Hotel El Ducado

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Juan Fanning 337
LIMA, 18  Peru

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Don't stay here! Terrible experience!!

I stayed here back in May of 2012.  First the rooms smelled terrible and were extremely dirty!  The hotel looks much better in the pics than in person.  The hotel staff harrassed me nonstop about bringing my girlfriend back to my room.  They had a major problem with me, american having a local Peruvian girlfriend.  I finally had to pay a bribe to take her to the room.  Then they lied and said i did damage to their linen. They charged me 120 dollars for 2 towels saying they could not be saved.  After 2 days of harrassment i left to another hotel.  Then the owner from Ducado and some men followed me there.  They surrounded me and threaten me to pay additional 200 dollars !  I paid out of fear!  Please o please dont stay at El Ducado hotel!!!!

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