from the rest of the guests in the main dining room in a Tatami, inthe far end of the restauarant. there is a great atmosphere in and outside the restuarant.. its in the center of a very busy neighborhood and keeps up quite well with its competitors . i do believe this is one of nyc mos valued sushi establishment.. everythigs always fresh and up to par .. i am never leaving unfull or displeased.. Ihope my recommendation will help other find there way and make reservations over at Ono in hotel Gansevoort. I do believe they shall be around for along time only to bring smiles to other new yorkers like myself.. a Job well Done in Japanese Cuisine and decor !!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by mixingon on Nov 14, 2006


Rating: 6

Having dined at ONO twice before, we're looking forward to our third visit. I've gone to several sushi restaurants but nothing compares to ONO. They have a very large variety of sushi that's to die for and not to mention the chocolate miso cake. Overall great experience.

posted by tsb1023 on Nov 13, 2006

Top five sushi restaurants in NYC

Rating: 10

I really don't understand these bad reviews. I have been to every great sushi restaurant in NYC from Bond Street to Nobu and I love Ono. I have gone there on numerous occasions and it is fantastic. Yes, the food is pricey....great sushi generally is and yes the service is a bit arrogant, but where in the meat packing district is it not?? It is a fabulous scene with beautiful people. You don't go there for a rush rush dinner. You go there to relax, have some drinks and amazing sushi. If you are a connoisseur of sushi and love a great crowd, then you will love Ono.

posted by wallstreetdi on Oct 13, 2006

Food: overrated, Service: completely lacking, Never coming back: priceless

Rating: 2

Okay, just to preface the situation... I was completely looking forward to my experience at Ono. I had researched the restaurant and reviewed the menu. Put on my cute vintage dress and my Margiela Tabi Ballet flats. My friend reserved our table outside, which was beautiful with bamboo plants, the night was gorgeous. We sat at a table only to find a burnt out cigarette on my plate. (they quickly cleared it away from the table). Completely disgusted, though laughing about it, we then said: "Oh, I guess that means we can smoke cigarettes here?" So we lit a cigarette, but then was ironically told by the waiter that we could not smoke there, and was shooed away. Why is it that when one is starving that one is punished with horrible service? It took our waiter 45 minutes to take our order. He was not pleasant, short when taking our order, and pretentious. With that said, I was like: "fine, we ordered - on with the rest of this mayhem..." Our Robatas (grilled skewers of veggies and meat) arrived and it was very good... but when our sushi comes out (this IS a japanese restaurant right?) there was no pickled ginger nor wasabi to accompany our fairly large sushi platter. And to top it off, we had to find the waiter to ask for some, because he never once came to check on us to see if everything was okay. At this point we were over it, and we just tried to make the best of the rest of our night. The waiter had the nerve to ask us for a cigarette to give to another patron a couple tables away, only to let him smoke at their table... How hyprocritical!!! To top it all of, they over charged my credit card $200.00... My review for this restaurant??? " O-no was an 'Oh-NO' or 'Oh no she didn't', or O-no was an'Oh no I'm never coming back!!' Thank you.

posted by biensmama on Sep 22, 2006


Rating: 2

This is BY FAR the worst dining experience of my entire life. So horrid i cannot possibly convey the pathetic service/staff, the lack luster food, and the rediculous Las Vegas inspired interior or bridge and tunnel crowd. Don't waste your time or money.

posted by tanealdupree on Sep 22, 2006

Worst service of my life

Rating: 2

My waiter was arrogant and rude. Every time I needed him I could not find him and another server had to get him for me. The food was good but the service was so bad I would never return.

