Gramercy Park Hotel

The Gramercy Park Hotel is the latest creation from Ian Schrager's company, who promises this hotel will usher in a post-boutique hotel era.

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2 Lexington Avenue

Partner Reviews: Gramercy Park Hotel


Rating: 10

Everything about this place was fantastic. We were so hungry when we arrived off our flight from London and the team at Wakiya made room for us when the place was completely packed! You really do feel like royalty here. From the decor to the comfy rooms and attentive staff, its a great pick if you want to stay at an upscale hotel. I loved it!

posted by agnesdeveraux on Nov 14, 2007

Nothing Special, Horrible Service

Rating: 4

Who wants my membership card? Seriously. I've been coming here for over 6 months and the place has gone absolutely downhill. The staff is horrible to those who don't have cards, drinks are way too expensive and it may be the most pretentious place in the city. I do like a pretentious place, it can be sexxy, sometimes fun, but Rosebar/Grammercy takes it to a whole new level. it takes about 40 minutes (on average) to get a drink and the coked up Asian "host" is appalling. The space is really lame once they close the roof. This place will implode with b&t sooner rather than latter.

posted by likuid144 on Nov 10, 2007

Reservations? um, no.

Rating: 10

Great bar, interesting drinks, but in many ways just a typical high-end hotel bar like the Gansevoort, W, Royalton, or Hudson (hmm, some coincidence). Some very interesting Warhols and Schnabels on the wall, big plush chairs, and a warm fire. The B&T don't quite get the modern art stuff, hence a few bad reviews here. Don't worry about "reservations" on a quiet weekday night. Tonight (Monday) they closed Rose Bar at 10PM and told my late-arriving friends it was a "private party." No, in fact, the place was pretty well emptied out and they closed it. Also I don't understand the comments on the wait staff's attire. It was perfectly acceptable to me and they were very friendly.

posted by adrianjo on Oct 22, 2007

Best Ian Schrager Hotel

Rating: 10

I've been a Schrager fan for a long time, and although time has caught up with the older NY properties and the one here in LA, the Gramercy is the best Ian Schrager hotel yet. While the scene is as always very happening, this Schrager version has great rooms with lots of space. I was also pleasantly surprised by the intimacy of it, excpeting it to be more along the lines of the huge Hudson. Didn't eat at the restaurant but it was packed. Coming back for more in Dec!

posted by michaelpeters on Sep 26, 2007

Sweet escape

Rating: 10

Hubby and I decided to indulge for our anniversary and booked a long weekend at the new Gramercy Park Hotel. It was cozier than I expected with lots of deep colors, velvety chairs and hardwood floors (and a fireplace in the lobby!), and the room was bigger than what I saw on the site, so that was a nice surprise. The Rose bar really is crowded, but we found a nice corner and had a fun time people-watching (we saw Uma Thurman which made Hubby's weekend). All in all, a great escape and definitely worth the price.

posted by szekoo on Sep 24, 2007

Best View in Town

Rating: 10

Though there are some great views in New York Ciy (empire state building, etc), the award has to go to the Gramercy Park Hotel's new roof terrace as it isn't slammed with tourist busses or annoying shutterbugs but rather is a calm respite from the rest of new york city where my husband and i enjoyed champagne to celebrate our anniversary. Though New York City has certainly changed from when we met, it was very special to get away high above the honking horns and enjoy the views and a celebratory drink at this hotel. I would recommend to anyone but especially for a romantic weekend trip!

posted by trudycrane on Sep 19, 2007

Highest end Dive bar

Rating: 10

The Rose Bar is one of those rare places where everyone inside is goregous, rich, yet not pretentious. Well, once inside, there's no pretention. Even on so-called "bad nights" the people are 8s or better. Sick artwork frames the space and there's rarely a line to engage in a free game of pool. DJ spins eclectic tunes ranging from classic hip-hop to the newest euro house. Celeb sightings are so regular there that they never make Page Six, unlike the meatpacking cluster f's that regularly pump out Page Six mentions. The only negative: Price. Ian Schrager is clearly keeping out certain tax brackets from indulging. Even rich people complain about the drink prices. I guess Rose Bar is not for the rich, but the wealthy. Beg, borrow, and steal to check it out at least once. You won't be disappointed.

posted by riorexx73 on Sep 13, 2007

Great New York City hotel

Rating: 10

Recent stayed at Gramercy Park hotel and it was a great experience. Bars and new restaurant, Wakiya, run by the owners of Nobu, were amazing and once again Ian Schrager, super hotel guy, created the place to be. I highly recommend this hotel and would definitely go back again. Lobby smells great, too!

