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It's the Hard Rock. Not known for its service but rather rock n' roll memorabilia, the extravagant suites, the tattoo parlor, Pink Taco, The Joint and of course, Rehab--the raunchy summer pool party.

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4455 Paradise Rd

Partner Reviews: Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

messy people

Rating: 2

I just wish I could give the Hard Rock pool 3 fab points. It's LLE, bitches. The pool is sooo.... is sooooo soooo uhhhh The hard rock pool is that one place i just. kinda. really. wanna. love. I wish I felt love for Relax Pool Parties. I want to give them our highest rating...I just can't. Now- I know that Relax and Rehab are very different. In fact, I have yet to enter the dangerous, cutthroat world of Rehab. Going to Rehab on a Sunday requires about a 40 pound deficit and 4 inch heels. Relax doesn't require all that jazz- cause it isn't a modeling contest. But I think I'm not the only one who knows that. In fact, I think that Relax kinda treats it's goers as C-level while Rehab is treated as quite A-list indeed. Herein lies my conflict. I'm a local- I want to looovvveee Relax. And I just do not.... READ WHOLE BLOG AT: sinctysocialite.blogspot (DOT) com/2009/07/071409-hard-rock-pool-relax-pool-party.html ADD US ON TWITTER @SinCtySocialite

posted by SinCtySocialite on Jul 26, 2009

fun hotel

Rating: 8

Their pool is great if you like to show of your bod or check out others. Plus they actually play decent (comparably) music in their casino, as I should hope they would. And I loved the flat screens and purple shiny bedspreads, best hotel decor I've seen in Vegas. Body English was just ok, I wouldn't pay to get in.

posted by bootsytown on Nov 17, 2006

Not so good

Rating: 6

Well I had been here when they opened and totally forgot what it was like so I recently went back with my boyfriend on a trip for the weekend. I remember why I had forgot it. The casino area is dinky, and I do mean tiny. The little area that they have for shopping doesn't have too much variety in it and it's a little overpriced. The 24/7 diner that we went to really was horrible for service and food. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone I liked, unless they gave you a free room.

posted by muranodiva on Nov 13, 2006

If your under 35, you shouldn't be anywhere else

Rating: 10

I have stayed at the Hard Rock at least 7 times, and never been disappointed. I usually go on busy weekends (4th of July, Labor day). If this is when you are going, book early, and call and check your reservation at least a few weeks out, I have heard horror storys with them being overbooked and had to be moved to other hotels. The pool is INSANE, do not miss Rehab on Sundays. Its enough to make you work out all year long. Luckys is great at 7 am and there is always something (or someONE) to do. If I am going to Vegas to party, there is nowhere else I would rather stay.

posted by lwhitneyb on Jun 30, 2006

Don't stay here if you want a comfortable night's sleep!

Rating: 6

Room is nicely decorated. Each room has a different color comforter and they are pretty nice and reasonably soft. What's not soft are the sheets. I don't know if they starch them, I couldn't get an answer when I asked housekeeping, but w/ the air being so dry, my skin was dry and the sheets were like sandpaper on my elbows. It was pretty bad and rubbed them raw after 2 nights. BUT on the bright side, the rooms have approx. 48" plasma television. They're cheap plasma's but still a nice big television versus other hotels. Not that many channels to choose from if that matters. 2 or 3 of them are Hard Rock Channels. Elevators are spaced pretty well so it's not too far of a walk to your room, unlike MGM. The check-in process was a bit ridiculous. Maybe too many rock stars staying there wrecking the rooms, but they have a 4 part contract you have to read that is directed to room damage and check out procedures. It's a bit over the top and authorizes them to charge for ANYTHING! The guy checking us in assured us, it's "the new check in" procedure you would find all over Las Vegas, but we also stayed at the Rio and THAT was a standard check in. I don't know what's up with this hotel. I don't plan on staying there anymore. Too many other hotels to choose from and the sheets are horrible! But I will 100% recommend staying at the Hard Rock Seminole Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They are awesome and their hotel and casino is wonderful! Oh yeah, the Hard Rock Pool is apparently the HOT spot...you have to get a pool wristband like you are back in college, on spring break. Our room was high up and we had an awesome view, with a single step out balcony. That was a bonus for sure!

posted by dancing247 on Jun 24, 2006

Horrendous customer service

Rating: 6

We arrived at 11:00am and were informed that our room would be ready b/t then and 3:00pm. We didn't get a room until after 4:00pm. The carpet in our room was very wet. When we complained, all we got was $30 deducted from our bill - the total bill, NOT the price per night. When one of the ATMs malfunctioned and ate our money, no one would be of any assistance to us at all. We wanted to spend money in their casino, but couldn't get the cash to spend and they didn't care. The housekeeping was awful. Our toiletries were never replaced, the bed was never fully made, and so forth. I've experienced better service at a Travelodge. There are plenty of other hotel-casinos in Vegas, stay at one of those. Never before I have experience such horrible customer service.

posted by sgaddy on Dec 1, 2005

The Best!

