Hotel Del Sol

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3100 Webster St

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Great staff and fun setting

Rating: 10

I highly recommend Hotel Del Sol. I came in from New York with my girlfriend and chose Hotel Del Sol after a family member suggested it. The staff was personable and eager to please and the setting and rooms were colorful and fun yet comfortable. The free parking came in handy and there were plenty of great restaurants / shops in the area. I recommend Perry's, which is on Union. I needed a few pieces of clothing dry cleaned and they accommodated me very well.

posted by dereklove on Oct 4, 2007

Great location, but average value

Rating: 8

Overall, our experience was fine, but I'm not sure we'd go back. All in all, the room really wasn't that cheap (about $160 a night including taxes) for a "budget" hotel. Maybe that's San Francisco, though? Pluses: Fabulous location (walking distance to great restaurants and shopping); Free parking; Clean rooms; Funky decor; Free breakfast (don't expect much, though). Minuses: EXTREMELY thin walls (we were woken up both nights by loud guests in the courtyard); No thermostats (so, if you run the heater in the winter, expect to wake up with zero moisture in your body); No coffee makers in the room (You'll have to wait till breakfast starts at 7 AM)

posted by brose1 on Dec 22, 2006

Fun Place In The Marina

Rating: 10

I always recommend Hotel Del Sol to guests visiting San Francisco who want to be close to Union Street, Chestnut Street, and The Marina. It is so wonderful to have a place to stay in The City with free parking. The rooms are functional and the motel (?) is clean and quiet. Everyone that I know who has stayed there liked it very much. It is for people who want to be close to Union Street and The Marina. The "hipper than thou" crowd might be more comfortable at The Phoenix in the trashy and dangerous Tenderloin section of San Francisco.

posted by pacific_heights on Sep 7, 2005

Not my first choice, but perhaps on the list

Rating: 6

Yes the Hotel Del Sol is hip, but the standard rooms are tiny. You can tell that the decor is not lavish by all means. They just slapped a few ecoutrements so that they could charge a lot for a little--and I mean room size. They also are not willing to negotiate on their prices during off season week nites. Perhaps their suites are better? I don't know and am not willing to spend the money to find out. I would rather stay at the Phoenix any day.

posted by lotuslife on Mar 14, 2005

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