posted by jillgarrison on Sep 11, 2007

beautiful room

Rating: 8

Well, got there a little after 10pm with a friend. We had no problem getting in. Extremely beautiful waitresses, a bit intimidating if you ask me, for us common girls. We only stayed for a drink, but we were treated nicely, drinks were decent and such a beautiful room! Cute and courteous doorman!

posted by fwannie on Sep 1, 2007

Rude Management and Staff

Rating: 2

I cannot believe the bad attitudes rampant in this hotel. I brought some friends in for dinner at Wakiya (Very good Great staff). Afterwards we wanted to have a drink at the Rose Bar. When I made my reservation I asked about making a bottle service reservation at the Rose bar. I emailed and did everything told of me to do so and never received a response. When Wakiya confirmed my reservation I asked to speak to a person in the Rose bar about a Reservation and was treated very rudely by the concierge. We were finally able to get in after our dinner reservation as we made it in before the 9pm cutoff requiring reservations. While we were in the bar we were told we had to squeeze all 11 of us into a tiny area as the bar was totally reserved. We received cold drinks in hot glasses as they were just washed. Our server was nice- but totally inexperienced. We left at 11:30 pm and the bar was still empty with reserved signs everywhere and we were the only people in it. The doorman was actually keeping people out of an empty bar. We spoke to the concierge later about how to make an actual reservation in the future and he told us "make friends with the doorman- that might help". Not only were the management rude- they treat their establishment like a club promoter in the meat packing district. I think the staff here needs to head on over to the Waverly Inn to find out that exclusivity and style do not have to be at the expense of civility and consideration. I cannot express how utterly rude the management here is. For management reading this- please do not bother with the insincere "we are working towards..." response. It is far too late.

posted by tjryan2k on Aug 13, 2007

Top Shelf.

Rating: 10

I love going to New York. I was raised outside the city and felt as though it was my playground when I was a teenager. Now that I live on the other side of the country, when I go back to New York to visit I want to make it the best, most memeroable time I can. My past trip in July was just that. I decided to stay at the Gramercy Park Hotel for my first time and it was definitely enjoyable and defnitely memorable. It really was the defintion of luxury; you feel it from the moment you enter the lobby to the point you flop on the comfortable bed to the point where you get a key to the private gramercy park. the staff and the surroundings make you feel as though you are a VIP, even if you are just a simple woman like me. When you go, make sure to eat at the new restuant, Wakiya. it's amazing food unike anything I have ever tried. If you really want to havea great trip in New York, i highly recommend staying here.

posted by mae202 on Aug 9, 2007

good place

Rating: 8

Very well mannered door girl. Polite doormen. Beautiful venue, especially for the fall/winter season.

posted by jennifersun on Jul 29, 2007

Horrible Service

Rating: 2

Started out at Jade bar. Although I was shocked by the prices, the bartender and bar back were very attentive and very friendly. My friend and I moved on to the Rose bar, and they were playing "Sexxy Back"-not very cutting edge. The waitress ignored us for 20 Minutes. We didn't even bother to call her over JUST to see how long she could ignore us. It was not even crowded. After finally taking our order, it took entirely too long for our $20 drinks. I asked for the check right away and saw that the gratuity was included! So insulting after receiving horrible service. SO not worth the trouble or the money. The design was interesting but I've seen it before. After a while, how many chic boutique hotels can one city have?

posted by 121677 on Jul 5, 2007

Luxurious hotel with terrific service

Rating: 10

I lived in NYC for 11 years and having settled in Boston 7 years ago always enjoy having a reason to stay in New York. A client booked me into this hotel and I'll be forever grateful. I found it restful and luxurious with top-notch beds/linens/pillows and really nice toiletries. Breakfast at the private club/roof garden was expensive (hey, it's New York and this is a pricey hotel) but delightful. The staff ranged from friendly to SUPER friendly and have clearly been given the message by their management that guest satisfaction is important. For the record, I'm not a model or celebrity or socialite-- just a friendly, relatively well-dressed business person of 43. The room was big (by normal standards, not just boutique hotel standards) and luxe and Julian Schnabel's "set dressing" in greens and roses and dark woods was restful and romantic. I'm sorry I couldn't stay longer. I wasn't able to get access to Gramercy Park since it was closed for construction and the roof deck was off-limits for a private event the evening of my stay. These sorts of disappointments are typical of a big-city hotel and I still had a great time. Also, the neighborhood is great. Quiet and residential-- not the typical tourist fare. Great restaurants within walking distance include Fleur de Sel and the cute little tapas bar Casa Mono. Remember the Union Square Greenmarket, too.

posted by melmash on Jun 30, 2007

worst service. never stay there.

