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601 1st Ave N

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Serious short staffing issues, but nice decor

Rating: 4

We called at 10PM the night prior to make a reservation, none could be made until the following morning at 10AM. (despite what their phone messages state.) She mentioned the online booking but told us to follow up with a phone call the next morning. We attempted to confirm at 10AM but only got was an answering machine. An hour later, again no live person to talk to regarding reservation confirmation. A 4th call two hours later no one was yet available in reservations. This time I had to tell them either we recieved confirmation or we would be forced to go elswhere. This time they found someone. I also specifically confirmed the exact room layout and I didn't want to run into one not being available upon our arrival, she stated there would be no problems. Upon arrival, we where given our room cards and of course it was the wrong room. After going back down to the desk she stated that we had reserved the room but staff hadn't blocked the room on the computer. After a bit of fanfare and explanation of how hard it was to even make the reservation they did attempt to accomdate me by upgrading to another room that had a Spa (After trying to convince me to take another room with a slightly more limited view then my original reservation). They then offered to show me one of the other rooms for future reference after we check out our upgraded room. After doing so, we called back down to check out the other room and they stated no room was available to show us. Misc. cons: Heavy dust buildup on bathroom shower door holders, really yellow water (hard water I'm guessing), broken hot tub switch (the only difference in my upgraded room from a corner room), dead batteries in the chic bathroom scale, small rooms overall, Very poor staffing of the front desk. The positives: Very comfortable beds, nice plasma TV in the main room and bathroom, nice decor, Good View of the city, nice location to light rail. I've been to far more organized 4 star hotels in Minneapolis.

posted by Daniel33 on Jun 29, 2008

Awesomeblueberrypancakes!! Most comfy beds ever! Best view you could ever ask for!

Rating: 10

My significant other and I go every time one of our birthdays roll around. I would recommend a corner suite because the view is awesome. The room feels so open and seemless. The linens are very comfortable. It's like laying on a cloud; literally. The bathrooms are very fancy and modern. Room service is excellent, the staff makes you feel like royalty. The location is perfect for us because it is near all of the bars and clubs and restaurants DT. It's impossible to get bored here. The building it's in has everything you could ever need in it. You could stay the whole weekend or longer and never leave the building and never have to visit the same place twice. There are multiple restaurants and bars, a bowling alley/arcade and a spa and a movie theater. I love this hotel!!

posted by MelissaJW on Jun 2, 2008

Great Value

Rating: 10

We go for weekend retreats/rehabs here, usually after getting so bombed downtown that we don't want to risk driving home. It is a solid hotel, past trendy, with a transient yet appropriate staff. The service is slow in the restaurant but the environment makes you decide to just chill, (breakfast is one of the best meals here). Guests who stay here seem to be either getting married, fresh from convention, working on their East coast quirkiness or are performing next door at the Target Center. Fries are excellent. The dance club downstairs feels like a real big city place. Whomever did the design work built to last and it shows. It is a great asset to Minneapolis.

posted by weiver on Jul 28, 2007

Best Hotel in town!!!

Rating: 10

Located across from the Target Center ; where the Timberwolves play(a minus in my opinion but tolerable). It is a bit off the beaten path for tourist that wish to shop and eat at fine restaurants but is VERY near some of the night clubs and local hangouts. The hotel is VERY modern and VERY well staffed and maintained!!! The rooms feature plasma and/or lcd flat panel TV's. The bedding is luxurious. The toiletries are top of the line. Everything is very modern but still inviting! You will not be disappointed! The staff is quick to get the door and help you out with whatever your needs are. I didn't visit the bar or restaurant but they looked very nice. See my recommendations on places to visit and eat at.

posted by filmless1 on Jun 12, 2007

Great weekend getaway

Rating: 10

We went here for our anniversary, and got the breakfast in bed package. The room was smaller than the pictures online suggested, but the bed was the most comfortable one I have ever slept in, and the location of the hotel is top. We walked to dinner, walked to clubs that night, and walked back! The 5 head shower was amazing, and the television in the bathroom a fun plus. The breakfast package includes $30 credit for room service, plus a late 3pm checkout. Totally worth it after going out all night. The breakfast was excellent, filling, and included all drinks (coffee, tea, juice). The leisurely check out was great. We were treated wonderfully, and had a great time.

posted by jbvv on Apr 16, 2007

Best downtown location; Very mod and chic accommodations!

Rating: 10

This is a classy upscale place to stay when in Mpls. I've stayed there three times. Twice as Le Meriden and then renamed Graves 601. The service is wonderful. They have valet parking at the door so no worries about something happening to your car in the Downtown area. The rooms are so comfy and really nice for a special occasion or event. I love the bedding and bath robes. The used to have Hermes bath products but have switched to Aveda, which is a bit of a bummer. Very quiet, no children, no pool--who needs one. They have flat-screen Tv's, modern bathrooms, and the whole nine-yards.

posted by taebotracy on Nov 17, 2006

Great Hotel

Rating: 10

I had a chance to stay here during a conference recently and absolutely loved it! They have unbelievable rooms and great service. I would recommend this hotel to anyone who is looking for the hotel stay of a lifetime.

posted by review23 on Aug 18, 2006

i love the graves

Rating: 10

i called ahead and planned an engagement party for my girlfriend at cosmos. what a great time and we had one of the best rooms there. everyone treated us with great respect, and were so awesome. the bar was great, and a beautiful night to remember, the view from our room was endless, and you will want to stay another day just to sleep in the beds. totally gay friendly, as it should be. i cant wait to take my wife back here!

posted by h_toast on Aug 11, 2006

Nice, but that's pretty much it.

