Hilton Los Angeles Airport And Towers

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5711 W Century Blvd

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Worst Customer Service Ever!

Rating: 2

I was looking to park here because of the covered parking and the valet service. Plus I figured it was the Hilton, how could I go wrong. Well here is how. I started this debacle with a simple question. When I tried reaching anyone at the Hilton valet or front desk, I was put on hold for five and ten minutes at a time, hung up on, transferred to the wrong place, and when I finally asked for a manager, I was hung up on again. When I finally got hold of a manager, I had made more than fifteen calls just to get to this point. When I spoke to the manager, I was furious and told her about the happenings and explained that I was going to take my business elsewhere. She expressed her apologies and told me that she would take care of my reservations due to the problems I had. So then I stayed. Big mistake!!! When my boyfriend came to pick up the car, no one anywhere knew about the arrangements with the manager and now the manager is saying that she never said anything about taking care of the payment. What else does taking care of the reservation mean? Bottom Line: I had to take care of this mess from 3000 miles away and it interrupted my lovely Christmas Holiday. I have been trying to get a hold of the same manager to resolve the issue now that I am home and she is not responding back to me. AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! GO TO PARK AND FLY. CHEAPER AND BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

posted by ilovethsea on Jan 11, 2009

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