Rating: 2

I don't know where to begin. My stay here has been the worst experience I have ever had in a hotel. The first day I was there I got a knock on my door from the housekeeper a little after 8 am. I had the do not disturb sign on the door. Shortly after that there were hotel employees talkin very loud in the Hallway and they had the walkie talkie on full blast. There was no way to get any sleep. I had friends joining me later that day for dinner on the ropoftop and drinks at the bar. I called the concierge to arrange it for me and she told me that I could have dinner and that she ahd a table for me at the bar. I got to the rooftop and they told me that it was closed for a private event. I went down to the bar and there was no table reservation. They let me sit at a table and just when i got my drinks they asked me to leave the table because there was a reservation for the table. It gets better. I called back the concierge to get us a dinner reservation somewhere else, and as soon as i told her what happened she put me on hold for 20 minutes. The first morning I was there Ii went to take a shower and the Water temperature handle was sitting in the soap dish. I had to take a cold shower. I went to the front desk and asked them to fix it and told them all the problems i was having. The front desk manager had a dumb look on his face and really did not say or do anything. I got up to the room to take a shower. They had just put the handle on, and whenI came to adjust the water it fell of and nearly broke my foot. They never sent anyone to fix it. I got back to the room an 4:30 pm and the room was not made. I called the General manager and he told me that they make up the rooms between 12 to 5. I told him that he was lying. The previous day they came to my room at 8 am. I also asked the doorman to get me a cab and the guy just diasppeared. A cab showed up and another doorman grabbed it for another guest. They got thre 10 minutes after me.

posted by sas1234 on May 16, 2007

Loved it - here's why..

Rating: 10

Yes there's some attitude but what do you expect from NYC? Service didn't bother me and actually though the doormen were fairly polite. I stayed a weekend in a Loft Room (a bigger one) after being upgraded so things started out well. Got into the Rose Bar after a little wait due to a party, but having spent some time at the SkyBar in LA this was quick by comparison. Disappointed there was no restaurant though. Also was able to see the Roof Club bar - pretty damn amazing - wasn't open yet though. The room was very comfortable though and the gym was nice. defintiely worth trying.

posted by greygreat on May 9, 2007

Ridiculous prices

Rating: 4

Sorry ? i just can?t stomach $20 for a basic drink. Plus the crowd was pretentious and irritating ? i will not be back.

posted by running12 on May 7, 2007


Rating: 2

The service at the Gramercy Park Hotel bars (Rose and Jade) was probably the worst I have ever seen. My friend decided to have a corporate investment banking party at Jade, where he called in ADVANCE to notify the manager that 15-20 people would be arriving. As he was hosting this corporate event, he gladly bought several bottles/ cocktails, etc. Unfortunately, noone was able to enjoy these cocktails, as when a few people went to use the restroom within the first few minutes of arrival, they were not let back in because the bar was "too full" for half an HOUR!!! When my friend approached the manager, she said she could not let in anyone even though he had paid a hefty tab to have such an event. (we subsequently left due to the horrible service) The Manager was SO RUDE, and unfortunately, most of those attending have worked directly with the hotel and Ian Schrager, and WILL NOT RETURN EVER AGAIN. As one who frequents elite institutions in New York all the time, I know that such service is not only unappreciated but will not be tolerated by future patrons.

posted by ayshah on Apr 4, 2007


Rating: 2

Gorgeous spot, horrible experience! I agree with the majority of the reviews here, the manager, staff, bartendar, and security were pretentious & snobby. I don't mind paying but I demand a good experience. Not only was everyone rude but the service is slow (however Theadora the waitress was stunning). There are way 2 many places in NYC to spend your money, I don't recommend waiting in this line, the scene isn't worth it.

posted by dmjnyc17 on Mar 26, 2007

They Can't be serious

Rating: 4

competitive prices should serve competition. My 20 plus dollar drink that tastes like a$$ is something I just couldn't swallow. I then order from the wine list. One would think 100 would get you past airplane quality but one would be wrong. Then I hear price is because my cocktail waitress, no our cocktail waitress-- as in the only one cocktail waitress, is wearing Yves St. Laurant. Umm.. okay great now where the heck is she? And more importantly why exactly couldn't we afford a somelier? Upon arrival I witnessed a guy send back wineglass after wineglass. I thought he was just being picky. Then I tried to swallow the acid juice from a shabby looking, dingy colored, wine glass and completely understood. A friend tries to point out the one redeeming quality and says, 'but they have quality art work.' Well anyone who doesn't think 20 plus for a crappy cocktail isn't a lot has got this art at home. Now don't get me wrong-I love spending money, cocktails and couture. I love exclusivity like any other New Yorker B8 D7 go getter. But this place rots.