Rating: 6

My husband and I recently decided to treat ourselves to a long weekend in the nearby Twin Cities. We decided to try the Graves 601 - while we were comfortable, we were...well, I guess "whelmed." Not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, but I don't think we'll be going back. If you're going to splurge on some overnight luxury? Perfect. Spending some time in the area and needing some real day-to-day amenities? I'd probably look elsewhere. I will say that the staff could not have been nicer or more helpful; I cannot fault the Graves for the excellence of their staff . The bathroom is worth the cost of the room. You'll never want to get out of the 5-headed shower, the soaps & lotions smell fantastic, and the men get to have a flat screen during their "throne time" ;)

posted by chasmosaur on May 11, 2006

Pretty but unorganized

Rating: 6

This hotel, currently, is in it's own league in terms of Minneapolis Hotels. It's not necessarily the best hotel but it has a very cool, boutique vibe. Lobby is beautiful as is the restaurant, bar, and club. Rooms are also very cool with flat screens, lighted head boards, flatscreen in the wonderful bathroom. The BEDS here are so so so wonderful! My only negative remark about the hotel specific is that the rooms are quite small, very small!! Plus, the service of the hotel is extremely unorganized. On one visit, they could not find my delivery which was six feet tall. They have accidentally delivered my faxes to other guests. Room Service was consistently late and mediocre, at best. Make sure to set your alarm also as the wake up calls are often late.

posted by c197933 on Mar 9, 2006

Great hotel, poor service and value

Rating: 8

First of all, the hotel was fantastic. The amenities were top notch. Hotel bar and restaraunt (Cosmos) excellent. Room service, Excellent and the only thing that was not high priced. The service was ho-hum, the rooms were pretty, but I have seen larger in a Motel 6, and we stayed on the Penthouse Floor! This hotel needs to realize that pretty, and downtown will not keep them in business if the service and value do not improve. If you are going to stay here, which I would still recomend if you will be downtown, go on a discount site to book the room. If you pay more than $300, you will be seriously dissapointed!

posted by kkremer212 on Feb 12, 2006


Rating: 10

The Graves Hotel is still a GREAT Hotel, the service is fantastic. I would come here again and again, it is NOT your typical AMERICANA hotel with the gross wallpaper the country-fied accommodations and mediocre servicethe hotel is modern with a nice touch of classplasma TVs, comfy beds and linens and very CLEAN. The hotel is NOT kid friendly which is really great for the adult traveler who doesnt want to deal with running screaming children running through the hotel or in the next room. For what the hotel is it is reasonably priced ($250-$350 +). It is close to all kinds of restaurants and fun things to d0, The Target Center is right across the street if you have an evening of concerts and such planned, and Hard Rock Cafe is right next door. You wont be disappointed.

posted by bling76 on Feb 6, 2006

Trendiest hotel in town

Rating: 6

This hotel is definitely the trendiest hotel in Minneapolis. The common areas are hip and the rooms are decorated very modern. All of the ...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 18, 2005


Rating: 10

This hotel is the best I've ever stayed at, and I've stayed at quite a few. Perfect in all ways. The food at Cosmos was not soo good but service and atmosphere made up for it.

posted by kannfay on Oct 31, 2005

Convenient Location

Rating: 10

Le Meridien Minneapolis is a beautiful hotel that is located in the best spot of Minneapolis. The Hard Rock Cafe is right next to the hotel ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jun 30, 2005


Rating: 10

Le Meridien is in the theater district downtown. It is also central to shopping, entertainment and business. The ambiance is rich in art a...

posted by Citysearch User on May 5, 2005

Great Rooms- Bad Service

Rating: 6

DAY 1 they did not give us the wake up call we requested, never brought the extra hangers we needed and never fixed the flickering light in the bathroom. Everytime housekeeping came to our room, all they did is change the sheets and give us new towels. I had a beer bottle that sat on the desk for 5 days. DAY 2 our breakfast was 30 minutes late. Our first call, they said it was on it´s way up. Ten minutes later, still not there. The second time I called they said the time on the order card was changed to 8:30 am. The front desk also could not recommend a good steak house in the area. I called another 4 Star hotel and without taking a breath they we able to suggest 2. Anyway, my thought is, for $250-$350 a night, it is the small details you pay for.

posted by aingwalson on Jun 2, 2004

Great Rooms

Rating: 10

I will never forget my first stay at Le Meridien. The view was awesome, the rooms were even better- and not to mention the location. I would recommend this to everyone!!

posted by minibri83 on Apr 28, 2004

the beds

Rating: 10

Le Meridien is my new favorite hotel, anywhere. While I love the modern decor, the fabulous bathrooms, the showers, and the wasabi peas in the bar, the beds are what has made me devoted. They are like sleeping on a cloud. You wake up refreshed, but wish you could go back to sleep because it feels so wonderful. The proximity to the theatres on Hennipen, great restaurants (Cosmos has great food and we have had great service), the Target Center and the shopping on Nicolette mall, makes it convienent for what we need when we go to Minneapolis without the kids. This isn't a family hotel, which is another reason I love it--makes the get away weekends more special. I only wish we could afford to stay there more often.

posted by twinsfan on Apr 14, 2004

MPLS work force not ready for city hip

Rating: 10

Le Meridien is our new place to stay when in the cities. They can dress it up all they want, but the staff is still college students from out state Minnesota. It made me smile at every turn. Waiters pronounce menu items like they're not quite sure and they explain the meals in a very learned manner. Staff accommodates to the best of their ability, but they don't "predict" or "see need" like a true uptown hotel. However, I have to say, we keep returning because of this funny juxtaposition . . . Please get yer spa up and running.

posted by trophywife on Jan 21, 2004

Tops in Mpls

Rating: 10

FINALLY -- a great, hip hotel in Minneapolis! Simply superb in every way.

posted by tal55101 on Jul 11, 2003

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