French Quarter Courtyard Hotel

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1101 N Rampart St

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Miserable Service

Rating: 5

I stayed at this hotel this past month (July 2003). I did not receive housekeeping once in 4 days. I requested to speak to the manager, who was mysteriously never around and did not return messages. They did give us fresh sheets so we could make our own beds. The swimming pool was absolutely filthy. Also, it should be noted that you should not stay here if you don't like to walk, as it a long walk to any French Quarter attractions.

posted by wpbabe on Aug 5, 2003


Rating: 9

Well! I loved this hotel! Yes, the floors were creaky, the walls were thin, and the computer was down at check-out. But, the staff was helpful and unintrusive. It is beyond my imagination what some people are looking for when they visit the French Quarter, and this area was no worse or better than any of the streets in the Quarter. If you want a 5 star hotel then book a 5 star hotel, but if you are looking to go back in time and feel the ambiance of a by-gone era, this is one of the best! The only problems my sisters and I encountered were from other guests: spilled a cooler of water upstairs which came through the ceiling and beyond late (or early) pool parties.

posted by Wirtha on Jul 9, 2002

nice hotel for the price

Rating: 8

like the previous review said this hotel is not near the best neighborhood. but Bourbon Street is only a 5 minute walk away. the rooms are big, hotel it a little outdated but again for the price it's not bad. Just be careful when you walk back at 3am from Bourbon St

posted by utah on May 30, 2002

Pretty Hotel, Bad Location

Rating: 7

My single girlfriend and I were looking for a place in the French Quarter so we booked here immediately when we saw the price. Imagine our shock when we got there and found ourselves standing on the edge of one of New Orleans' worst neighbourhoods! The hotel sits on the border between the French Quarter and Treme, famous for its housing projects and crime. Even the French Quarter side was deserted in the three blocks separating the hotel from Bourbon Street. However, we had no problems as long as we kept our bearings and took cabs at night. So why all the stars? The hotel was charming and clean, the rooms were airy and the staff was pleasant. The only *minor* complaints were the smallish breakfasts and creaky floorboards. All in all this is a bargain if you just keep your wits about you and don't make yourself a target.

posted by lxine on May 28, 2002

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