posted by jblonde on Mar 8, 2007

Home to me

Rating: 6

I don't know why everyone is so down on this place. I never get bothered for autographs, I know lot's of peeps here. I'm always welcomed, great drinks..Nobody bothers me when I'm here. I will go many more times, and thank God the security is tight.

posted by tommy1robin1 on Feb 17, 2007

Go if you love Bob Saget

Rating: 2

To be fair, I was dragged here reluctantly by a friend who was visiting from out of town. She didn't realize the place had been "fixed up" by Ian Schrager, and I figured, "well, why not?" The room is nicely done up. Not too loud, but lively. The crowd was attractive. Bob Saget was in da house, which must be a draw for someone out there. There's nothing really wrong with the place, if you have unlimited money and a taste for the goony trappings that come with aspirations to white-hot hipness. I guess I personally can't deal with a $20 cocktail that's not exceptionally made, not exceptionally huge, and indifferently served by a half-naked "model." How about a $12 drink and you give our waitress her clothes back? I'm kidding, obviously. They're smart to tack on a 20% service charge, though: I was only going to tip 18% unless our server took her top off, too. On our way out, "security" was manning every door with their little earpieces, making sure we didn't go out the wrong way. I thought maybe the president was in town, but I think it's just the normal over-the-top show of force. Just not quite for me. But all you Bob Saget lovers out there, go for it.

posted by burgerbaron on Jan 30, 2007

Skip it!!!

Rating: 6

Went there to meet a friend but didn't realize you had to make a reservation for a bar. Ian Schrager (sp?) has officially lost his mind. I'm sure the space is lovely and everyone in there is "super-hip" but alas, I will never know because I died of pneumonia after having to wait outside the enchanted glass vestibule in 20 degree weather. Thanks guys!! You rock!

posted by discovan on Jan 26, 2007

don't be haters

Rating: 10

Don't be haters, people. This is a hot space and if you've got it, you're in. And when you're in, the place is fckin hot. So pick the place where you feel comfortble and focus on that. Don't be hating a place just because its not you.

posted by psisson on Jan 17, 2007

thanx a million

Rating: 6

i've never been to this place....but after reading the comments... al never will.... and for the record i spend real money when i go so they just lost a good client.............. thanx commentors it really help.........

posted by jaymont37 on Jan 12, 2007

ummmm ... rip off!

Rating: 4

so, the spot is nice as far as decor is concerned. staff is alright - however overall i aint going back! first off i tried to go to the room in the back which is supposedly another bar (reservation / invite only) all good, couldnt get in as i didnt know so stayed in cramped front area as the back area stayed half empty all night ??? stayed standing for 3 hours drinking with my date before leaving around midnight. asked for the bill 6 drinks in (grey goose and tonic) and the bill was $114 !!!! WOW!!! i asked for verification, it was correct ladies and gentlmen - $19 basic drink! That's a new high for me! i was expecting a high priced drink of around $11ish. So i tipped the 20% i always do - and will never go back. I felt robbed!

posted by ddmmyyyy on Jan 7, 2007

Rude rude rude

Rating: 4

I went there once with friends when it first opened. Even before it had any buzz, they kept a 'reserved' sign on the tables. Recently I decided to go back. I wrote to them 3 times to make a reservation for drinks, well in advance. They sent an automatic response saying they'd get back to me if there was room. Never heard back from them. Then I called to speak to the manager. He was busy, so I left a message. I never heard back from him either. To be fair, it's an interesting environment to have a drink. But there are too many other fabulous places in this city for people to frequent to treat customers this shabbily. Will not go back there.

posted by arandoh on Jan 4, 2007

Yet another NY spot spoilt by the bad attitude staff

Rating: 2

Isn't it time that these kind of establishments that invest so much in the decor, learn how to hire staff with manners? NY has so many fabulous places that are not worth experiencing ever again just because one has had to deal with some "chip on the shoulder" wanna be waiter, doorman, receptionist or bathroom assistant whose manners seem to escape them in the such surroundings. I brought 6 very important clients from out of town to the Rose bar in the hopes of impressing them with a Stylish New York bar. Well never again! They were absolutley horrified by the bad manners and rudeness of all the staff they encountered. It was really embarrassing for me as their host, trying to explain why service that America is supposedly so good at, is so appauling and filled with attitude in this kind of a 5 star hotel. Stop hiring people with attitude and no manners. Gracious hospitality is far more classy than abrupt rude egotistical nobodies who are at the end of the day are really only the "staff". Its so passe and really ruins the image of what could have been a nice hotel.

