Hotel Frank

Formerly the Maxwell Hotel. From the hotel:

Let’s face it, subtlety is so last season. In our fast-paced, very self-expressed world, bold is the new black. Being “in” means being unapologetically you. It’s a refreshing energy that’s liberating, candid, and always, always frank.

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386 Geary St

Partner Reviews: Hotel Frank

Maxwell Hotel

Rating: 8

This hotel is greatly located and definitely worth visiting. It is very artsy and comfortable. It was rather small but definitely enjoyable....

posted by Citysearch User on Jan 24, 2009

Maxwell Hotel

Rating: 6

Our room was average-sized, and it wasnt anything special. The staff didnt really make an effort to be helpful or courteous. The hotel is ce...

posted by Citysearch User on Dec 21, 2005

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