posted by shop2364 on Sep 21, 2006

all flash, no substance

Rating: 6

the atmosphere here is great. beautiful decor, beautiful people, right in the heart of meatpacking, etc., etc. but beneath all this flash and dazzle, the food and the service is sadly lacking in substance. first, we walked in through the bar area, so we walked through the whole restaurant to get to the hostess. we saw that at least half a dozen empty tables. when we get to the hostess, she said that we would get a table "very shortly." THIRTY MINUTES LATER, they finally seat us. second, we got a whole variety of food -- udon, wasabi mashed potatoes, the spider roll, a salmon skin+cream cheese roll, a tuna roll, and a piece of foie gras sushi. while the wasabi mashed potatoes were quite tasty, everything else was of a very low quality. maybe the sushi just wasn't as fresh because they made us wait so long. but regardless, i was unimpressed. the foie gras piece, at $10 a pop, had a fishy taste afterwards. the lobster was definitely not fresh. i felt totally ripped off. if you want to be a part of the meatpacking "scene", don't eat here. just enjoy the drinks here after eating somewhere else.

posted by rsfoo on Sep 18, 2006


Rating: 10

Ono has a great, fun atmosphere...but most importantly all the food is amazing. If you like Japanese food, you will LOVE Ono!

posted by chokletice on Jun 20, 2006

Terrible Service, Terrible Food

Rating: 2

I am generally not someone who writes reviews, but it would be an injustice for any future diners to waste their time and money on this OVERRATED, OVERPRICED, and POOR TASTING restaurant. the tokyo clams casino were dry and overly salty. the sashimi was no better than the packaged stuff they sell in supermarkets. the sushi rolls were nothing special, and the robato was generally bland. the kobe beef was good, but the only item that was good out of the 10 different items we ordered. the waitress never asked us how the food was or if we needed anything. she was unfriendly, curt, and unattentive. when asked for service, we'd get service with an uneager FAKE SMILE. the busboys took 20 minutes to refill our water glasses. they overcharged us with bottled water that we didn't order and did not even apologize for the mistake. all i can say is, STAY AWAY FROM ONO! trendy as it may be, there are plenty of other trendy restaurants to eat at in the meatpacking district that are well worth more for the money.

posted by hkgirl88 on Jun 19, 2006


Rating: 8

Everything was very tasty. I encourage everyone to try the kobe beef appetizers.

posted by darren1f on May 1, 2006

skip the food

Rating: 6

Great location and vibe. Nice drink menu. The food was very disappointing. If you are a big sushi fan, go elsewhere. The spider roll was horrible - not crunchy, below average. Sashimi was just average. Even the fried rice was overcooked and mushy. Prices were NY prices, but for $17, I expect an excellent spider roll. The Meatpacking district has many restaurants within walking distance that are so much better.

posted by zippityzap on Apr 8, 2006


Rating: 10

I went to Ono with a group of girls and it was an amazing experience. The service was good contrary to what I have heard. The food is amazing; a tip if you do go with a group, order an array of things and share everything. The only thing I didn't like was that Ono had poor lighting. But everything else was terrific. An amazing experience.

posted by jackiehenry on Apr 1, 2006

Positive overall, but there were issues...

Rating: 8

I don't think I have ever seen a maitre d' as arrogant as this guy. We were there on a date to celebrate a 30th birthday, and had requested a special table for the occasion. We waited at least 45 minutes past our reservation and were seated next to the waiter's computer station. I refused the table, as there was no way I was waiting that long just to sit there. I saw the maitre d' snicker when the hostess explained the situation, although he never once looked me in the face. We were eventually seated at an absolutely perfect window spot upstairs... and as soon as we sat down, management sent over two glasses of champagne, and I felt much better. The food was good, but obviously not worth the hefty price tag. Butfactor in the incredible environment--you are paying for that, too. Ouch, that bill....

posted by gertah on Mar 9, 2006

Exceeded Expectations

Rating: 8

Based upon some of these reviews we were somewhat concerned about our first trip to Ono. What we experienced was a pleasant surprise. The food was well prepared and presented if not overly creative. Wait staff were helpful and responsive and at not time did we feel rushed. Could have turned the music down a little as it made conversation between two people at a small table difficult.

posted by rightturn64 on Feb 24, 2006


Rating: 2

This was our second attempt and last. No reason to write a review except the inability to comprehend how awful our two meals have been. the first was dinner opening week some time ago - not a good piece of sushi to be had, the robata was so so and nothing was remotely memorable. Today attempted restaurant week - awful. Happy to spend any amount for delectable food - not any amount for this. nONO.

posted by pamimo on Jan 23, 2006

somethings wrong with the rating.

