Hilton Rye Town

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699 Westchester Ave

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This was worst stay ever!

Rating: 2

This was worst stay ever! Our room was dirty with pubic hair on the toilet and our sheets smelled of urine. When we told this to the manager they said that all the room were busy and gave us new sheet to put on OURSELFs. When we objected we were told to keep our voices down! Terrible service!!!‎

posted by boby1326 on Jan 19, 2010

Wedding Reception Nightmare

Rating: 2

Would not advise booking a wedding here and expecting anything above the "norm" because it's a Hilton. Outside wedding ceremony in the Gazebo, sitting on chairs in the dirt was a disaster. Noise from hotel air conditioning drowned out ceremony along with low-flying aircraft. No hotel help to direct guests from point A to point B and the one or two that could....barely spoke English. Food is ordinary, even mundane and so typical of a wedding factory, the SECOND you put your drink/plate down...it's GONE...even still filled! The Hilton is horribly disorganized; table service is a horror because, if you don't duck quickly enough, you get side-swiped by trays bringing food courses. And the food is disappointing. Acceptable Filet Mignon served with cold vegetables. Desserts served still with ice chips on them that rendered them inedible but, if you waited for thaw, the help quickly took the desserts away without asking. And, of course, coffee is served and never refreshed so that when wedding cake is finally thrown onto the tables, guests had to get up and fill their own coffee. One might expect this low class of service from a typical wedding factory-type venue where people are shuffled through an event like cattle. One does not expect such a horribly poor experience at a Hilton. NOT a place for any young couple to plan the wedding reception of their dreams; it will only turn into a nightmare.

posted by Antacid on Aug 9, 2009

Good Place to Lay your Head

Rating: 10

This hotel is a keeper. I stayed overnight and had a nice dinner and a swim in there indoor pool. They have a lovely buffet in the morning f...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 23, 2005

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