Hotel Crescent Court, A Rosewood Hotel

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400 Crescent Ct
DALLAS, TX, 75201  United States

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Crescent Court Rules, just don't ask the female concierge one thing!

Rating: 8

I am one of those travelers who look to young to stay in a 5 star hotel. Sometimes I encounter surprising rudeness and apparent disdain. I must admit that I was worried about the Crescent Court Hotel in Dallas. Upon arrival my worries were shattered. I was welcomed warmly and given the best room in my category, on the top floor overlooking the beautiful pool. The outside of the Crescent Court Hotel reminded me of The Penninsula in Beverly Hills. Inside the hotel was a gleaming lobby and lovely corridors. The room itself was fabulous. Everything was great until I asked the female concierge to refer me to a walk in nail salon because the spa was booked. She looked at me like she has never heard of such a thing and was apparently appalled that I, a 29 year old male, would dare to want a manicure and ask her where I may get one. It is always amusing when the staff is more snobby than me. I was like HELLO?? You are a female concierge with a full set of nails and you act as though you have never heard of a walk in nail salon.?? Aside from that debacle NOBU rocked. Nobu was a great treat and just as good as Nobu in Malibu and NY. The bottom line: You will enjoy the Crescent Court; just get your nails done before you go.

posted by djonbette on Jun 23, 2006

Hotel Crescent Court

Rating: 6

I suppose this hotel has pretty nice rooms. The service here is usually great, I have had no problems with the staff with one exception, but...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 23, 2005

Best hotel in Dallas !

Rating: 10

The Crescent Court has always and always will be the best hotel in DFW. The rooms are lovely, the architecture is exquisite, the food delicious and the service is divine! The epitome of a classy hotel and a much better value overall than newer, tackier hotels!

posted by hwood41 on Dec 15, 2003

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