Rating: 10

Excellent Staff, Service, rooms/suites, restaurants & awesome pool. Mostly late 20's-30's crowd but I, in my 60's, am perfectly comfortable thanks to a young staff eager to please their guests. I have stayed at Hard Rock 30+ times in the 10 years they've been opened & never had a less than perfect experience with either staff or guests....the kids are FUN! Pool is wonderful, cabana is the way to go if you're over 30, high above the crowd & your own small pool just steps away. Suites are truly suites with door separating living room from bedroom & I simply LOVE having the double doors (2 sets in suites) that open onto small alcony for fresh air! Casino is small but friendly & caters more to Table Gamers than Slots. Simon's Restaurant is awesome!

posted by bsmlhm on May 27, 2005

Do not stay here if you are over 25

Rating: 2

If you want to hang out with a bunch of drunken losers and be treated by the staff like a drunken teenager/frat boy this is the place for you. It was like spring break and they treat you like they are managing that type of crowd. Our room was not cleaned for 3 days -even after repeated calls to housekeeping, the music from the pool is so loud that you can hear it in your room everyday from 9am - 7pm. The staff acts like they have had a collective lobotomy and are unable to handle the most simple tasks and requests. The pool is great but you need to get up at 8am or no chair. I have stayed hear in the past because of their excellent service. It is unfortunate that this property has sunk so low. Trust me there are much better places to stay in Vegas

posted by thknyc1 on May 16, 2005

Average hotel at a ridiculous price

Rating: 6

I think this is only an average hotel. The rooms are nothing special and considering the location, there are nicer hotels on the strip for the same price or less. They have a nice spa, and Mr. Lucky 777 special is a good deal. The pool area, I think, is small. There is only one reason this place is still open, and that is "to see and be seen". There is a lot of eye candy but I did not think it was worth the price of admission.

posted by highmarked on Oct 3, 2004

Last Review

Rating: 8

I read the last review before I went to stay at the Hard Rock and was a little worried about staying there but I found the hotel to be completely the opposite. There was plenty of room to get ready. Plenty of counter space, mirrors, and a huge tub. Not sure what type of room this person had but I just had a standard room. This room was for two women. The hotel was great.

posted by angel1202 on Aug 2, 2004

Good for guys only

Rating: 3

Everyone told me I HAD to stay at the Hard Rock. 20 minutes after I arrived I remembered that everyone who told me that was a guy. There were hundreds of overweight hairy men by the pool and a few 20 year old girls in bikinis strutting through the lobby. No women anywhere, for good reason. There were no mirrors in the room or countertops in the bathroom. How does a woman apply makeup with a setup like that? We ended up with blow-dryers, hairspray and glasses of water resting on the tile floor of the bathroom, which also didn't even have a bathtub.

posted by cackin on Oct 20, 2003

Lives up to it's name!

Rating: 9

Very impressed this time around. Especially because they must have done away with the lame "No bringing your own food or drink to the pool." '311' was also playing on Labor Day and they opened the doors to The Joint for the last 3 or 4 songs so everyone in the casino was able to see! Thanks! Also Mr. Lucky's still has great service and a wonderful selection of food. As usual I stayed when I could get a $69 room rate instead of the norm of $200 plus!

posted by pee on Sep 9, 2003

OVER 35 & still rockin', kids

Rating: 7

I hate to disappoint you 20-somethings, but the under 35 crowd doesn't have the market cornered on "cool". I'm OVER 35, I'm still hot, I still rock & I had a blast here too. And, I also prefer places w/o kids. Not in my wildest dreams could I imagine walking thru a hotel lobby & hearing AC/DC! What a blast! But I can't wrap my brain around the idea of that "sand beach pool" - HATED it. People watching is a riot, especially the Britney wannabes. It's like watching a parade of little girls playing "dress up" in mom's clothes. Advice: bring 75W bulbs w/ you. Every single bulb in our room was 40W & the lighting was ridiculously dim. Try getting dressed in black when you can't SEE your wardrobe! Try AJ's Steakhouse & Simon for dinner or a cocktail. They both rock.

posted by choulli on May 16, 2003

HArd Rockin

Rating: 10

This place rocks ! Good music good food and good fun !

posted by Jeneric702 on Nov 21, 2002

Not the property it used to be.

Rating: 6

When the Hard Rock Hotel first opened it's doors, the music and food were great and the crowds were diverse. Since it's expansion and new management, the service and food quality seem NOT to have been a consideration. The pool, however, is the best in Vegas with it's cabanas, slide and outdoor gaming. The crowds are very young, often catering to those under 21 with concerts in the Joint. Go figure!

posted by farmerjohn on Sep 20, 2002

I expected more

Rating: 4

I visited the Hard Rock and all that I have to say is ....great atmosphere...why isn't it attracting a fun, energetic crowd....I'm 25 and don't want to have to wait for screaming kid in the stroller to get out of my way to get to the bar. No thanks.

posted by euphoric001 on Aug 7, 2002


Rating: 7

My girlfriend and I visited on a weekend and ran into as many families and middle-aged couples as trendy 20- and 30-somethings. The casino and pool are a bit smaller than some of the mega-casinos on the strip. The sleek retro decor is cool -- though the rock and roll paraphernalia (guitars and such) are kind of cheesy and more suited to the theme restaurants (how much of that stuff is authentic?).