posted by hr22 on Nov 14, 2006

You haven't made it yet

Rating: 6

... so ease up on the attitude - my advice to the staff. We tried to go there for a starter drink at midnight on a Friday and were turned down, b/c we weren't hotel guests and/or didn't have reservations (post 9pm apparently). ARE YOU KIDDING ME, you just re-opened!?!? Occassional visits to Tenjune, Double 7 or B8 aren't problems, so why this place? I get the "hotel" guest reserve, but that only gets you so far, before your doomed by a "bad crowd" rep that in NYC is difficult to recover from!! Needless to say, I did go back on a Sunday at Noonish for a Bloody Mary & to check out the lobby & bar... despite that Friday night BS, the place is visually fantastic. And the Bloody Mary was tasty in addition to it's interesting mixing process. Furniture is fabulous, bathrooms are traditionally cool. I had slight dejavu to the Rose Bar at the Delano in SoBe.

posted by turn2ny2 on Nov 13, 2006


Rating: 8

Funky and cool spot for ONE drink. Try and snag a seat near the real, working fireplace. Place is tight so don't go with a group.

posted by pirate187 on Nov 12, 2006

BIG disappointment.

Rating: 4

I had been giddy weeks on end about knowing I'd be staying at an Ian Shrager hotel. Maybe I had built the experience to an unattainable end before going, but I have to say the whole experience was quite disappointing. You'd think at such a high-end boutique hotel the service would be impeccable, but even average it was not. This is clearly an establishment built on exterior superficiality with nothing to support it. I had called in before my stay to make sure I could check in early and they replied with "Of COURSE" but when I came to check in only an hour earlier than the regular check in time of 3pm, my room was still not ready. I had to wait 4 hrs until I could check in! Without so much as an offer of compensation for my inconvenience. I even had to work at getting an insincere apology out of the staff. Even after waiting hours on end for my room to be serviced and inspected, there were fixtures missing from the bathroom and I had to call the front desk several times for documents I had requested at check-in. Sure, come to check out the downstairs bar or restaurant, but it is not worth your money or time to spend the night here.

posted by totorox01 on Nov 8, 2006


Rating: 10

It's been a while since I've seen such a good scene in this city. The Rose Bar takes me back to my early years in NYC, when lounges ruled, people actually came to Manhattan from Park Slope instead of the other way around, and the superclubs had yet to highjack the nightlife.

posted by freddy007 on Sep 29, 2006

Off to the wrong start

Rating: 4

Recently stopped in to grab a few drinks. Typical Schrager. Good looking place, pretty help, but don't expect anyone to be swift on their feet. Bartenders could re-define slow service, even with a totally empty bar. I don't mind paying $12 or $14 for a drink, but at that price the bartenders should know how to make the drinks, and the staff should be more on their toes. The manager of this place really needs to get his act together. The place was pretty dead when I was there, but it might just be because its fairly new.

posted by vidiak on Sep 18, 2006

Staff need training

Rating: 4

Not sure what the difference between the Jade Bar and Rose Bar are since they are connected to each other, but the experience is pretty much the same. Nice atmosphere but the staff is slow and extremely inexperienced. The bartenders all seem like its their first time behind the bar. Place was pretty empty when I was there, and it was a thurs night around 11 as well, but hopefully it picks up in the future. There are a ton of great places in the area so there is no shortage of competition.

posted by vidiak on Sep 18, 2006

Ian Schrager Redesign

Rating: 8

Checked out the hotel renovations and dropped by the Rose Bar inside the hotel on a Saturday night. Hotel looks completely different than a year ago. Much darker, sexier and better art. Schnabels and Picassos line the lobby and bar areas, and I think I even spotted a Warhol. Although prices are a bit overdone at $15/drink, great place to sit back and soak it all in. Red velvet curtains, candlelight and a working fireplace adds to the ambiance. Bar turns velvet rope after 9pm so make sure you're on the list.

posted by nyc_girl on Aug 21, 2006

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Gramercy Park Hotel - Bombastic!

Gramercy Park Hotel is amazing!  From check-in to check-out the staff was amazing and the hotel was gorgeous.

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