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7 E 27th St

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Great value for downtown

Rating: 8

In a great area of Manhattan, walking distance to 90% of the attractions.

posted by Switzerland on Jul 21, 2009

Crazy and great

Rating: 8

For it's great price, The Gershwin Hotel was a fantastic choice. I stayed in New York City for a week with my Mom over the summer. THe room ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jan 11, 2009

great location, terrible hotel

Rating: 2

My husband and I stayed for 4 nights. We where originally given a room at the front of the hotel and for the first 2 nights put up with very loud nightclub across the road and even louder patrons and police in the early hours of the morning. This combined with the light streaming in through the cheap wooden window blinds left us with no sleep. When I tried to take this up with the staff they where not in the least bit interested. I ended up paying to upgrade our room so that we could move to the side of the hotel. The rooms where small - no suprise in new york and very basic - no suprise for the price but the art on the walls did not make up for lack of charm, poor service and bar/cafe/theatre as described on the hotel's web site that did not exist.

posted by treetree22 on Jun 12, 2007

What a DUMP!

Rating: 2

In a word? SHABBY - not chic ! Between the heat in the room (steam heat) that you can't control, puny water in the shower and a room that looks like it was last painted in 1960, I was apalled. The hardwood floors were waterstained and should have been redone in 1970! I couldn't stop gave me the creeps.

posted by jspearmint on Dec 7, 2005

artsy & tiny

Rating: 6

Fabulous from the outside, this hotel rapidly shrinks as you head lobby to elevator to room. Funky as all get-out, it's not recommended for ...

posted by Citysearch User on Aug 12, 2005

Bad from the start

Rating: 2

Traveling on business trip with three others. When we arrived at the hotel we were told they gave our room away (two bedroom suite with one queen bed and two twin beds). We were told we could have another room that was a one bedroom suite that had two rooms. They would put two roll away beds in the room with the couch and the chair. We really did not want to sleep on roll away beds. The manager was called and we were able to cancel our reservation but now needed a place to stay! What a pain in the neck! I will never attempt to stay there again!

posted by cwmarchand on Aug 10, 2005

Best place for the money in NYC

Rating: 10

Happening hotel that offers great rooms for the price, extremely spacious compared to other NYC rooms. Recently opened cool bar in lobby. I have stayed here many times over the past 6 years. It is always changing, but consistently best priced & best value.

posted by 419nicba on Jun 18, 2005

Funky Art Hotel

Rating: 8

Stayed here two times and liked it. The Gershwin offers funky, inexpensive rooms, with a fun, pop-art painted lobby . Very clean and excee...

posted by Citysearch User on Mar 25, 2005


Rating: 10

I was really pleased with the Gershwin Hotel. From price to service to location I dont think I could have done better. Before coming to NYC I read a lot of reviews and saw a few negative comments about this hotel. But from the time I showed up to the time a left I didnt experience anything but comfort and great accommodation. I think that some people just like to be negative, even if its unwarranted. I travel very frequently and if I could stay in a place like the Gershwin in every city, believe me I would.

posted by travellotsandlots on Apr 8, 2004

Decent rooms- great price

Rating: 8

After reading the reviews, I was skeptical, but attending an event in the hotel, it was the best option. Pleasantly suprised! Clean, colorful, but VERY basic room. Don't expect the Plaza! Like staying in a friend's studio apt. Great new bar called Gallery on the lobby level. Friendly staff. Heard guests complaining about the cable tv not working, but I don't go to NYC to watch TV.

posted by angel2290 on Mar 1, 2004

Nightmare on 27th St.

Rating: 1

Service was terrible, no wake up call. No towels, rooms fit for 1 small child, bed was 30 years old, creepy clientelle, 1925 elevator, no food, no bar, no newspaper. Trust me skip the "soup can" and pay a little more and you will be better off.

posted by goathunter on Apr 7, 2003

Too cool to care!

Rating: 3

Ersatz trendiness doesn't hide tired rooms, inadequate baths. Staff are so cool that they can ignore clients.

posted by tony_negri on Nov 25, 2002

Gershwin---A bargain?? I think not.

Rating: 4

I recently stayed at the Gershwin. The hotel is cute and has a certain appeal. The concierge is helpful and the lobby looks great. The guests are European. HOWEVER, this hotel is overpriced. In FACT, I did not have hot water for 2 days and the cable NEVER worked. In addition, this hotel does not have a bar or a restaurant. I hate to complain but feel like I should have been compensated a bit for the lack of hot water and cable. However, I was not. Perhaps I was not persistant enough.

posted by infiniteutopia on Nov 25, 2002

Great value, funky decor.

Rating: 9

I, too, hesitated on keeping my reservation after reading some of the reviews on citysearch about the Gershwin. So glad my friends and I kept our reservation! Air conditioner worked great. Bathroom was clean (I would have noticed if it wasn't, believe me). Slow elevator and walls were pretty thin (little noisy) but the friendly staff more than made up for it. Now, don't go expecting a 5 star hotel. But if you want a nice, save place to sleep that's fairly central to all the action, definitely stay at the Gershwin. My friends and I are already talking about going there again!

posted by bk94403 on Jul 9, 2002

website looks are decieving

Rating: 2

I saw the website for the Gershwin when my friend and i were planning a trip to manhattan, it *looked* pretty neat, so i made reservations. Well, when my friend and I got there we were a bit dissapointed. The lobby was cool, but the rest of the hotel was a little run-down, and our room was a dive. The furniture was like something out of a fraternity house (but worse), and i was afraid of the bathroom...scary-scary. The location was good as we were fairly close to everything, but next time i go to Manhattan, I'll happily dish out an extra fifty bucks for hopefully nicer digs.

posted by traveling_skip on Jun 23, 2002

Whats wrong with everyone?

Rating: 9

Had I seen all these negitive reviews before I went to the Gershwin, I might not have stayed there.. Sure its sorta no frills, but try n' find a better deal in that part of town! Its a great place for a fun weekend in New York... The location is very good, its clean and kinda funky too, what with all the art everywhere! Perhaps its not up to snuff for SOME kinds of people, but if you are laid back, looking for a nice place to rest your head and dont' care about all the ass kissing that some other places seem to do, then go to the Gershwin! I will surely go back someday!

posted by littlejeans on May 28, 2002

Funky and VERY New York!

Rating: 9

I don't know what those crabby people are complaining about.... they seem high maintenance! Because of them, I almost did not stay at the Gershwin. I am so glad that I did though. I loved everything from the modern art and decor to the old manual elevator and the roof top terrace (which I found very relaxing, a nice getaway from the chaos of NY). My room was small, but what do you need a big room for in NY. It was colourful and came equipped with an iron and hair dryer +++. I couldn't get over the location. The Empire State Building is 6 blocks away. The location was so central to everything. As you can tell, I can't say enough good things about this hotel. Trust me, go with your gut... I did and I look forward to going back again someday.

posted by cabbie on May 23, 2002

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