posted by BObermiller_Citysearch on Jul 29, 2002

The Hard Rock rocks

Rating: 8

DEFINITELY a young, vibrant crowd. Even the "older" people staying there adopt a spring break mentality. Location off the strip is no problem (it's a quick cab ride), unless someone is dead set on playing at the big casinos elsewhere. Restaurants offer everything. Mr. Lucky's is a great 24-hour option for the more budgeet-conscious diner. If you like sushi, there is NO PLACE better than Nobu. The wait staff in the restaurants was very friendly, and maintenance showed up to replace a broken remote control in under 3 minutes. The pool is a terrific place to spend the day, but bring a picture ID to order food or drinks (this policy applies all over the hotel; they're big on enforcing the picture id). Wednesday night pool party is great. Complaints? 1. fee to use hotel's athletic facilities; 2. painfully long checkout line.

posted by david1 on Jul 22, 2002

everyone is pretty

Rating: 10

I was amazed when i first walked in and sad to leave. IF your young and ready to party hearty this is the only place you need to visit. It was loud and jumping and everyone here is so young! I met some hotties here and next time i go to las vegas i will staying here for sure!

posted by heavenbee on Jun 13, 2002

The BEST place for....

Rating: 10

...singles in their 20s and 30s looking to party, bachellor/bachellorette parites, good drinks, good looking people, etc. If you are looking for great gambling, great food, and romantic and quiet time, go somewhere else.... Families should NOT stay here. OK, the circle bar rocks literally until about 8 am, Baby's is OK, nothing really special about it. You should check it out once and spend the rest of the time at the circle bar and casino. The pool scene is the best in Vegas. Lots of great looking people. Rooms are basic but clean and just fine.....Definitely go there if you are looking for this type of scene!

posted by crh on Jun 12, 2002

I'll never stay anywhere else

Rating: 10

There is no reason to stay anywhere else but the Hard Rock if youre young (25ish-30ish) and looking to party. This is not a place to take a child. I went for my bachelor party in June (106F outside), and was blown away. Beautiful people everywhere, great music and decor, amazing pool (the swim-up casino is a mixed blessing). Make sure you hit the gym for a month or two before you go. Some of my friends were not impressed by the food, and theres no buffet, but I had no issues with Luckys or Pink Taco. Quintessential moment: 6am Sunday morning, the casino and central bar are still PACKED. Go. Enjoy. Party hard.

posted by berson on Jun 10, 2002

Hip Vegas Hotel

Rating: 8

Hard Rock remains the hands down hippest hotel in Vegas. Many are surprised to learn that it isn't actually on the Strip. That's really the only drawback is its non-Las Vegas Boulevard location. Other than that, everything else rocks. The Joint attracts top name musical talent, the vibe is young and cool, and the gaming is great.

posted by taradelis_citysearch on Jun 7, 2002

Fun place to stay in Vegas

Rating: 8

I've stayed here several times while in Vegas on business. The crowd is younger and more fun than at some of the other hotels. The rooms are large and comfortable and there's a great little diner downstairs that serves the most incredible malts and burgers. Love the decor and the pool.

posted by SueOstermann_Citysearch on May 31, 2002

Beautiful heaven

Rating: 10

The minute you walk inside you know that you are going to have a blast. The sceen is for young hip women and men. Every where you look all you see is smiles. If you go no where except here in las vegas you won't miss a thing...

posted by laurieswirls on May 24, 2002

Fun, Young Crowd

Rating: 8

The fun crowd is less mixed than most casinos and tends towards sassy twenty-to-thirty-somethings, with plenty of bachelor and bachelorette parties thrown into the mix. While its a little out of the way, there are plenty of clubs, restaurants and tables to keep you busy all night. The craps tables are especially fun...when you're on a roll.

posted by mstampley_citysearch on May 22, 2002

Good choice off the strip

Rating: 8

You won't find any floral bedspreads or wispy beach-themed watercolor prints in your room at the Hard Rock. It's a great choice if you're looking for something modern. The rock and roll theme is everywhere, including the elevators, which feature leather walls and loud music. Staying here does not place you in the middle of the other Vegas action, though you really need to take a cab to get to the Strip. The hotel is also surprisingly accommodating if you're planning a business conference in the hotel.

posted by susanblue_citysearch on May 20, 2002

Nice rooms

Rating: 9

I was pleasantly surprised by the rooms at the Hard Rock. The decor is sleek and modern with cool rock and roll touches (the hallway lighting fixtures are actual drum cymbals). The service is friendly, and the vibe is laid-back. The only drawback is it's a bit of a hike to get to the Strip.

posted by JSchwartz_Citysearch on May 16, 2002

Not your Grandma's Vegas

Rating: 8

The Hard Rock is the cool place to stay -- no doubt about it. It had somewhat of an intimate feel before the expansion, but now that's lost a bit. Still, the rooms are great -- spacious and with a big TV. The pool is cool. The casino is fairly hip and packed with young folks.

posted by peterbehle_citysearch on May 15, 2002

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