Rating: 2

went to ono before partying at meatpacking... what a HUGE mistake!! not only were we waiting for half an hour with reservations, once we got seated we waited another 15+ minutes for the waiter to come and take out drink menu. after ordering some sushi.. which were mediocre, sat around waiting for someone to come around to check on us.. couldnt even leave because no one came around for us to ask for the check. How this place has a 8.9 rating with all these HORRIBLE reviews is beyond me. STAY AWAY.. THERE ARE TOO MANY OTHER SUSHI PLACES TO WASTE YOUR TIME HERE!!

posted by jetlife on Jan 18, 2006

Oh no, you don't want to go to Ono

Rating: 2

Two words when considering this restaurant (particularly for a group): Don't go. Unless you want poor service at high prices. If you're looking for a nice dining experience with service that matches the bill, look elsewhere. We ordered at 9:30 and some appetizers came at 10:15 while others came at 11:15. Entrees came close to 12am. They say it's because there are 4 kitchens in the restaurant and you should have a tasting menu if you want everything timed correctly. If other upscale restaurants can figure this timing thing out, why can't Ono? They also said they would "make it up to us" by cleaning off our table between courses. This is after we asked them 3 or 4 times to clear our dirty plates. The food was decent, and service certainly didn't come with a smile -- either from the waitress or our party after this horrible dining experience.

posted by jsturtz on Nov 12, 2005

Trendy not the answer

Rating: 2

I went there with a group of 7 friends from college with a reservation. We were seated an hour and a half after our reservation and finally got appetizers an hour after that. The food was terrible and came out at these odd times where the rest of the table had their entrees before I had seen my appitizers. Not to mention that the scene wasn't even that interesting. After we racked up a bill of around 1500 with drinks, they were quick to shoo us out. Overall it was a terrible experiece clouded with bad service, bad food, and unreasonable prices.

posted by davebara on Sep 27, 2005

Not Recommended

Rating: 4

Despite the fact that the restaurant was half empty on a Wednesday night, the hostess berated my friend for arriving 20 min. late. I agree with the previous review with respect to service - lots of waiters around, but yours is always MIA. The lighting adds to it - it's so dim that it's hard to see what you're eating. The menu is vast but is difficult to decipher, and the restaurant is so loud it's difficult to hear your own conversation. Our spicy tuna sushi was so spicy that even our cajun lover friends couldn't handle it. Only thing that we particularly enjoyed out of the 7+ things we ordered was the kobe beef. Will definitely go elsewhere for Japanese in the future. With so many great places in the Meatpacking Dist., no sense in wasting your time on bad service and sub-par food.

posted by nyc_girl on Sep 22, 2005

VERY overpriced, bad service

Rating: 2

We went with 4 other friends to ONO after having heard so much about it. The service was terrible, even rude, and we waited for our main course for over 35 minutes. The place is very expensive.

posted by mayalita07 on Aug 31, 2005

Not going back!

Rating: 2

I was willing to try it in spite of the bad reviews I read on Citysearch. Unfortunately, those reviews turned out to be very truthful. Despite the spacious setting and pretty decor, the space was crowded and loud. My sushi was mediocre at best and of the two that I tried of my friends', one was too salty and one was very bland. More disappointing than the sub-par food was the service. Although servers darted around constantly, those that were capable of stopping by our table seemed as elusive as available cabs during rush hour. The dainty portions, separated by long waits between courses meant that we pretty much never felt satiated. The final blow came when the waitress scorned our 16% tip for the meal. What a waste of time and money.

posted by qksilver66 on Aug 17, 2005


Rating: 2

Anyone considering ONO should read all the reviews posted and believe that 20 bad reviews and 2 good reviews is a serious sign. I have been to ONO twice and both experiences have been completely unworth the hassle. Sure, it's a trendy scene, but once they actually seat you (typically an hour after your reservation time), it's not worth trying to be cool.

posted by melissa_nyc2005 on Aug 12, 2005

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